Tips to Write SEO Content for More User Value Copy Development with SEO Writing Skills

Search Engine Optimisation is simply used as SEO an advanced marketing method over the web world by reaching targeted online customers and audiences to generate the revenue, leads and sales, contact enquiries through more and more online visibility over the internet. SEO process for a website is involves the creating high quality web content with search friendly and user solution based articles riched with searcher query keywords optimization on the website pages. Currently most of search engines are allowing keyword search to retrieve relevant desired web information.

Concept search is introduced by Google a major search engine with its content based algorithm known as Hummingbird update. From after Hummingbird algorithm update, the writing of SEO page content is become more creative and user focused besides search engines. Your content is your investment on online and having a major role in onpage web ranking and leads and sales also revenue generation from various web sources.
The copywriting skills need an art of content development skills for online users and well understanding of the fundamental science behind the search engine functions. i.e. How search engine works? and How a website will rank organically, what making content more relevance to user queries etc. Your keywords are simply an index of your online business and have a key role in income generation, content development, business leads generation, website ranking, reaching focused visitors etc…

In all major cities and towns, many training institutes are providing content writing classes, copywriting classes, article writing classes etc. They even offering a number of ways to improve your writing skills with their online writing courses and training programs. Even you can develop your writing skills by attending various online coaching programs and workshops. 

SEO copywriting is a practice of Search Engine Optimization content development with a lot of SEO onpage techniques those helps especially in user value content curation. This high quality user value content surely reaches more customers and builds authority recognition in your web niche.
This is writing skills training classes are begins with teaching about Search engines, role of search engines, how a search engine works, types of searches, determining the user search intent. These classes are definitely help you learning and understanding the science of SEO writing and improvement of online writing skills to craft high user engaging copy for webpages to in order to improve site authority and to solve or to meet the searchers’ requirements.
Types of web searches:
  • Navigational (Branded): for example: website seo guide
  • Informative: for example: Checklist for Google Adsense account approval
  • Transactional: Apply your resume for link building SEO analyst jobs, blog writer jobs 
How to write high user value content
Developing a web page content always begins with understanding the targeted visitors requirement and ends with tracking and monitoring the performance of published articles. Below tips are help you in creating user oriented web copies those enable more leads, business revenue generation with high customer engagement landing pages content. 
Tips to writing user friendly web copies
  1. Determining the targeted online audiences
  2. Analysis of money making keywords
  3. Selection of Primary keywords and secondary keyword phrases selection
  4. Developing a content writer calendar monthly quarterly basis       
  5. Compelling User’s clicks grabbing Title and headlines
  6. Understanding the role of 1 st paragraph and last paragraph
  7. Developing content with more user engagement
  8. Writing for User and their search engines
  9. Managing keyword proximity
  10. Following the proper keyword density
  11. Correction of grammar mistakes with edit and proofread
  12. and finally, Publishing, tracking the performance of content.
Fresher online or in house writer job Requirements

Desired Criteria
Common Requirements
Education level
Minimum graduation or Master degrees
Academic qualification
It depends upon the company requirement
Subjects knowledge
Basics of Web content writing, journalism, Literature in English, seo
Zero experience or internship in writing is preferred
Key Skills
Writing the unique content with given keywords and basics of copy editing skills
Computer Skills
Knowledge of MS Office, Basics of online research skills  etc.
Technical Skills
Fundamental knowledge of SEO optimization and business marketing
Tools Knowledge
It depends upon the company requirement

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