SEO Friendship Day Wishes and Greetings Quotes Messages – Have a Happy Friends Day


SEO Friendship Day Wishes and Greetings to all Friends, Bloggers, Family members.
SEO blogging social life is not meaningful without internet and internetizens, online audience, website and blog followers, commenters and social mentions. So post a creative e-card on this happy friendship day to greet all your social friends on social networking sites like Facebook and twitter etc.
The first Sunday of every August month is the international happy friendship day. So wish your childhood friends, family friends and graduate college friends, search engine optimization analysts, search engine marketers, search engine link builders, also digital marketers, copy writers, content writers etc.
There a number ways to wish your blog followers and readers online. The simple ways are uploading a happy friendship day greeting cards in Google +, Facebook, Pinterest and other popular and local social networking sites…
But try to be in creative way
The digital marketing website seo blog is writing a post on How to Celebrate Happy Friendship day for SEO and Bloggers
When Friendship day was launched?
Friendship day is launched in 1958 year at South American City called “Paraguay”. In those celebration beginning days, all people are depended on Postal services and Telecommunication services. In later days after internet technology, most of them are preferred email services. After Mobile phone technology, all are preferred the SMS messages to wish nearest and dearest all friends.
During current web technology blogging days, the Blog is one of the best opportunities to greet all your online audiences, business customers and clients, blogger followers. Social media also a great place to reach all potential clients and audiences. Wish all yours friends with free online cards and greeting images for this special friendship day occasion.
How to improve friends for your website or blog?
Know here how to become best friend to your search engines. Also learn Panda & penguin friendship recovery techniques, search friendly optimization tips and sharing and website marketing ideas to promote your social and client communication skills etc… Without any seo consulting packages and SEO services charges. Get here how to be best ever friend to visitors and their search engines with your writing and search engine optimization, website marketing skills.
Remove all Non-SEO keywords
Irrelevancy is a major factor in failure of SEO content on website pages to rank, leads generation etc. Write quality content or hire a freelance writer to create effective webpage content to reach online customers and visitors. Important On-page factors such as Meta title, Meta description, internal anchor links, web page content, header texts, image alt texts etc. are the best sources to identify the less performed Non-SEO keywords in the SEO optimization process.
If you hire SEO services to make your website more friendly to targeted search engines, after the keyword research, they will optimize your content with focused keywords in order to improve the website visibility and site crawling & indexing process.
Content and website guidelines, search engine guidelines are imposed to examine the every website promotion and optimization scenario on online. Yours SEO ROI return on investment is depended on these guidelines and visitor search intent based keywords. So eliminate the non-search friendly and less performing keyword phrases from your site pages and blog postings.
Add synonyms or relevant phrases to your content
Optimizing with single key text is the oldest days practice. Nowadays, all content writers, copywriters are required to improve the relevancy of webpage information with visitor search queries. For example you are writing online content for this occasion of first Sunday of August specialty, then you can include few relevant words such as “friendship day celebrations”, “friendship day quotes”, “friendship day recipes”, “friendship day messages” and “friendship day gifts”, “friendship day quotes” etc. in yours content… These texts can make more relevancy to visitor search queries and maximizes the website content visibility on online.
Gift any new and unique ideas to yours visitors and readers
Friendship day Gifts are special for all online followers. So gift them new blogging ideas and business promotion tips, search engine optimization techniques, adsense optimization, copywriting and customer education writing postings, interactive articles writing methods. This kind of visitor education content can improve yours brand image and online reputation with many site followers and readers on regular basis. So add informative content on regular basis to maximize your SEO ROI with available efforts.
Creating trust and managing online relationship with customers is one of the toughest SEO practice. It requires long term strategy. Reach to build online trust and fellow blogger relationship with effective seo practices such as commenting, informative postings and educative articles to solve their existing or future issues in website management and website marketing strategies. Try to provide ever solutions in leads generation and revenue generation…
Manage your Blogger symbiotic friendship carefully
Being social is the best practice to maintain symbiotic friendship online. Your offers are works for short terms only. Focus on long-term practices with responsive website design, proper information architecture, effective content optimization and search engine friendly website promotion, quality link building activities.
Celebrate International Friendship Day
Your web content is yours online investment. So develop your all webpages content with SEO keywords to reach maximum customers and web visitors to build strong relationship, effective communication to maximize the chances of customer conversion and revenue, leads generation.
Don’t forget comments, complements of your blog beginning days. They are first persons identified your talent and online visibility and your content performance… Thank you them for commenting and following your blog.
Celebrate SEO Friendship Day with your Website and Blog

You require your followers comments and complements etc. are to become advanced blogger with effective blogging and blog marketing skills. Best on-page optimization factors to get search engine ranks and online business leads, sales and revenue on long-term basis. 
Understand the role of on-page optimization in the search engine optimization along with other components like off-page optimization and technical seo parameters optimization to improve the website performance to beat your online competition.
Gift your friends with special items

Friendship bands, e-greeting cards, organic flowers and handicraft gifts, friendship jewelleries also chocolates, gift watches, designer wares, latest fashion dresses etc. are the best ever green special gifts for all your nearest and dearest ones. 

Learn SEO internet marketing course online to get knowledge in search engine optimization and search engine marketing, social media optimization, social media marketing, email marketing also online reputation management, adsense approval and optimization. Earn money with your industry knowledge and writing skills through Google Adsense from home, work station etc…

Have a Happy Friendship Day…

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    Happy Friendship day Wishes to you…

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