Video Blogging – Video Marketing, a Latest SEO Optimization Marketing

Video Blogging, a New SEO Activity Trend; Video Marketing, Is it yours latest SEO Optimization Marketing strategy?

Online Video Websites are Promote your Business

Video marketing and Video blogging are evergreen trends in web marketing with personalised user engagement optimization. The reach of target customers with peronalised business message is become very easy with online video blogs. Online videos are one of the best marketing tools for business promotion and advertising, branding, industry authority, etc. Organic search enine optimization search traffic and referral traffic are resulting from these online videos. Video search engine optimization is current trend of latest seo practices.  

What are Top Rating Videos?

Online videos are best entertainment ones irrespective of all ages. Kids might love to watch comic videos, Young ones like to watch music videos, album shows, entertainment videos, online education videos etc. The most popular videos are 1) popular television shows 2) celebrity interviews, 3) movie trailors, 4) online movie watch 5) comic tv shows, 6) music albums and 7) subject tutorials 8) games etc.

There are two types of video websites are available in the current internet era. One of them is free video websites and second one is paid video websites. Example of free video site is YouTube and example for paid video site is Google Video.

Best Free Online Video Websites

With the free online video websites, you will get and watch a wide variety of free videos in many categories. These free types of videos are found on many video blogging websites (top video sharing websites) such as YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe etc…. etc. Usually these free videos are in most cases, prepared at home or work place in order to promote something through video optimization and video marketing towards business ROI and get more traffic to your blog etc purposes.

These homemade free videos are made by numerous internet users, one who have a little or no experience in creating and publishing online videos. Most of the free videos are belonging to categories of comedy, how to videos, funny, tips, tutorials, etc. 

Best Paid Online Video Websites

The paid video websites are publish somewhat target based personalised videos to get income on reggular basis, season basis, trend basis and via paid subscribption at nominal or very less user charges. These paid videos holds a legal copyrights and able to download after completion of online payment. Music albums and video programs, online movies watch and video tutorials etc. are belonging to these paid video categories. Get below Video optimization tips for seo User experience optimization and for video search engine optimization.

Create Own Videos – Video Making Tips

Creating your own videos? Oh thats sounds no fun but like routine…yes. Video production with own digital assets is become passion now. There are a large number of all aged internet users are preparing to make their own videos. Many people are making own videos and using to share with others. Are you interested in making own video and searching for video softwares…? If you are showing interest to create your own videos with a purpose is, then finalise about theme of video blogging ideas.

How to Make Own Videos?

Have strong desire to make own videos. It is the most important step before creating a video on chosen theme. Prepare a video content calendar for every month basis and stick to yours content calendar. Choose your topic that relevant to your goals like business advertising, online products services promotion and make money tips, tutorials, problem solving solutions, user engagement techniques etc. carefully. Your blogging theme (topics) will bring everything that you desire and work. Provide expert tips to biginners and online audiences. 

What is your Video Recording Device?

To make your video, you need to have a standard video recording device. The regular video recording devices are web cams, handy video cams, camcorders, etc. Think of quality of video before recording your session. Many online video bloggers are recording with cheaper electronic devices leading to poor visible lower quality videos. Your target audiences and online visitors are needed a good quality videos. Consider smartphones, digital gadgets to record high quality videos with proper video settings. Consider surrounding light, hotness etc. and adjust the video recorder device settings to create quality videos.

Edit videos with Video Editor Softwares

Video Editor Softwares are help to edit the recorded videos with available options and settings. With best video editor software, you can improve the video quality, sound effects, visibility, background color change, etc. Video editor softwares are playing a key role in quality video production for video blogging. Add any visual graphics to your video to engage the online video visitors and to attract the audiences. So select best video editor softwares inorder to produce best quality own videos.

Best Video Editor Softwares for Video Blogging

Nowadays many smartphones have own movie or video making software programs were in-builted. So use these video making softwares or applications to create stunning and effective own videos. Free video softwares such as “MovieMaker” and “IMovie”, … etc. are easy to download. You can work with these video editors programs without any kind of technical knowledge of softwares. After installing these software programs or video editor applications, open your video in these editor softwares to edit to add any desired features and finally save your video with your brand name or local keyword name or business name.

What is Video Length and Size Limit?

Consider the length (duration) of your video and the size of your video’s file. Many video publishing and sharing websites are keeping limit of video file size and time duration of videos. Keep your video not more than 5 to 15 minutes in length (duration). Video file should not be less than 100MB, in size. Keep possible lower file size.

If your topic is more than 10 to 15 minutes, try to make your video into 2 parts as video series on blogging topic. Below are video search engine optimization tips use to measure your viseo seo optimization and video marketing ROI efforts.

How to Measure your Video Optimisation and Marketing & SEO ROI?

Here are video search engine optimization rankin factors those determine your video ranking in video sharing and video blogging platforms. So consider these video ranking parameters in order to optimize your videos and to make the perform on video distribution sites. Learn how your video rank online with user optimisation and online audience engagement. In online social media world, there are many types of socail media audiences. Consider them to optimize for seo and to attract towards yours video blogging series.

How your Video get Rank Online – List of Video Ranking Factors

  1. Keyword in the Video Title
  2. Keyword in the Video Description
  3. Keyword in the Video Tags
  4. Inbound links to your videos
  5. Inbound links to your video channel
  6. Total bookmarks
  7. Total video views
  8. Total likes
  9. Total dislikes
  10. Total sharings
  11. Total embeds
  12. Total references
  13. Total channel views
  14. Subscribers
  15. Contacts
  16. Flags
  18. Posted category
  19. Frequency of updates

Video Blogging and Video Marketing KPIs

  1. Traffic
  2. Sales
  3. Online engagement
  4. SEO ranking
  5. Generated leads
  6. Inbound links

If you are with no time to video blogging, to produce your own video series on interested themes, hire budget video blogging services or video marketing services unlike organic search engine optimization services. Hire the video bloggers to market your business products and services in order to advertise your brand across the internet. Get search traffic and referral visits to yours video blog with video search engine optimization and content marketing strategies. Online videos are playing a key role in local seo services.

If you are with a business blog, add this video blogging to yours content calendar. Develop “video content marketing strategies” to get promoted across the search engines with target keywords and business products, services etc. Choose “affordable video marketing services” in order to distribute your videos. Be a video blogger and update your search engine optimization strategy with video blog marketing, a new seo marketing activity as a part of “content marketing strategies”. Wish you a Happy Video Blogging.

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