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What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization is a process of raise of website visibility at online to gain fruitful results like website rank, web traffic, online leads…etc… by reaching maximum targeted audience through internet source.
What are SEO Components?
Search Engine Optimization deals 3 topics. They are
1) Technical Search Engine Optimization:
This deal about site index, loading speed, crawling, crawl barriers and other technical issues
2) On-Page Search Engine Optimization:
This deal about keyword research, keyword placement for desired seo results, website content, and seo based content optimization
3) Off-Page Search Engine Optimization:
This deal about site authority, inbound links, social media marketing, social media optimization, and quality backlinks from trusted pagerank based sites like articles sites, pressrelease sites, directories, also social media sites…etc…
Test your SEO knowledge
Types Of Search Engines
How a search engine works
SEO audit and site analysis
Keyword research brainstorming
Selection of primary secondary keywords
Content development with keywords
HTML Coding
Site navigation & Information architecture
Landing page optimization
Quality link building
Social Media optimisation
Building Trust, Authority over the web
Measuring seo violations
Measuring website and content performance
Tracking search engine spam filters and Penalties
Tracking algorithms updates and changes
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services composed of site audit, keyword research, web copywriting, website architecture, content optimization, inbound link development, submission to all major search engines, business directories, niche sites etc… and finally, measuring the optimization results in report format.
Many internet users are do not click all search results pages contains 10 results on each SERP pages. These results might be broad or exact matched depending upon entered site operators along with query in search box. Mostly top results are gets more clicks than lower ones. This common web psychology impact the organic search traffic number to each site. The SERP position of a website correlated with the visitor number.
So every webmaster and SEO analysts are always putting their efforts in ranking higher organic search results for a keyword optimized in content.
All these 3 seo categories are under monitoring of various search engine algorithms. The algorithms process the website pages content, links and performance over the web. After processing only, the search engines provide a natural rank for optimized keywords in the content.
SEO for industry websites
Truly all websites and weblogs are needs the seo process to get listed in search engines. But many individual site owners (for personal sites) they do not give more priority foe optimization and promotion over the internet. Where as many business sites offering products and services on online are require quality seo consultant services in order to market the online business, products and services over the web. Many business site owners are recruits link builders and expert seo analysts, seo managers for their project works depending up on their budget and site requirements. Here is a list of industries recruiting SEO employees at higher rate.
  1. Health and Medical
  2. Financial Services
  3. Insurance and Personal Loans
  4. Business to Business
  5. Business to Customers
  6. Electronic consumer goods
  7. Education
  8. Entertainment
  9. Media Advertisements
  10. Retail Marketing
  11. Tourism and Travel
  12. Hotel and Restaurant
  13. Engineering
  14. Automobile
  15. Telecom
Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and other are constantly modifying their algorithms to provide best online user search experience to web searchers. Here is a word to attain successful SERP position with higher rank. The key to natural search ranking success is your “website content”.
So before writing page content consider the online customer needs and web intention also the role of web content in site ranking and marketing of business products and services over the internet world.

SEOs are broadly categorized into white hat and black hat also grey hat types. Grey hat is mixed of these white hat and black hat seo practices.

Here is a simple overview chart on white hat and black hat.
White Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO
White hat SEO with a techniques and site promotion methods to improve the site organic search engine rankings according to search engine guidelines and algorithms.
Black Hat SEO identifies the loopholes in the various search engine algorithms and works to get rankings for a site. So these techniques and practices are in direct violations of content, webmasters and search engine guidelines.
High in number across the globe
Available less in number  
Practices includes
White hat SEO includes of determining keywords, quality content development, HTML code optimization and link building from authorized online sources
Black hat SEO includes of building link spams, comment spams, keyword stuffing, practicing hidden texts and hidden links on webpages, cloaking, usage of automated seo softwares and tools for submissions etc…
What you gets
Steady, gradual, but improved rankings in SERP results for multiple key phrases.
Quick, unstable, and temporary growth in SERP results ranks for keywords.
Impact of Algorithms
Almost Zero to low impact on site and content, performance
Highly prone to penalties, algorithms filters and manual actions
Techniques resulting in
“Long term Rank” in the SERP pages
“Permanent ban” / “Partial ban” in the SERP pages

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