World Alzheimer Dementia Day 21 st September. Is it yours and Website SEO Alzheimer Day?

When is Alzheimer’s Day?

What is world Alzheimer’s Day is 21 st September (every year)

What is Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer is a cure less disease with symptoms of dementia (losing of memory) generally appears in older aged people.

What causes Alzheimer’s disease?

There is no single biological or non-biological factor is identified as a cause for these Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Caused by progressive brain cells death
  2. Disintegration of tau protein in the brain neurons
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Genetic inheritance
  5. Brain damage
  6. Blood clot in brain
  7. Brain infections
  8. Environmental parameters etc.

Alzheimer Signs and Symptoms

  • Inability to carry daily activities
  • Memory loss
  • Language problems
  • Confusion and lack of judgement
  • Unpredictable behavior
  • Forgetfulness of the family members and address
  • Long-term depression 
  • Lack of sleeping
  • Frequent changes in mood etc…

Alzheimer Prevention

There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease in the current world. Know here how can you prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia disorder in the current lifestyle. Many medical, neurological consultants, research associates are suggesting the few tips to take precautions and post-cautions for neurological disorder, Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Avoid smoking
  2. Manage hypertension
  3. Regular exercise
  4. Manage diabetes
  5. Manage cardiovascular health
  6. Improve physical and mental activeness etc…

Website Alzheimer and SEO Dementia

What is Website and SEO dementia?

Many web bloggers and web masters, seo managers, link builders are forgets the required activities and daily tasks of online marketing strategy. Generally they will forget the submission of update sitemaps, key task plan activities, periodical keyword research, primary keyword optimization and secondary keywords optimization, tracking of search engines algorithms, SEO KPI, ROI activities, etc…

Symptoms of Website and SEO Alzheimer

Most forgetting search engine optimizing and online marketing activities and website related activities are begins with domain registration. Read here regular symptoms of Website Search Engine Optimization Alzheimer dementia disorder.

  1. Registration of domain at right time
  2. Ignoring the domain history (when purchasing used domain(s))
  3. Domain renewal period
  4. Ignoring the web page unique layout
  5. Ignoring information architecture
  6. Ignoring unique site navigation
  7. Lack of of unique keywords
  8. Lack of original content
  9. Ignoring the effective marketing plan building
  10. Inappropriate content optimization
  11. Neglecting the update sitemap submission
  12. Lack of idea on latest algorithms
  13. Lack of working experience of various online seo tools
  14. Google analytics tracking code installation on all webpages
  15. Poor conversions of targeted customers

Results of Website SEO Alzheimer dementia impact 

  • Website disappearance from search engines
  • Loss of search engine ranking for targeted keywords, 
  • Sudden organic search position drop, 
  • Dropped website visits 
  • Loss of achieved backlinks
  • Domain penalty
  • Domain blacklist
  • Blog disappearance
  • Blog removal
  • Loss of authority and brand image
  • Loss of visitor trust and social signals
  • Website poor performance
  • High bounce rate
  • Loss of leads and sales conversions
  • Loss or decrease in online revenue 

All these are Website Search Engine Optimization Alzheimer dementia impact results are Website SEO Alzheimer dementia impact generally caused by the malpractice of website optimization and marketing methods. Long-term search engine penalty cannot be prevented completely, but you can eliminate the impact of search engine algorithm updates. The ethical seo practice can improve your online visibility through effective on-page optimization, off-page optimization and technical seo parameters optimization. So take precautions for your in-house or freelance or part-time seo employee job roles to avoiding website search engine optimization Alzheimer dementia impact.

What is an effective SEO strategy helps in dementia of your website by search engine?

Search engine algorithms are changes regularly and impacts the niche and websites at its degree level. On-page optimization is the major search engine optimization component having crucial role in success of seo promotion strategy. Primary keyword analysis, secondary keyword research, optimizing the targeted keywords in top locations, quality backlink building, tracking the SEO ROI etc. are helps in controlling the dementia of search engine for your websites and blogs.

