What are Backlinks and Effective Ways to Build Quality Backlinks for Website – Best SEO Tips

Here is an important posting of Best SEO Tips on Backlinks and Effective ways to generate quality backlinks for website?

Backlinks are inbound links from other websites towards your website or weblog. Linking website with free backlinks online is very useful at internet marketing for website promotion on the web. It is a part of online marketing.

Usage of various creative and new methods to get back linking or inbounding sources is a one of the responsibility of online marketing job. The online marketing managers can use different kinds of methods and techniques to get linking.

Why Backlinks are needed?

Backlinks are necessary for,

  • Get referral webtraffic from various online sources
  • vital role I gaining good pagerank for sites at search engines
  • To get better ranking in Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  • To improve brand awareness
  • To get business products or services leads, sales etc.

Effective Ways to Get Quality links from Various Online Sources

Off page SEO building backlinks

There are so many online sources are existing over the internet. Majority SEO and webmasters are following a few number of off-page link building techniques to promote the websites and referral visits. On-page optimization is playing a key role in achieving top organic position with optimized keywords and crafted content. Bus this onsite optimization needs the support of off-page link creation in various available online sources.

Besides on page factors, the good number of quality links are pointing to your site are considered by most of search engines to provide Search engines rank to your website. So maximum numbers of these backlinks are needed to both new and existing old websites to maintain their competition, rankings, brand and traffic sources in addition to meet online qualified customers for your business products and services.

What are considered as Quality Sites?

Quality is said to having how much relevancy between your site and other website that you are submitting links. Best places are to submit links are content (paragraphs, author box, referral URL section etc.). 

Quality backlinks = same Niche, high PageRank, keyword density, keyword variation, user need etc.

What makes a quality backlink?

Here are few following factors listed down and making a weblink more quality and authority.

  • Pagerank
  • Site authority
  • Anchor text
  • Age of domain
  • Site relevancy
  • Link context

How many links are enough to rank well?

There is no exact answer to this. It depends upon your major keywords. Are they popular or low competitive (zero search volume).

Getting a few or huge number of inbound links are enough to achieve a good rank. (This is up to 2011 year. NOT NOW). Even quality sites links are not enough to get top rank in terms of SEO. Search engines are changing their algorithms to find the relevancy between your site and linked sites.

The violated are getting filtered or banned from search engines in order to provide a quality search results for users.  To achieve guarantee long term search rank position you need a good number of quality sites backlinks in addition to user search intent based content. Your content and gained worthful links are deciding your Return On Investment (ROI) for your search engine optimization (SEO) budget.

Quality Backlinks Criteria

  • site should with good page rank (PR 0 to 10)
  • Should with few external links
  • Should link from content section (not from footer or sidebars)
  • Should be a relevant site (i.e. same content theme / topic)
  • Should have author rank (verified authorship site)
  • Be rated or reviewed by customers on positive side
  • Should have unique page content
  • Should not be a link wheel (triangular linking schemes)
  • Should not be paid link
  • Should follow anchor text diversification with universal anchors like read more, find here and URLs, brand name, keyword with product or service name
  • Should be a trustworthy site
  • Should not a reciprocal link (exchangeable)

Best Linking Practices

To perform user as well search engine algorithms friendly backlinking practices for current year is should begin with determining relevant sites, backlink analysis, and preparation of a list of best sites etc.

How to find relevant and quality sites for your website and blog

Search engines are following a lot of signals and techniques to find the trustworthiness or worthiness of a site. Use below search hints to determine most relevant and top ranking sites to get backlinks in a meaningful manner.

Check the search results from first page and collect down relevant theme (topic of same niche) based websites.

Try with search hints (in other words search operators) along with related keywords targeted to find good backlink sources.  For example, if your site is belonging to Health advice, then try replacing ‘keyword’ with health tips, medical consultant, medical advice, doctor recommendation, second opinion, etc.

Tip – Do Keyword research to find primary and secondary keywords, then decide your link texts (anchor texts)

Tip – You can use these searching hints to find most relevant sites in targeted location (international or local). To search them you need to replace ‘location’ with the targeted area you’re focusing.

Tip – Remove the big branded and high authority websites such as ebay, amazon, social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter sites etc. from your list.

How to Find Quality Backlinks for Your Website

Here are best ways to build safe backlinks to your site. Understand here that the basic rules of search engine optimization (SEO) will not change. The change in the off-page link building is managing relationship with relevant industry best and trustworthiness also authorised sites.

Search Hints

To collect a best site get linked back toward your website and blogs, you need to perform a search at Google or Yahoo or Bing or other search engines.

