SEO for Education sites and University College Websites

SEO for Schools and University College Education Websites

Search engine optimization is continuously changing dynamic industry like education niche. From 2010 onwards there was a rapid need of seo for education websites. Do you know Why SEO for educational websites and college sites.

Every education institute website to say an online portal with a lot of web content. Students and faculty, research scholars, online training attendees, and other staff may access the education institute website or university website or college site to get update information. Having a website is not only bring the more admissions, online visits etc.

SEO for Schools Search Engine Optimisation for College Education sites

From 2005 onwards, student parents are searching online with a variety of search queries like what is the best school for kids or which school is best with student aminities etc. For colleges, the parents are using the search queries such as what is best engineering college or engineering colleges with campus interviews or which managemet college is best for MBA students or best colleges for MCA students etc.

The increase in school or college or university or education institute search on online is telling the need of SEO for education sites. Searching for school or college or university or other educational organization is rapidly increased online.

What is SEO for Schools and Colleges?

Search engine optimisation for schools and colleges is the process of increasing the website visibility over the popular search engines with ranking top positions in the organic search results in SERP pages.

What are impacting SEO for Schools and Colleges sites?

There are many factors affecting the seo for schools and colleges, educational sites. The major parameters impacting the website are as below.

  1. Website design and layout
  2. Website navigation structure
  3. Web content architecture
  4. Parent’s search query
  5. Search engine algorithms
  6. Optimized keywords
  7. Keyword efficiency index
  8. Visitors location
  9. Offering courses and programs
  10. Number of students
  11. Brand image
  12. Online availability
  13. Web marketing activities
  14. and few more…

How to Optimize Education Websites to Search Engines?

URL Optimization – Provide Search Engine friendly URLs

Best practice for college or university website URLS structuring for search engines is addition of relevant department name to its URL. Some of the examples are like follows with dashes separating keywords.


Write Effective Relevant Page Titles 

Add your target keywords in the every page title within 55 characters.
Follow search engine guideline in writing the effective user titles
Best practice is – Your page title | College name
example is “Master of Business Administration (MBA) Course | Your Brand Name”

Use awesome Site Navigation Structure

Website navigation is playing key role in finding the needed content on the pages. The web pages should linked from menubar and internal contexual links. Try to reduce the visitor click depth and keep 2 to 3 clicks optimal through menubar navigation, and internal links, imagelinks, relevant courses lists etc.

Update Web Content Regularly

Normally all universities, colleges sites are updating their websites and blogs with various forms of online content on notification to exam results etc. No need to hire expert or freelance content writer services to create the site content. Due to the availability of multiple departments and authorised content creation personnels the site content easily get upade on daily those attract the search engine spiders to crawl and index the published web content quickly.

New Ways to Get Content to your Education, College University sites:

  1. From Professors – articles, own portfolio, books, blog postings,
  2. From Research Scholars – research documents, technical papers
  3. From Students – resume, jobs applications, blog postings, course reviews, training ratings

Learn How to Optimize your college or education or university or schools site with search engine optimization. Get useful Tips for SEO for Education Websites.

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