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Here is an interesting posting of Best SEO Tips on Website Changes That Can Affect Website’s SEO Rankings and Results
Many organizations and website owners make many modifications on website on regular basis and they do not think about the website changes that will affects online presence and branding, they have a big impact on search engine optimization results.
What kinds of SEO website results get impacted?
 Every website needs changes in terms of content, site design, information architecture and navigation as time goes on. Every webmaster should consider the changes while building a website or redesigning the old site.
Major areas get impacted with site alterations
Here is a major areas shows fluctuation when you alter any changes on the website.
  • Organic search rankings,
  • Keyword rankings,
  • Leads generation,
  • Web traffic,
  • Online reputation,
  • Brand position,
  • Online visibility,
  • Website index,
  • Site crawling and …etc…
Here are some examples Website Changes That Can Affect SEO Rankings and Results
  1. Website / webpage Content modification (partial / permanent) 
  2. Change in domain name
  3. Change in branding reputation
  4. Usage of frames
  5. Increase in webpage size
  6. Removal of content
  7. Changing the domain architecture / website theme  
  8. Modifications in domain URL structures
  9. Changes in webhost
  10. Excessive Server downtimes
  11. Changes in DNS records
  12. 301 redirects
  13. Implementing CMS/ other on website
  14. Changing to No-follow / Do-follow
  15. Changes to site navigation/menu systems
  16. URL redirections
  17. Loss of keywords after changes
  18. Broken links
  19. Using poisonous words
  20. Site load speed
  21. Code to text ratio…etc…

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