Webpage speed Matters to Search engine Visitor’s Onsite User Experience


Web page loading speed is the total time taken to load in a web browser. Page speed is an important factor to visitors and search engines. On-page SEO and technical SEO parameters plays a key role in web page speed for a site. Search ranking, onsite user experience, organic traffic, lead conversions etc directly impacts the page speed whereas Relevance and authority, user trust, sales, visitor activities such as clicks, downloads etc indirectly impacts the page speed.

Page Speed Matters for Search engines

From 2010 onward, Google confirmed that web page loading speed as a ranking factor in every niche. From then everyday a thousand of sites getting penalized for having site’s slow loading speed. Webpage speed for a site is Google ranking signal. Web visitor’s internet access constantly changed from desktop to laptop, smart phones, mobile phones, tablets, smart watches etc.

The internet network speed differs for each internet devices. This directly impacts the website pages performance which directly impacts the delivery of best onsite user experience without any second option.

Page Speed Matters for Visitors

Website loading speed is normally under the control of web designers and SEO specialists. The web designing company develops the website as per your requirements and goals. Normally they look to design and develop a visually engaging, simple layout based, and user-centric navigation based web page. Depending on the goals and requirements, the web page layout and landing page design changes. Best web designing company maintains good balance between all the elements of web page as per your needs.

Onsite user experience, search rankings, online traffic, lead conversions etc directly impacts if you have poor site loading speed. When visitors notices your website speed is getting slower then they hate waiting online in a slow internet also server connections. Every single second of web page loading speed results in more visitor engagement and gaining of visitors or loss of your sales money.

Web designers and SEO Experts are On-page Technical Friends

Majority of web page elements are under the control of SEO Consultant Company. SEO specialist’s designs a website with effective and unique site navigation structure and web content information architecture in order to provide the best onsite user experience that helps you in achieving your website goals with good ROI.

On-page SEO and technical SEO parameters are the major areas where both professional website designers and SEO experts work together so as to achieve the business goals. If they fail, the entire website performance at search engines and online visitors will get down drastically. Visitors hate waiting online.

Fast loading websites win

• More Organic search visitors
• Good SERP results
• Webpage content exposure
• More visitor clicks
• Better CTR
• Leads conversion
• Good number of Sales
• Improved online revenue

Webpage Speed Matters to Search Engine Visitors

Page speed depends on a website, a design and SEO technical element factors that directly impact your onsite user experience. The benefit of website page loading speed varies and depends on belonging website niche.

For instance, e-commerce, retail websites needs better speed loading sites than other niche sites. Do you know this? The decrease in the web page loading speed lead to the loss of visits thus results into significant drop in online revenue and loss of customer conversion and huge bounce rate etc.

Web page loading Speed is a Google Ranking Factor

Here are the best reasons why you have to manage web page loading speed,

• Poor loading Pagespeed impacts your web design & layout
• Poor loading Pagespeed impacts your site user’ experience
• Poor loading Pagespeed affects your bounce rate
• Poor loading Pagespeed impacts your conversion rate
• Poor loading Pagespeed is an indication of the quality of your web host

What is a Good Web Page Speed?
Ideally, the good web page speed is 2 to 8 seconds.

What is Average Web Page Speed?

The average web page speed depends on the content rich media type. Here below is detailed information of good web page speed website content theme wise:

1. For content websites – up to 1-6 seconds
2. For e-commerce websites – up to 1-5 seconds
3. For video websites – up to 4-10 seconds
4. For audio websites – up to 3-8 seconds
5. For image websites – up to 5-8 seconds
6. For other sites – up to 1-5 seconds

Webpage speed Matters Search engine Visitors’ On-site User Experience

If you are looking to improve your website page speed so as to improve your on-site users experience with a speed loading website; hire a web developer or professional web designing company at your affordable quotations.

Hiring the web designers abd developers, technical SEO analysts at your budget helps your website speed improvement by minimizing http or https requests, web page compression, HTML/CSS code ratio optimization, Google tag management, image optimization, bounce rate management, content management, web hosting, server management, supporting plugins management, conversion rate management etc.

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