Technical Writer skills in SEO Optimization Writing Tips

SEO Technical writing is the art of writing in search engine optimization industry, website content developing, authoring and proofreading publishing web documents. SEO technical writer should create document’s content clearly along with user needs specific technical information and market requirements.
Every IT software company can’t recruit these technical writers as in-house employee as they have to pay more salaries for their writing skills and business making content development art. As a writer, you need to improve multi domain knowledge and should with subject matter expertness in given writing projects to write in a simple way of writing with easy readable in user specific languages.
At now only few industries offering technical writers projects online jobs and offline content audit works.
The major industries are,
  1. Software firms
  2. Information Technology companies
  3. Engineering and products manufacturing
  4. Scientific medical companies
  5. Petrochemicals
  6. Aeronautics
  7. Manufacturing companies
  8. Online writing projects providers
  9. Telecom
  10. Financial business investment
There is no any easy way to hire a best technical writer in desired specific industry. It is n’t easy to recruit and train the subject matter specialist job or effective technical writing services for technical writing projects and works. Training on multiple industry knowledge can increase your project budget and money investment. So many organizations prefer freelance or outsourcing works in order to manage budget and capital amount.
Because these freelance writers are with specialist skills in copyediting, copywriting services for all of your writing requirements, writing industry specific technical content in desired format like PDFs, ebooks, documents, infographics, articles, pressreleases copy writing in a clear understanding way. They can able to describe complex subjects into simple readable plain English or any other user preferred language.
SEO Technical Writing Jobs roles in Technical Online Marketing
SEO technical writer or technical assistant are playing a key role in preparing SEO education, marketing graduation courseware, online internet marketing course materials, lab guide, software installation, what is and how to SEO for a website, marketing documents. SEO writer is responsible for content writing with proposed keywords to market client business products or services on online and to achieve long term top search result page rankings, high web visibility, traffic improvement over the internet with SEO optimized content.
SEO Technical Content
Your web content is very very important to your targeted users and search engines. Develop a simple readable and easy understand content with relevant images, graphics to illustrate your theme specific points. Search engines generally crawl and categorize your website content based on what its crawlers robots finds.
So ensure that your content able to index quickly after your site update with fresh and most relevant content for users, online visitor search queries.
Technical content criteria
Content analysis and audit can help you in identifying your content format qualityness and user response, user value etc. Consider these content parameters to prepare high value business content in SEO marketing and search engine optimization industry. 

Here are few features of content criteria for writing for SEO optimization and online marketing, business promotion. The following parameters can tell the technical writer skills in SEO on-page and off-page optimization. These are act like a checklist for content creation. Just like on page checklist for onsite optimization and AdSense account approval checklist for AdSense optimization tips.
  • Quality of your technical or marketing content plays a key role in making purchase behaviour.
  • It can influence your users or visitor’s online behaviour.
  • There are many content oriented factors used to measure how your humans readers spending more time on your site pages and sharing documents.
  • Developing user oriented content for human reader should be within your writing skills and art.
  • Give first priority for clients and visitors to convert them into customers with your business content.
  • Then prefer to design for targeted search engines.
  • Offer creative unique technically perfect, user intent based content with up to date statistical in-depth information.
  • Stick to your main theme and link innerly to relevant pages from your website.

Unique Content

  • Use or or or to check plagiarism online while developing content.
  • These SEO tools can help you in create error free 100% unique content and free from any kind of duplication over the internet.
  • Once you create document check for spelling and grammar mistakes with online spell check tools
  • Paragraphs should be with three to four sentences long.
  • Especially long sentences will drop the users’ attention while reading.

Valuable Content

  • Write for clients, online searchers, then for search engines in next.
  • Keep in your mind How search works, role of content in achieving business goals.
  • This can generate brand awareness and authority, reputation in your business industry whatever you are in.
  • Less user engage value content or poor performing content = Low or No organic online search rankings.
  • So prefer always good user value in your business products marketing strategy.
  • Tell to your copywriters to provide creative content that meet user search intent and requirements.


  • Search engines are giving high priority to keyword optimized in content.
  • Always ensure that business profit making transactional keywords and exact matched primary key phrases also secondary words in your content.
  • The keywords optimized and distributed in your documents, content can bring you business profits and leads, sales generation.
  • Be sure to bold and italicize important text throughout the technical documents.
  • Ensure your primary keyword at the beginning and end of the content paragraphs.
  • There is no restriction on number of keywords per page but should not exceed.

Content Length

  • Develop minimum of 1000 to 2000 words.
  • Keep in your mind a successful formula is the more relevant content the better performance among the users.
  • Keywords should place naturally within the content paragraphs.
  • Ensure that unique keywords for each document or web page.
  • Add business making primary words in all important pages. (for example, “buy mobile software application online”).
  • Use secondary keyword phrases to improve more online visibility (for example, “mobile applications”).
  • Ensure the usage of long tailed phrases in entire pages and technical papers.


  • Add latest information or statistical data in your content.
  • This can help you in improving authority, branding, search ranking.
  • Make sure that your customers’ knowledge is fresh and up to date.

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