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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Schools, Colleges and Universities

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From, this article, you’ll learn about how to optimize college, school, university and education websites for search engine optimization results. Learn SEO tips for education website offering various courses, online training, certifications, graduate programs, post graduate degrees . You can understand the role of SEO for education training, online learning websites. Read to refresh your SEO knowledge with this Digital Marketer’s SEO Blog.

SEO for Education Domain

Education industry is highly competitive at online. From the last 5 years there are a number of online portals. education training portals, online learning, online training websites are increased and requiring quality and affordable seo services in local as well global wise. If you have school site, college website etc. then, think… Are you achieving sufficient SEO ROI results from online? If your answer is no, then this article for you. Learn how to plan seo for education portals.

Before learning best seo tips for your college or school websites, just remind the few popular mistakes of schools and colleges websites optimization.

  1. Inappropriate website design
  2. Improper Information Architecture
  3. Lack of experienced resources as in-house employee
  4. Usage of outsourcing web and graphic design services
  5. Not considering the SEO or online promotion value
  6. Usage of Flash based design
  7. Lack of targeted local visitors
  8. Thinking traditionally (restricted to TV, Print media)
  9. Competing with bigger brands
  10. Lack of ROI and positive return on investment
Traditional Strategies for promotion of schools and educational domains

Here are few traditional website promotion tactics used to promote the schools, colleges, universities, online web portals. The traditional methods are includes both direct promotion and indirect promotion of education website.

Direct promotion of education website
Promotion over the traditional media – local and regional newspapers, yellow pages, Stationery materials, visiting cards, and local classifieds, postal cards, official documents, radio, TV etc.
Indirect promotion of education website

Student references, viral marketing, conducting conferences, participation in seminars, interview programs, emailing, website notification, conducting school level, college level, university level games, competitions etc.

Why SEO for Education College Websites

Online Marketing services and Digital Marketing services are help you in positioning at top for long term in the search engines and making your site visibility for relevant search terms. This is very clear that you are not marketing your site and promoting the offering courses, programs etc. This is simply positioning your website at targeted search engines with online marketing consultant services to achieve seo results with your successful web marketing SEO campaign. Best Search engine optimization tips to Promote Your Education College Websites.

Online Marketing seo tips for schools and educational institutions

Here few top online internet marketing tips  for school, graduate colleges and other educational institutions.Find here Best Ways to Promote Your Education College Websites

Steps to Promote your College or Education Website

  1. Have a unique web designing structure
  2. Architect your information user friendly
  3. Add student search based content on the site
  4. Create a blog and allow student’s postings
  5. Craft FAQ and Q&As based content for financial aid, scholarship etc.
  6. Create popular social profile pages and intimate to students
  7. Publish student’s extra curriculum activities in your social profiles
  8. Add all offering courses, training certifications, degree, online programs information
  9. Interviews of Faculty on offering courses, career, future advice
  10. Interview the alumni students on opportunities after completion of courses
  11. Ask the students writing about or reviewing the joined course or degree
  12. Curate evergreen topics like career after completion of degree or certificate
  13. Post statistics of requirement of qualified in the particular industry.
  14. Add Blog comments on relevant courses or degree or education blogs
  15. Create informative and educative infographics about offering subjects, training, certificates
  16. Add Video tutorials on regular basis (take help of professors, readers, scholars, students)
  17. Add content on Conference presentations, conducting Webinars, hangouts or Q&As
  18. Do Video marketing and blog marketing online
  19. Collect students ratings and reviews for offering courses, degree programs
  20. Publish happy students testimonials, reviews, ratings on online and social profiles, blogs
  21. Create Mobile Apps for your institution and courses, degree, website etc.
  22. Publish an Email Newsletter every month on career guidance, enrollment notification, organizational updates, or new course introduction
  23. Send Transactional and Reminder Emails to subscribed students, parents etc.
  24. Conduct a pole within the organizational inter departments
  25. Develop a free service like budget calculator, software applications, student enrollment guide etc. 
  26. Offer an Affiliate Program

Benefits of SEO SEM SMM SMO in Education College Websites Online Promotion

  1. SEO is more than off-page link building. SEO practice is not about receiving a few inbound links, and inserting few keywords to website pages.
  2. SEO help you to improve your college or school site natural ranking at search engines.
  3. SEO optimization and promotion methods help your website to find to Index on regular basis
  4. Search engine optimization services are improves your search engine visibility to achieve the long term search rankings in the organic search results of SERP pages.
  5. If you are preferring long term and ROI return on Investment oriented online results, search engine optimization is the best online marketing practice.  

If you prefer short term term results, then there is opportunity to promote education domain with Paid Advertising Strategies such as Pay Per Click (PPC) ads with Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter etc. to attain quick return on investment oriented results.

What do thinkIs digital marketing support the website promotion to get online benefits…?

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