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Search Engine Optimization Process for website


Website search engine optimization is a process of improving the website’s online visibility in order to promote the domain brand name, keyword ranking in organic search results, business leads and sales enquiries, online revenue generation with promotion of product or services promotion over the internet sources.
The SEO promotion strategy is generally begins with website audit and analysis of various factors to implement the requisites to make website most search engine friendly. The analysis is required to more insight audit of seo components such as on-page optimization, off-page backlink sources and technical elements investigation.
Then you can get right ideas on developing effective marketing strategy to implement and to manage on-going online marketing process. Without site audit and analysis of seo factors, you can understand the current status of website at search engines and position of marketing promotion on online. Do you know your ROI Return On Investment is depends on site audit analysis and seo optimization.
Search Engine Optimization Tips 100 % drives SEO ROI for Measuring KPIs

After audit report preparation, you require to analyze the keywords optimized in content on the website for well-established sites. For new websites, it required to keyword research to select the revenue producing keywords to focus for search engine optimization process of website. Selection of primary keyword phrases and secondary keywords are necessary for websites in order to meet designed web goals with search engine optimization efforts.
The essentials required for a long-term natural search ranking and online traffic covers these seo processes:
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Optimization
  • HTML Code Optimization
  • Website Navigation Architecture
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Optimization
  • Sitemap generation and Submission
  • Robots & .htaccess files
  • Off-line Marketing with backlinks
  • Measuring the SEO ROI with targeted KPIs
Keyword Analysis – SEO analyst job begins with finding the efficient keyword phrases those very very relevant to your business and services. Keywords are referred as online investment. Primary keyword and secondary keywords or helpful keywords and their oriented web content are drive the ROI return on investment in long term seo optimization and marketing management.
Keyword optimization – SEO analysts or online internet marketing managers are prepares a detailed report on how to optimize the chosen keywords. The report is with a full of information on optimizing website based on keyword relevance. For Example, if you have a site that offer search engine optimization services, the keywords and phrases should be best seo services, affordable search engine optimization services, budget search engine optimization services, mobile seo, internet marketing company services, seo company services etc. but the root word (main word) is seo services or search engine optimization services.
Specified or more targeted keyword phrases those are relevant to your business products or services website niche are playing a key role in seo marketing management for achieving search ranking, improving web traffic, audiences and qualified visitors. Keywords are helps in developing good user engagement content, online visitor education content. Professional online content writing or copywriting services are requires more specific keywords in order to develop unique and visitor search intent web content.
They play major role in branding, ranking, revenue generation, improving online searchability etc.  There are many free and premium online tools to find out profits make keywords. A common inaccurate practice is targeting root words or generic terms and high competitive keywords to optimize the website content. Plan transaction keyword phrases and informative keywords in order to make your site content relevant with online searchers’ search queries typed in search boxes of search engines.

SEO HTML Code Implementation – Learn Web Page Optimization
SEO analyst core job is improving the website’s crawlability or accessibility. SEO professional uses various on-page optimization techniques to promote the site with web page optimization. After designing and developing the web page; it requires optimizing with various SEO HTML codes. Once you have finalized the best keyword phrases matching to your business or services, you need to place them within your HTML tags in order to optimize them for SEO. Important places to add key terms,

Source Code Optimization: HTML code optimization is a process of placing a set of predefined keyword specific information into the important parts of the web page’s source code in order to attain high organic search position and online visibility at focused search engines’ search results for optimizing targeted keywords phrases. SEO management will take up this HTML code optimization in order to get success over the web competitors and upcoming competition.
  • Page URL Structure
  • Meta Title (Page Title)
  • Meta Description (Page Description)
  • Meta Keywords
  • Headings (H1, H2, H3)
  • Page Content (1 st paragraph, 2 nd paragraph and last paragraph)
  • Image Alternative Tags (Alt tags)
  • Anchor Text (Textual links)
Website Navigation Architecture – Design for User Response 
Website navigation is having direct impact on user experience and seo performance also on visitor engagement up to certain level. Generally most of the online websites are having their navigation into deeper web pages.
Each web page is having global navigation architecture on the site in order to improve the website crawlability and indexing pattern. Normally the global navigation menu bar appears at top of the above the fold area or side of the web page. Whereas local navigation structure in the form of textual links appears in the content or side of web page or at footer areas. 

Almost every business or service based website can optimize the site navigation structure with links to useful visitor pages like About Us, Services, Packages, Career Jobs, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact Us, Live Customer Support, Site Map, FAQs, etc… Also Breadcrumbs are the part of website navigation and appears at below the global navigation structure. These breadcrumbs are used to define the current location of visitor on the website. HTML and XML sitemaps are another kind of site navigational structures. 
Example of site navigation setup for inner page
  • Category page – Services
  • Subcategory page – SEO Services
  • Landing page – Affordable SEO Services in Atlanta city etc.
Information Architecture – Mesmerize with your Design & Development Skills 
Information architecture (IA) is the foundation of user friendly web designing and developing process.
Structuring the web content for good user experience is a typical job for web designers and SEO analyst executives. IA is referred as the art and science of website design and organizing the web content for good user experience at very less clicks depth. The goal of Information architecture (IA) is to help the online visitors and audience or users find the searching information with little efforts also attaining the targeted web tasks like visibility of services or lead generation forms, specially designed landing web pages etc…
IA process consists of several levels of web content display for user or visitors. They are 1) How you are categorizing and structuring the web content 2) How you are presenting on the website 3) How visitors are navigating to the web page 4) How visitors are experiencing with the content structure.

Plan transactional or revenue generating pages and visitor educational pages at Top-down information architecture and customer informative pages or user required communicative pages at Bottom-up information architecture. IA design and development requires the in-depth understanding of business goals and visitor search intent pattern.

SEO Marketing Management for long term benefits
The role of on-page optimization is clearly known to get organic search rank with seo analyst skills and optimization efforts. Here is best on-page optimization checklist for web page content optimization and to achieve long term search engine rank at top position of SERP search pages. Technical seo audit report will give a clear picture of requirement of technical elements optimization of website in order to support the on-page optimizing and off-page link building marketing strategy.
SEO is an advanced marketing channel that used to increase to domain brand image, search visibility and promotion of business products or services. But every website search engine optimization company service will not guaranteed in generating long term revenue and long term ethical ranking in SERP pages. So take care when you hire a seo company services at your budget or cheaper prices.

Online Marketing Management Strategies
A talented SEO marketing manager will not take much time to find out the website merits and demerits. SEO marketing job is developing effective marketing strategy and implementation of management approved activities through coordinating with SEO teams and social media optimization team. Online  marketing managers balance the long-term and short-term keyword goals with company management marketing goals in terms of business leads, sales, online revenue and brand image, targeted customer reach etc…

Goals of Strategic Marketing Management
Many SEO marketing and link building teams in almost every company still sticked to ineffective off-page optimization strategy to build regular referral and inbound links. The management is simply focusing on backlinks in order to lift up in search engine results pages for visitor queries. Due to this kind of improper strategy, the goals of website marketing are like a oasis of desert in the current internet trends. Effective Website SEO project management always addresses the existing issues and future needs during the search engine project handling.
Marketing Management Strategy
SEO process is an on-going long term marketing method on online. For new websites, seo process can’t drive immediate ROI with SEO marketing team’s short term efforts. And SEO procedure can be applicable to any industry websites. After certain time period, the organic search can be measured at Web Analytical tools and Web master tool accounts. The SEO KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as search rank, organic traffic, business leads and sales, online revenue etc. are can be measured in long term process of SEO marketing management scenario.

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