Sources to Find Highly Paying Adsense Money Make Niche Topics – Adsense Optimization Tips

Best sources to find highly money making niches:
Here are a few best online sources to determine high paid topics. These sources are on regular basis getting update postings or articles or product information etc. in several categories. These postings can gives us various clues about availability of advertisers, their products or services, niche topics etc…
Here are few web sources useful to find out high CPC keyword phrases to write content of money make topics on online. These sources are on daily getting update with registered users or advertisers or bidders etc. If you planning to generate money with online blogging use these sources to choose money make industries topics for your blog sites.
These web sources are most useful to pick out best industry topics to write content with keywords those having high (CPC) cost per click value. This higher value CPC is how much web advertiser are paying more amount whenever web visitors are clicks on these ads most relevant to focused keyword phrases.
This CPC value can help you in developing highly paid online content and to find money make best affiliate programs most relevant to your profit generating blog niche. What to do with these web based sources is just you have to type your targeted or focused keyword phrases into these sites search boxes.
Sources to Choose Profits making niches
  1. Amazon
  2. Flippa
  3. Yahoo answers
  4. Google trends
  5. Clickbank
  6. eBay
  7. Flipcart
  8. eCommerce websites
  9. Article sites categories
  10. Pressrelease sites categories
  11. Directories sites categories
  12. Local classified sites categories
Nowadays may bloggers with seo techniques, expert ideas and suggestions, learning seo courses through online training, practices, seo educational knowledge sharing tips etc. Due to this, organic search ranking is become more competition on online. In addition to this, many blog owners are competing with website owners in various streams topics in getting more online visibility, search optimization, site promotion over the web, natural search rankings.
The blogs and websites are attaining the best organic SERP rank with a good number of visitor searches in search engines and receiving a lot of web traffic every day. These sites are acquired seo ranking for many targeted keywords given in the posting. These keywords are bringing regular visitors depending upon keyword optimization in content and onpage optimization also off page optimization practices. But the most of them, still getting paid with very lower cost per click value. Just check your CPC in your Adsense account. Is it lower than $ 0.1. Do you know why you are getting paid with lower cost per click.
Due to online competition, many advertisers are bidding with various ranges of CPC cost per click from lower to higher for the same keywords. Some advertisers are bidding higher CPC and some other advertiser are with lower CPC for the same keyword phrases. Generally here highly bid keyword phrases are put for more online  visibility than the lower one. If your ads those displayed on your site,  belongs to this lower bid then your adsense click revenue will get decrease in terms of your online income.
Criteria for high CPC value keywords
  1. Able to produce high user value content.
  2. Large average searches per month.
  3. High Cost Per Clicks from many days or years.
  4. Non seasonal in nature.
  5. Non trendy in nature.
  6. Lower to medium competition.
  7. Generate natural traffic from search engines.
  8. Generate online money on regular basis.
Best Adsense paying industry to blogging
  1. Medical health
  2. Business finance
  3. Banking
  4. Personal loan
  5. Automobiles
  6. Electronics consumer goods
  7. Latest gadgets
  8. Money making ideas
  9. Dating Relationships
  11. Saving investment
  12. Job notifications
  13. Web design development
  14. Elder, child care
  15. Online lawyer
  16. Insurance (life, pet, vehicle, home, travel)
  17. School college education
  18. Hotel and Restaurant
  19. Software mobile web applications
  20. Domain registration and hosting
  21. Real estate property tips
  22. Personality development
Adsense Optimization
After selecting a profit making topic, definitely your blogger site will share web competition for online natural traffic in order to get paid with displayed possible high paying advertisements with from lower to higher ranges of CPC values. The adsense payment is depending upon how much you are earning with your traffic with adsense ads optimization with integration into your website.
There are few industries topics are getting almost lower to zero payment as lack of potential Adsense advertisers at Google. When advertisers are not available to advertise, then the Google adsense might not work with content of religion, individual and political topics.

Whereas few industries content can make a good amount of money with Google Adsense. These industries have a wide range of offline products or online services. For example, education, insurance, medical health and computer internet, hotel, banking, investment etc. industries advertisers are morely competing among themselves in bidding increased cost per click (CPC) value to reach more adsense publishers. A lot of advertisers are ready to pay extra money to reach more and more web publishers such as blog and website owners to beat online competition. So grab the opportunity that facilitating you to earn more money with your Adsense Optimization Tips.  

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