Your AdWords Ad disapproved by Google. Learn Why?

This Digital Marketing Blog article will discuss about how your pay per click search network only campaign ad is disapproved and how to fix a disapproved ad and get approved by Google with little efforts like PPC ad copywriting and other PPC management techniques.

Everyone knows that in pay per click advertising we have a structure as campaign > ad group > keywords > Ads. In Google AdWords every ad copy we mentioned should be verified and approved by the Google then only your ads gets visible to the users otherwise it won’t show to your potential customers.

Why your Google AdWords PPC ad gets disapproved?

In order to approve your ad copy first Google will check your ad based on following aspect:

  1. Display URL must be your valid business domain URL but not keyword based URL.
  2. They will check your given landing page URL is valid or not. Before conforming makes sure you spelled correctly, your landing page URL or not.
  3. Every word in all fields (headline, description line1, description line2, display URL, destination URL) of your ad copy should not be all capitals and no inter capitals between words. Make sure all your words are lower case or first letter capital in every word.
  4. No usage of punctuations, special symbols, no exclamatory symbol in headline and no more exclamations in your ad
  5. No HTTP error and you will make sure that your landing page doesn’t have an invalid HTTP response code.
  6. No insertion of phone numbers in your ad text and Sitelink ad extension
  7. No landing page loading error and make sure that your landing page should load perfectly without any internal server error.
  8. No spelling and grammatical mistakes in your text ad
  9. Make sure that your final URL domain should equal to your landing page URL domain.

If you even following all these above aspects and if your ad gets disapproved, then you need to check your landing page URL and display URL domain should be same and also modify the description lines of your ads then again resubmit your ad for review and check after few minutes.

How to fix and resubmit a disapproved ad?

For that you need to click campaigns tab > ads tab > click on the pencil icon at the right side of your ad. Then edit and resubmit your ad. 
In our account at the right side you have notifications in bell symbol , click on that and click fix it, then it shows the reason why your ad gets disapproved and then edits your ad copy and again resubmits (OR) Adwords e-mail you regarding your disapproved ad and its reason, know that and fix it by editing your ad copy.

If you even don’t understand what may be the exact reason why your ad get disapproved, then you need to concern and take help from Google AdWords support  and you may post your questions in AdWords community then some Google AdWords experts will clarify all your questions.

The digital marketing education blog is hoping all these PPC Ad Management tips information will helpful to you how to fix your AdWords ad and gets approval by Google AdWords.

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