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Social Media Content Writing

Social media writing jobs are high paid content writers positions in current days. Every business company is expanding their presence over the web in order to grab the avail targeted customer base on online. The recent statistics on mobile users and internet consumers with smartphones are gradually increasing from last 5 years.

Popular social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Stumbleupon, Pinterest, etc. are available in the mobile app form almost in all smartphones. Many people are accessing these social sites through smartphones and mobilephone with internet data connection and posting numerous posts in the form of images, texts, videos, podcast etc. in order to reach various social media audience are differently from one another getting content engagement with social media marketing.

Classify your Social Media Audience

Social media audience are the people using social sites for web presence for personal or business purpose. Social media audience are not similar in their nature of utilizing these popular social media platforms.

Social media customer’s search intent and online search behavior is playing a key role in content writing for social media. Copywriters and content writers are needed to understand the available types of social media audience. This will help you in how to write content for social media visitors and customers targeted to reach via various social media platforms.

Social Media Audience – How to Meet and Engage them with Social Content

Content creators:

  1. Content creators – What they do?
  2. crafts useful content and shares online regularly / occasionally
  3. Social content format – blog posts, funny pics, videos, entertainment music and user images, podcasts etc.
  4. Knowledge – Technically savvy, Creative writers, Content marketers, Copywriters
  5. Helps in – Viral, social, technical content creation 

Social Conversationalists:

  1. Social Conversationalists – What they do?
  2. Produces content on user tips techniques and guidelines etc. regularly
  3. Social content format – blog posts, useful videos, user infographics, podcasts etc.
  4. Knowledge – Technically savvy, Technical writers, Content writers, Social media marketers,
  5. Helps in – Viral social engagement content creation


  1. Collectors – What they do?
  2. Picks the best content on the Internet and shares on various social network, bookmarking platforms
  3. Social content format – Useful blog posts, images, funny and awareness videos, entertainment music songs and funny pictures, PDFs, PPTs etc.
  4. Knowledge – Not savvy, Beginner writers, Fresher social media marketing people, Student, Niche followers
  5. Helps in – Viral content social distribution and re-marketing of produced original content


  1. Observers – What they do?
  2. Follows niche best and industry top websites and blogs, forums, social pages, research documents, articles
  3. Social content format – Useful blog posts, infographic images, funnyviral videos and tips videos, and funny pictures, PDFs, PPTs etc.
  4. Helps in – Viral content social distribution and remarketing of produced original content


  1. Inactives – What they do?
  2. These social media audience generally will not involve in creating or consuming online social content. 
  3. They will not help you in terms of Social media marketing and business leads generation with social sites.

Social behavior of Customers

Business online competition is gradually moving towards various digital media gadgets such as mobiles, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets. Internet access on smart mobile phones and other latest gadgets shows the change in customers or consumer behavior at social media.

Social Content writers are need to put much effort in understanding the online behaviour of targeted customers in order to promote company business with visitor engagement writing and online writing tips. Know who is your customers and their demographic details to focus them to let flow into your sales funnel in the process of customer conversion.

Who are your Social Customers to Target

Give high priority to –

  • Content creators
  • Social  Conversationalists
  • Content Collectors

Give next priority to –

  • Observers

Don’t target – 

  • Inactives

Demographics and Social engagement – Understand your social customers

Every internet marketing company’s seo managers and business development professionals are need to learn marketing psychology and quick customer conversion strategy in order to reach target audience and to create user content that engaging the social visitors. Online behavior is trackable with marketing analytics and web analytics tools.

To develop the various kinds of targeted content in order to produce long term as well short term ROI results for your business, the social platforms are publishing their audience statistics. These social media audience statistics are very useful in creating online shareable social content. For instance, demographics of Social behavior of different age groups.

Social behavior of different Age groups

  • Age – 18-25
  • Social audience type – Content Collectors and Observers, Social Conversationalists
  • Age – 26-32
  • Social audience type – Content creators and Social Conversationalists
  • Age – 33-39
  • Social audience type – Content creators and Social Conversationalists, Observers
  • Age – 40-46
  • Social audience type – Content creators and Social Conversationalists
  • Age – 47-52
  • Social audience type – Social Conversationalists and Observers

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