SEO for Hotel Restaurant Websites – SEO Optimization Tips for Hotel Restaurant sites

SEO for Hotels and Restaurant sites

SEO for Hotels and Restaurant hospitality websites is with skillful practice for many seo companies. SEO analyst services providers treats the search engine optimization of hotel restaurant sites are more effective seo practice with online internet marketing strategy in order to achieve predefined web goals like booking the hotel room, enquiring the table meal reservation, party hall reservation, etc…

Hotels and Restaurant websites are getting the best seo services before targeting the summer or seasonal vacations to attain top search position in the search engines for localised keyword phrases like Best hotel accommodation in New York or budget family restaurant or Honeymoon Packages in Sydney or best hotel deal or stay option in California etc… terms.

If the launched restaurant or hotel website is not designed for good user experience, lack of effective keyword enriched online page content, attractive high quality room, amenities images, videos, then the site tend to receive high bouncerate at visitor end and poor online SEO ROI results for keyword ranking, online organic search traffic, online deals, leads, contact enquiries etc.


Use white background for chosen theme and template. Keep the page texts in black.
se search engine friendly programming codes like PHP, JQuery, HTML5, and CSS, basic java etc. to get user navigation functionality


Research for unique keywords like Stay option in Perth, Best hotel deals, honeymoon, accommodation, hotel with modern amenities etc… with local area names, offering deals, providing amenities…those most relevant to your site and your services too.


Use 1 primary keyword and at least 3 secondary keywords to develop the keyword riched web content. Your seo effort results are depends on this effective content. Visitor engagement is normal target for seo optimizer and content developers. But SEO writing for Hotel restaurant sites is different from other sites like seo for education school sites etc.

  • Include providing list of facilities as a part of hotel room services and customer retention. For example, candle light dinner, wifi-enabled hotel rooms, hotel for foreigners, last minute discount hotel, hotel nearby beach etc… 
  • Consider your targeted customer needs and requirements before or after staying in the accommodated rooms. 
  • Their age, purpose of hotel room booking etc are playing important role in creating the online content for hotel restaurant searcher on the web. 


Content optimization for hotel and restaurant websites is needs both primary and secondary keywords at important places on the web pages. In addition to this content optimization, the images optimization is highly require for the pages. Image alternate text (Alt text) should be written with primary keyword and what is the image.

  • Images should with high quality.
  • Should display the providing amenities like swimming pool, AC etc.
  • Should be with room paintings and wall paintings.
  • Should with sunlight and free air passage windows.

Page loading time

Larger images and lengthy videos, excess code etc. are interfering in site loading. So ensure the site koading speed under 6 seconds.

  • Avoid the larger sized on the page.
  • Minimize the complex code in above the fold area of each web page.
  • Especially focus page loading speed optimization for Packages or prices page and enquiry form or contact us, a lead capturing form page.

Quality backlink building

This is a most typical website promotion activity for most of the search engine optimizers and link builders
Many hotel websites and restaurant sites are disable the comment option and backlink option from their webpages.

  • So, focus on blogging sites, business blogs with hotel industry and local restaurant information etc.
  • Travel and tourism websites and blogs are best sources to get backlinks for family  vacation, accommodation, resort sites.
  • Top local classified sites, informative sites, pressrelease sites etc. are best online sources to build quality backlinks for hotel restaurant websites.

SEO Optimization Tips for Hotel Restaurant Websites

Here are best SEO optimization and marketing tips for hotels or restaurant accommodation sites to increase in room bookings and website search traffic, enquiries.

Business listing

Ensure the claiming the local listing in Google business page, Yahoo and Bing search engines.

Landing page URL structure

Create the landing pages URL name with visitor search words. Try to avoid stop words like in, a, an, top, with, for etc…

Example – Wifi-enabled-California-hotel

Title tag optimization

Keep your title in 65 characters. Write title with your primary keyword.

For example – California hotel accommodation with modern amenities for tourists, family, honeymoon couples.

  • At the end of title add your brand name or domain name
  • If you are providing many facilities for hotel visitors then write your title text very carefully.
  • Add visitors what are looking or enquiring online before staying in the hotel room.
  • For example – California hotel packages for budget accommodation facility with pool, wifi enabled fine dining restaraunt |

Meta Description tag

This is the description information is appear in search result for website, So add a effective Call To Action term in developing user click oriented description.

For example – Luxury California budget hotel offers outdoor pool for family and honeymoon couples facilities with pet animals allowed, wifi enabled, modern amenities, last minute fine dining at economy prices, Book here your room now.

Effective call to action (CTA) phrases

Use relevant effective call to action (CTA) phrases in meta description tag for restaurant hotel sites. This CTA text will appear and gains the reader clicks for optimized lead capturing landing page.

Web page content

Add at least 500 or more words page content with targeted primary keyword and helper key phrases. Include the Call to Action phrases and lead buttons on the web pages.
Add all providing facilities as a list of amenities according to targeted customers and their age, requirements etc.

  • Show the hotel rooms or restaurant rooms and their surroundings. 
  • Daylight images highly attracts the people.
  • Show where and how they can sleep or relax on the bed with comfortness.
  • Show additional facilities like sports room, beach games to spend the enjoyable vacation for family members, childrens, teenage, and honeymoon couples. 
  • Add local map from main transport area. 
  • Ensure that your visitors are more time on your website.

Header tag 

Use the header text H1 and H2, H3 depending on content length and keyword optimization. The H1 header tag conveys the search engines about the importance of the optimized title texts and will be shown in targeted search engines.

Responsive website design

Use mobile friendly responsive website with visible onpage content with quick loading speed. Nowadays many hospitality web sites are moving to redesign their sites to reach the customers searching on mobiles, laptops and smartphones. Don’t compromise the website quality.

Be more Social

Social media optimization and promotion of website through social media marketing is become essential thing as a part of website seo optimization and promotion strategy.

  • Create a social profile on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, Google + etc. largest international popular social media sites and local / regional social media sites to grab the online searcher attention and referral traffic to your webpages.
  • Be every day on online and promote your site with your amenities images, room pictures, offering, best deals, prices, special packages, testimonials, customer reviews, ratings, etc…

Hire the quality seo company services on long term basis to audit your website and to strategise to acquire predefined your web goals with unique keyword phrases, quality web page content, online marketing strategy, through online search engine reputation service, search engine optimization service for your hotel, restaurant websites.

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