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Video SEO Optimization Tips and Techniques

Here is a video optimization posting is with Best SEO Tips on achieving first page of Google search engine search SERP pages with your videos.
How to set up a successful Video SEO campaign: Video Optimization
The process of Video Optimization & Marketing is includes of 4 levels.
The method of optimization of video has 4 level they are,
  1. Keyword Research & Optimization
  2. Content Structuring
  3. Linking Strategy
  4. Submission in Online Sources

Video SEO optimization is a process of making your videos more search engine crawling and indexing by the major search engine spiders. This helps you in universal search optimization to appear your videos whenever visitors typed in SERP results.
Video Optimization is all about your video to get search rank in the search engine results pages (SERP) whenever a visitor types. Seo optimization process here helps in attaining top search position for your focused keywords. This is not limited to the video hosting sites such as YouTube, but also for Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc…
However due to the restrictions in the number of characters during optimizing videos for the major search engine spiders to know what your video is about what it is telling, it require effective video optimization.
If you want to find your video in organic results you need to provide relevant keywords. Organic search ranking, visitor engagement are main goals for any video. SEO optimization process here helps in usage of targeted keywords in the Title, Description that you uploaded.
Effective video optimization techniques
For “Title tag”
For any video, the title and description are playing a key role in its optimization process. Try to prefer to insert eye catching and clickable title for your uploaded videos.
Use the synonyms and more specific description to receive more web traffic to your videos. Here don’t try to use of multiple and irrelevant keyword phrases during the optimization. Do you know it will not generate any benefits from optimizing with many other key phrases in the Title tag optimization.
What is character limit for Title tag?
For “Description tag”
The video description optimization is one of major complicated process in terms of seo. Providing relevant words are not just enough. It is a place where you can get linked to your own website pages.
Provide a relevant web page link from beginning of your description words. Because, this is a place can be easily visible and readable by your visitors. This is a place for visitor engagement also.
What is character limit for Description tag?
For “Call to Action”
Call to action terms are very most important phrases during optimization to get motivate yours visitors to take any action after clicking. Add relevant and highly influencing call to action phrases in the description place.
It is very hard to provide relevant title tag and description also with call to action phrases. This is because of available online competition. Your content writing skills are get examined in the optimizing the videos.
Video optimization with keywords
This tells you where you can use keywords in:
  • File name
  • Title
  • Tags
  • Link text
  • URL (restricted to few video sharing sites only)

Videos length & content:
  • Keep video length between 3 – 5 minutes at maximum.
  • Video on importance of products / services / training / offers / courses / coupons / product releases / technical information /
  • Videos of a conference keynote speech
  • Add keywords based content in the surroundings of our videos
  • Use logo to generate brand awareness
  • Watermarking the video content with company logo
  • Distribute video’s links in press releases / articles
  • Allow users to review / rate our video
  • Add Call To Action terms
  • Add targeted keywords in the first sentence of video title
  • Add targeted keywords in the first sentence of video description
  • Add contact information

Implementing a video linking strategy:
  • Cross-linking to other videos
  • Linking to videos from relevant web pages
  • Linking to videos in news posts / blog
  • Tweeting the video
  • Linking to videos from social media pages
  • Bookmarking the video

Video Marketing strategy
The marketing of video is inclusion of video promotion at various online resources like video sharing sites, social media sites, blogs, websites etc…
Videos Posting / Submissions:
  • Posting videos on our own site / top pages
  • Add the videos in Local Directories and relevant sites
  • Add the video on your Social media sites profile pages
  • Submission into video-sharing sites along with title, keywords, and a description.

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