  • intitle:”keyword here” (Example – intitle:”Apartment for sale”)
  • allintitle:”keyword here” (Example – intitle:”office for sale”
  • inurl:”keyword here” (Example – inurl:”Luxury apartment for sale”)
  • allinurl: ”keyword here” (Example – allinurl:”villa for sale”)
  • inanchor: ”keyword here” (Example – intitle:”Restaurant for sale”)
  • allinanchor: ”keyword here” (Example – allinanchor:”Car for sale”
  • related: ”keyword here” (Example – related:”plat for sale in Surath”

In addition above search operators, you can use a another hint to find good sources of back links. That is “search”

Search:”.com” (or) search”.org” (or) search:”blogger.com”

After getting a list of sites, just filter out the irrelevant ones and low pagerank sites.

Backlink Analysis

Backlink analysis is examining the available inbound sites to filter out unwanted and non-trusty ones. It helps us in finding good online sources to get link back toward your site to improve traffic and rankings etc.

Use best tool to check backlink quality with these tools

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Majestic SEO
  3. Backlinkwatch
  4. Open Site Explorer
  5. Google Adword keyword tool
  6. Google insights for search
  7. Alexa
  8. Compete
  9. SEM Rush
  10. Google search (yes itz true and works. Think how is…?)

Quality websites features

Here is a criteria to analyze the site qualityness before linking back.

  • Should be informative
  • Should not contain commercial content
  • Should not use PPC
  • Does not use Ads
  • Should be with good user experience based
  • Should not banned or penalized
  • Should receive a good traffic volume

Best places to build quality website links from online sources

1.  Articles sites,
2.  Pressrelease sites,
3.  Social network sites,
4.  Social bookmarking sites,
5.  Socail News sites
6.  General Directories,
7.  Business Directories,
8.  Niche Specific Directories, 
9.  Local Classifieds
10. .edu sites
11. .gov sites
12. Do-follow sites
13. Blog Commenting
14. Guest Posting or Blogging
15. Question & Answer sites
16. Industry based Forum sites
17. Document Sharing Sites
18. Create a blog to your website
19. Web 2.0 sites,
20. RSS Feed directories
21. Video sharing sites
22. Image sharing sites
23. Profile sites
24. Infographics
25. Reviews sites
26. Themes & templates designing
27. Tutorials sites
28. Audio files sharing sites

And other sites…

How to get penguin friendly links

Though there a thousand to lacks of online sources are available to build quality website links, many webmasters and seo executives also off page link builders are failing to develop algorithms friendly linking.

Methods of linking back to your domain

Here are few methods to link back from external sites. They are,

  • URLs
  • Commenting
  • Author box
  • Broken link building
  • Profile links

How to select relevant .edu and .gov sites?

Here is a criteria to select .edu and .gov sites to linking.

  1. Pagerank of domain (Tip – High PR is better to choose)
  2. Do-follow (Tip –It is better to choose sites those pass link juice)
  3. Free from poisonous words (Tip – Should not with avoidable texts on the page)
  4. Number of comments exists on the page (Tip – Less number is better to choose)
  5. Number of external links (Tip – Less number is better to choose)
  6. Age of domain ((Tip – Higher age is better to choose)
  7. Relevancy of content ((Tip – Content should relevant to your topics is better to choose)

Criteria to Commenting on websites and Blogs

Commenting page should be ranked for a search query or your keyword,

  1. Should have high traffic volume
  2. High pagerank
  3. Should be with informative and usable content
  4. Should have good navigation and information architecture
  5. Should relevant to your topics and content theme
  6. Do-follow (Tip –It is better to choose sites those pass link juice)

Criteria for Profile link building

  1. Domain authority
  2. Pagerank
  3. Relevancy to your content or industry
  4. Good traffic number
  5. Good Alexa rank
  6. Do-follow
  7. Anchor text
  8. Age of domain
  9. Frequency of site index

Ways to measure Linkbuilding ROI (Return On Investment)

There are few parameters to consider while calculating linkbuilding ROI (Return On Investment). They are namely, Rankings, Traffic or visits, Social signals or mentions. On online mant free and paid tools are exists and helps you in measuring your backlinking strategy.

         Parameter                  Tools to measure

           Ranking     –                                       Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) tool and Power suite

           Traffic        –                           Google Analytics, SEMrush.com

            Social Signals / mentions –     Google Analytics and SharedCount.com

Avoid in building links to a website

Here are few practices to do not follow while you developing off-page optimization strategy to secure your website from search engine’s penalties, filter and updates. These practices can swallow your website online visibility. So avoid these unethical methods of off-site optimization of SEO strategy.

  1. Paid links
  2. Link exchanges
  3. Large scale practice within a short time
  4. Usage of automated programs to create backlinks
  5. Linking to bad neighborhood sites
  6. Linking with non-relevant sites
  7. Excessive links from footer area
  8. Site wide links
  9. Low quality sites (directories, bookmarking, articles)
  10. Inappriate forum signatures and comments
  11. Excessive call to action based content
  12. Excessive keywords in content paragraphs

What are the algorithms hunting down the backlinks of websites?

Is dynamic sites need backlinks?

Is link building technique is same for static websites?

Is there any difference between blog links and website links?

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