SEO in Future Days – Continue SEO Education

Organic Web Traffic – Focus on your Audience

Search engines are prioritising the effective on-page optimization as a part of search engine optimization strategy for website designed and launched. After submitting in the search engines, the website will be crawled and the web content is indexed into database systems. Here the indexed content will examined with various algorithms in order to determine the relevancy, user value, visitor engagement etc. depending on pagerank, domain authority, page authority, content quality…

What is your Keyword?

If your domain is with high pageranked, your indexing process will be at good. If you have no any pagerank, you have to focus on unique keyword research, selection of best primary keywords, secondary keywords, best places to optimize these primary phrases and secondary phrases, in addition to high quality content with long tail key phrases.

Search Engines Indexing the Web Pages Content not Keywords

Your keywords are playing key role in getting success with seo optimization and marketing. Search engines are picking up your web pages when you optimize with relevant keywords only. The success of on-page optimization strategy is highly depends on best locations to optimize the targeted keyphrases on the web page content. Quality website content is with evergreen future in reaching the web goals through online resources.

Focus on User Content Writing

There are few other factors like keyword variations (synonyms), algorithms, user search intent etc. are playing the key role in determining the top position in the search results page for user entered search queries. All these factors are making their role in driving website traffic from search engines ethically and organically.

Search engine optimization is an constant evolving marketing channel. Internet marketers need to have expert knowledge on latest algorithms update changes, continuing seo education, developing seo marketing strategy, effective online marketing campaign creation, website promotion techniques, online content writing skills etc.

Hummingbird Content – Feed the Google Panda with high Quality Web Content

From recent days, The major search engine Google launched a content algorithm and named with Hummingbird algorithm update. From then, the online content writing style is entirely changed into FAQs, conversational, high user value oriented etc. Semantic style web content is highly essential to improve website or keyword ranking, page authority, domain authority and online brand, revenue generation etc. purposes.

Feed the Google Panda (another best Google algorithm) with your high quality and customer / visitor / audience centric on-page content. Panda is a content algorithms eats the low quality site content, low user value on-page content, thin content, etc. Periodic keyword research, analyzing the visitor engagement parameters, and technical seo factor audit etc. are helping in developing the user relevant, fresh content. Though priority to keyword ranking is decreasing, but keywords are essential to reach the targeted customers, online business leads, sales and revenue generation also to create effective web content writing…

Are you Social or Alone?

Social presence on web is playing the important in maximizing the website visibility, business exposure, online internet marketing, online revenue generation. Google Hummingbird content algorithm is considering the social signals to determining the authority. Social profile of business is important attract the new customers and retaining the existing buyers on online also to communicate periodically.

Social mentions like Facebook likes, Twitter’s tweets, Pinterest pins, etc are playing their role in organic search results and viral share on online by known, unknown followers, audiences. To get more social signals, you need to write social content with both primary and secondary keywords. Online writing is different from social content writing.

SEO in future days is drastically change depending on many factors such as user search behaviour, search engines latest algorithms, writer skills, seo analyst job, user centric content, etc…

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