Website forgotten by search engines and online users

Website dementia is caused by search engines through process known as site penalty by imposing various algorithms. These algorithms are works on site design, information architecture, user navigation, online content, backlinks and other… Search engine optimization process is playing a key role in algorithm impact and search engine Alzheimer and dementia of your website for non-ethical website promotion and marketing, poor site performance etc.

Search engines ignore your website through 3 methods. They are 1)  algorithms 2) manual penalties 3) filters.

SEO penalties are divided into 3 types. Namely they are 1) on-page, 2) off-page and 3) other types.

  • On-page penalties – works on website design, user navigation, and content optimization.
  • Off-page penalties – works on link profiles, link building, bad neighborhood links etc.
  • Other penalties – works on site ranking, poor loading, lower user experience, lower visitor engagement and website health check.

So, every online marketer have to manage online marketing project carefully at each level to protect the existing and receiving organic traffic ROI values in terms of natural web traffic, online leads, revenue, authority, visitor trust, customer engagement, etc. by providing user intent based search requirements etc.

How to prevent the website Alzheimer and SEO dementia disorder?

Don’t become a regular site. Become an authority with your website

Many website bloggers are writing their blog articles (own unique and rewritten, inspired web content). But most of the published online articles are broad ones, not specific for users and medium to low user value based. hey are assuming that the targeted customers and visitors are always on their website or blog only. Think is this correct one?. Online audience optimization is not only just reaching the targeted visitors and site readers. Visitor engagement writing and interactive writing, online writing skills are helpful in producing the targeted customers base on online. You can get this by website authority in search engines and by your niche.

Online content writers and search engine content writers are can produce various types of content that useful in engaging various types of online visitors and audiences. Link bait content with interactive writing skills can improve your site authority and website promotion, online leads, sales generation etc. Writing fresh web content and updating the websites with latest postings, online modifications, content updates in the blog page, improving the domain and web page authority, gaining the online visitors and readers, web audience trust, author rank, brand positioning etc. are can support you in building high authority in your blogging industry. These can helps in preventing the existing or future website Alzheimer impact by search engines and dementia of search engine’s algorithms.

Website promotion improve your online revenue 

Understand the role of on-page optimization and Keyword Analysis Process for New Websites, Content Types for SEO, How to Select Keywords to Meet User Search Needs, Effective ways to generate quality backlinks for website, How to Create Brand Online, How to Get Better Website Rankings for Keywords in the Search Results, Best Places To Optimize Keywords etc. articles are useful in promotion of your website and in maximizing the online visibility, in reaching the targeted customers, visitors base. SEO components such as on-page optimization, off-page optimization, website technical parameters optimization are playing the key role in enhancing the maximum reach of focused customers.

Make aware of World Alzheimer’s Day is 21 st September of every year and take precaution steps to avoid Website SEO promotion in the targeted search engine(s), and the impact of the search engine algorithms those penalize your new website or old site for content penalty or link penalty or seo penalty reasons.

Celebrate the 21 st September as your in-house or freelance search optimizer’s Alzheimer (memory loss disorder) day. But be ethical search engine optimization analyst and effective seo team leader or manager to avoid dementia of your website or blog from web search engines. Experienced SEO consultants, managers, online marketers can cure search engine alzheimer symptoms occurring during site promotion and marketing management. Aware your in-house or freelance employees for 21 st of September month to protect yours web marketing and online business promotion strategy and search engine reputation, brand and ROI values…

How to cure SEO analyst Alzheimer symptoms 

Tips for website SEO analyst Alzheimer prevention 

  1. Look at your existing SEO Marketing strategy
  2. Improve SEO skills of your Online Marketing employees
  3. Track latest Google algorithms updates
  4. Follow an ethical SEO website promotion plan
  5. Challenge your competitors with innovative ideas
  6. Enjoy your Social activity and customer base reach
  7. Focus on short-term and long-term web goals and online ROI
  8. Do regular site and landing pages audit and content audit analysis
  9. Experiment with new rising keywords optimization and measure keyword ROI
  10. Prepare reports, document on your domain and online marketing strategy and ROI with proper KPIs. 

Online readers and bloggers have a World Alzheimer’s Day 21 st September of every year. Let celebrate your Website SEO Optimization Marketing Alzheimer disease (dementia disorder). Have a Fun day… 

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