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Here is an interesting posting of Best SEO Analysis Tips on why your Website or Blog is not appearing in First Page of Google Search Results.
Google has its own software systems to analyze the site on the web. These automated software systems wonders all around internet 24*7*365 round the clock. These automated tools follow all available blogs and websites all over the web with help of links given (both internal links and external links). These softwares take the update copies of each website pages and file them in their database index system.
At same time the global leading search engine Google is using many algorithms to rank and to sort the already ranked sites. Various Google algorithms are regularly monitoring those indexed websites and content to determine the position of the websites in search engine results pages.
How to check site index and appearance in SERP
For newly created websites and blogs it is somewhat hard to get index. For them it may take few days to months even. Here is a tip to check whether the site indexed or not by search engines. 
To see your site, just type site:yourdomain.com (replace yourdomain.com with your actual URL)
See the results in SERP page, If your website already indexed, your site should need to come in 1 st position in the first page. 
See example here
Site is not shown in search results. What to do now?
If your website not appeared on the first page of SERP, Then go to the bottom of the results page and click “Next” for pages so on until your site appears.
If your site not yet indexed; it may not appear in SERP pages of organic listing. Then you need to find the proper reason to determine the causes that resulting in indexing errors generated from your website.
Here are many reasons that are obstructs the getting in first page of Google Search Results Page. They are,
  1. Selection of improper keywords
  2. Improper keyword placement
  3. Keyword competition
  4. Lack of content on the Website / Blog
  5. Competency of niche
  6. Invisible text in the content
  7. Google penalties by Panda & Penguin
  8. Insufficient backlinks for static websites or blogs
  9. Improper Website Migration Steps
  10. Keyword stuffing than required
  11. Ignoring Usability (visitor navigation)
  12. Lack of Content Development Strategy
  13. Lack of Promotion of Your Content
  14. Improper SEO marketing plan
  15. Google ranking filters or manual penalty
  16. Implementation of noindex Meta Tags and robots.txt
  17. Complicated page layout
  18. Coding and content errors
  19. Black hat techniques trying to trick Google to attain rankings and more online visibility
How to get top ranking position organically
Here are tips to achieve top ad long term organic search ranking with natural design and development practices.
  • Find the most relevant keywords that users and customers would use to search for your business and services
  • Write title with unique keywords phrases to make match relevant to user’s exact search queries
  • Write Meta Descriptions with a Call-to-Action to get more visitor clicks
  • Develop Pages with relevant informative content & keywords for good user engagement
  • Create URLS of each page with primary keyphrases
  • Build user friendly Navigation design and information architecture
  • Submit your website’s URL and sitemap to Google.
  • Get linked to other sites to get Quality inbound links
  • Internal Link Structure with diversified anchor texts
  • Lower the site Bounce Rate causes
Before writing keyword based web content, consider these tips to plan further SEO activities.
For website:

  • Google show most relevant web pages user searches and typed keyword phrases.
  • Take a time to write meta title or page title. Because it has high priority at almost all search engines.
  • In the title, add user’s search intent oriented words while crafting it.
For Blogs:
  • Write a impressive post title that covers the overview of the posting article.
  • For blogs, posting title is given high priority at search engines.
  • Here also user’s search intent oriented words when preparing a blog article title.
Quick ways to get first page of Google

There are two ways to get appear quickly in first page of first SERP page.
Quickest and Easiest Way:
Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • The most quickest and simple way to get on 1 st of Google first page for a particular keyword is Adwords. It is the pay for an advertisement.
  • Just you need to signup the search engines and do a keyword research and finalize most related words to develop an Ad copy to bid. For this you need more budget in terms of money.
  • Because you should to pay money for every click of your Ad. This can referred as “pay-per-click”. If you offer more money with your bidding per click, your ad will be displayed at the top location of the search page mostly upper area and right side area of search result pages.
Natural Way:
Organic SEO
  • This is another way to get on 1 st of Google first page for a particular keyword organically or naturally. No need to pay money to search engines to display your site and content.
  • You have to submit your site to search engines and referral sites. Based on ranking factors and search engine algorithms you will get top position even long term too.
  • On the left side of the search engine results pages, your site will be displayed when relevant search query typed by users.

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