Start SEO Business? Get Success with SEO Job? Become Own Boss in Online Marketing Career?

Want to establish SEO Business?  How to Get Success with SEO Job Career?

Want start career with search engine optimization job in online marketing sector.
It is a very very good thought. Find here some best career advice on online marketing career jobs.
Requirements to start an SEO business
Required Education qualification for SEO Marketing jobs

Here are some prerequisites to begin with a SEO business after your graduation or post-graduation studies and other educational qualification.
All major companies and MNC firms are asking to have minimum qualification as graduation in Bachelor of Science (BSC), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), BSC in Marketing or B technology (Btech) or Bachelor of Engineering (BE) etc…
But few SEO recruiting companies are giving high priority to Post Graduation (PG) qualification holders with any specialization or Master of Business Administration (MBA) specialization in marketing.
Even they are considering PG Diploma in Business management and Software marketing courses.
Technical knowledge required for SEO analyst

For programmer jobs, the students should have a lot of programming languages courses knowledge and need to get training in all possible programming courses even with certification (includes training institute and industry level certification).
Whereas for SEO optimizer jobs, there is no official certification as certified SEO (search engine optimization specialist) at worldwide.
But many institutes are providing their own certification in SEO or online marketing or digital marketing.
Whereas global leading search engine Google is providing a lot of certifications in Google Analytics, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Adwards professional, Digital marketing courses etc…
Here are few relevant web links on these Google offering certifications
The basic required technical knowledge for SEO optimizer jobs is follows
At beginner’s SEO level:
MS Office (knowledge in MS Word and Excel also PPTs)
Basic HTML language
At advanced or senior SEO job level:
In addition to MS Office and HTML, to play senior SEO job responsibilities, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, CSS, Javascript and basic JQuery etc. are enough.
But find that the technical knowledge is under constant change.
One who adapts to learn such new things evolving in the industry?
They can get success with online search engine optimization career.
Required other skill and efforts:
Other qualifications like analytical skills and go and getter aptitude also thinking in new creative way…
Listening skills and multitasking skills are need to have.
Analyzing the competitors and tracking their strategy is highly required.
Building and developing an efficient marketing plan to achieve Return on Investment with lesser SEO promotion efforts.
I trained in SEO course in my town. What are jobs for SEO persons?
There are 3 kinds of opportunities are suitable for pursuing search engine optimization and marketing career.
1) in-house employment
2) freelancer job
3) own seo business company
How to get in-house SEO employment?
  • You can get easily a search optimization online marketing job. Prepare a resume with your educational qualifications, technical back ground and additional qualifications like blog management, content writing skills etc…
  • If you have a blog or website  on any topic, provide the URL of your blog or website in the resume and explain about it on how much time you have spent, how did you written content, knowledge like keyword research, primary keyword and traffic bringing keywords selection and promotion activities at time of your interview.
  • This will tell out your earned skills on online marketing and seo on-page and off-page optimization for websites and blog.
  • This is to consider your efficiency and having skills in relevant field.
  • Job sites like and employment search engines like naukri, monster, indeed, career builders etc…are help you in finding a good seo jobs in your home-town.
  • Just you need to upload a updated resume and regular modification with your acquiring qualifications, knowledge and experiences etc… on regular basis.
Want be your own boss?

Then begin your search optimization and marketing career. If you want be your own boss, then there are two best options are exists. 1) freelance career and 2) own SEO business
How to become freelancer SEO?
  1. You can choose your own seo employment as freelancer career.
  2. There is a huge scope for freelancer employment as people are choosing affordable services.
  3. Most of the website owners and upcoming entrepreneurs are preferring budget oriented search engine optimizer and SEM marketer services.
  4. Another option is finding good online SEO projects in, or and other sites like etc. to get best projects.
  5. Just you need to register with your details on these sites.
  6. Then offer your bidding price should at low than others. Attach your samples documents as a proof of your experience and supporting your biodata.
  7. Your bidding price is plays a major role in getting more online projects.
  8. In addition to this, you should have to build a communication network with web designers and web developers and copy writers to achieve more projects on regular basis.
  9. Building and developing a strong network is ongoing regular activity. So offer your talent, best skills, efficient work, commissions and free gifts and what not….Make sure that your offering is working….
How to start own an Individual SEO Business?

Want be your own boss? Is this your life goal?
  • Surely you can fulfill your goal with this SEO Business by establishing an own company to become own boss to your dream firm.
  • Just you need to start a website or blog on a topic in selected niche.
  • Register and host securely your domain.
  • Try to design your website yourself or hire a web designer at budget.
  • You can use free and paid automated design solutions to get a well-developed domain.
  • Do market research online and make confirm few best topics making you unique from regular blogging.
  • Do competitive and competitor research and analysis to identify best strategy to promote your website with search engine friendly on-page and off-page optimization and advanced website marketing activities.
Know first your readers are human beings… not robots and machines….
  1. Choose trending and user query based topics to write postings and articles.
  2. Focusing the user requirements will definitely help in establishing your seo business firm.
  3. Focus on money generating keywords and visitor and online audience traffic improvement key word phrases in order to meet your life goals as being own boss to your office.
  4. Write visitor oriented informative articles and posting on regular basis. Participate in relevant niche forums. Be found on social media sites.
  5. Don’t copy and steal other fellow blog or website content. Announce a fresher copy writer job on your site and social media pages.
  6. Hire fresher content writer and just give brief overview of your life aim and basic seo fundamentals like how search query works and how web traffic if finding your site content through your unique keywords and site design and navigation etc…
  7. Don’t spamat any time and follow search engine guidelines and content guidelines and webmaster guidelines. Don’t violate these guide rules at any time to avoid SEO penalty either partial or permanent ban from search engine. This can impact your strategy and career goals too. Take care yourself.
  8. Build a relationship with like-minded people and share your thoughts and get best advice that works for you in achieving your dreams….
How to earn money with blogs and websites?
There are many ways to make with blog and sites. Few of them are Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Advertisements design and selling websites, content writing services, SEO services in home-town area, graphic design services and marketing research services, competitor analysis and solution to promote products and services at lower costs etc…
These practices are can support in establishing and managing your firm.
With you own website you can offer online webmarketing services that include SEO, Pay per Click PPC, eCommerce leads generation, Business products sales over the web, Internet Brand and reputation management, Web Graphic designing, Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization, Online Reputation Management and many more like Blog marketing, Local SEO service etc.
Just type in Google search “Top adsense earners in your country?” Replace the text “your” with your country name.


Top adsense earner in USA,
Top adsense earner in India, 
Adsense earner in Egypt country,
Adsense earner in Italy country,
Top adsense earner in Australia.
Study their back ground. Definitely their details and how they become top bloggers and top earners online with their websites and weblogs can motivate you to become your own boss…

Don’t think like job seekers… Think like a job creator

If you have will and plan there will be a way to evolve yourself.

Let search engines read your success….
Share your ideas on online marketing and becoming own boss. Share your experience whether success or to be get success with Search Engine Optimization and marketingcareer…

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