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Here is an important Best SEO Tips for New Websites and Weblogs to Compete with Old sites and Blogs.

Here are best SEO tips to newbie bloggers and web owners to step advance in giving competition with old websites and blogs of same niche topics.

For new websites and weblogs the main target or destination is reaching the possible maximum potential customers or audience.

Visibility and Accessibility:

To reach targeted customers, at first it is required to websites and weblogs to have visibility and accessibility at online sources with regular indexability and without any errors and broken links.

Relevant Keywords:

Choose relevant and less or medium competitive Keywords phrases to optimize websites or blog postings.

Don’t pick up single phrase keywords like cell phone or mobile phone / insurance / Content / auto mobile / IT / Business / profits…etc

Instead of using single worded keywords, optimize the site with long phrases or long tail keywords.

Use Fresh written Quality Content:

Website content plays crucial role in search engine optimization process. 

Quality Content is essential to reach maximum potential audience and in bringing web traffic and to generate regular online leads and sales leads. 

Website content plays a role in attaining site rank and website regular index also in keyword rankings.

Use the targeted keywords in content Title or Headline. Include one generic keyword in title or headline also.
Insert the keywords in first paragraph and in second paragraph too.
Use bold and italic forms or attributes for keywords in content to inform priority to search engines.
Give at least one or two internal contextual links to these keywords to link one webpage to other webpage(s).

Use SEO Content Writer Services to write fresh and quality seo friendly content to feed search engines as well users or website visitors, audience.

Site Design & Usability:

Website theme and design plays an important role in attracting the audience and visitors.
To gain visitors and online web traffic the site should have easy navigable, easy access to previous postings…

Use the keywords in page URL and title.

Website or Blog Promotion on Online Sources:

To promote a website or blogs there are many ways available at online.

Social media sites (social network and social bookmarking sites), Article sites, Pressreleases sites, Blog directories submissions, blog comments, search engine submissions and other sources are available to promote websites and weblogs online.

Creating Brand & Brand positioning:

Our website or Blog is our brand at online. So we have to create brand image to our websites and weblogs even for business websites and blogs.

Here in addition to quality content, practiced website promotion methods and visitor experience, analytical metrics like bounce rate, traffic, pagerank and visits also content optimization methods, search engine optimization process are plays a role in brand positioning at online to compete with old sites.

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