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SEO Education Guide Blog – a Pet Duck in Online Pond
This month December 2014 marks the 2 nd year of website seo guide‘s blogging on SEO search engine optimization, SEM search engine marketing, SMM social media marketing, adsense optimization tips, online writing tips, technical writing tips, digital marketing, etc. user topics. So, in this post it was on what website seo guide is learned in the past 2 years of online blogging on various user search topics. Read this article on what this digital marketing blog is learned in these two year of blogging.

Online blogging is one of a incredible source of making passive money online with personal blogs and business blogs from past few years and decades. In this 2015, the personal blogging is become an older-style, the newer trend in this 2015 year is regular blogging. This is because, the blogging is best source with the multiple opportunities for your personal career growth and professional growth in the life. The blogs and websites articles content is best source to generate regular money online.

Learned Blogging Lessons

  • With this post today, 10 things website seo guide is learned in 2 years of blogging. There are around 137 posts and over 120,000 words.
  • In this two years learned, especially from the technical aspect of online blogging (back-end) and long-term blog marketing.

Here are learnt lessons from the 2 Years of SEO Digital Marketing Blogging.

Website SEO Guide Goal

  1. Being a best online source to learn new concepts and experienced tips on various digital marketing seo optimization techniques.
  2. Becoming best source to learn seo digital marketing on internet for fresher search engine optimizers, link builders, beginner internet marketers and digital marketers also who are attending internet marketing classes to get expert knowledge in web marketing with popular SEO certifications.

No Short Cuts to Learn New Things

Website seo guide is researched for few days on what topics in seo are best blogging on long-term basis and how to win online audiences and search engine traffic visitors. Finally the seo education guide concluded that it was aBlogging Duckin the “Internet Pond (WWW)“.

Digital Marketing Blog – a Blogging Duck in WWW Pond

Regular blogging to meet predefined blog goals is hard task that needs long hours to analyze visitor search intent, user content creation and publishing. There are no short-cuts in writing the blog postings and user’s articles.

It requires hard work in terms of marketing research, marketing psychology, online promotion, competitor analysis, keyword research and identifying unique efficient keyword phrases, primary keywords optimization and secondary keywords optimization, landing page optimization, visitor education writing tips, online writing techniques, relevance writing tips.

Learned things – Website SEO Education Guide 

  1. It’s the internet, anyone can inspired you and any other take inspiration from you
  2. Had lot of fun user experience with various types of web design templates
  3. Found that blogging is not about free books downloading or making money online
  4. Blogging is not a competition on online, but need to focus on web competitors
  5. Comment freely and feel the blog commenting experience
  6. Blogs on online doesn’t grow overnight even with blog marketing skills
  7. Social networking is necessary for blog growth over the time
  8. Blogging brings people together online and offline
  9. Search traffic is not predictable from the web sources
  10. Search traffic can be improvable as time goes on …

Finally, the website seo guide, a blogging duck from internet pond is wishing…

Wish you a Happy Blogging in 2015…

Wish You a Happy New SEO Year 2015…

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