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Quality content, domain authority, page authority and user experiences are current dominant factors at the search engines. 
All major search engines are constantly working on search engine algorithms to determine the qualityness of website marketing, content marketing practices in order to provide best user experience with quality search results.
SEO is essential success part of content marketing
Nowadays quality content and seo marketing strategy are not enough to win in the web competition with your seo tactics.  The keywords are still matters. Major search engine is currently having 65 to 70 % of marketing share across the world. Still Google preferring optimized keywords with relevancy of searcher’s search queries to provide best quality SERP results.
There are two major SEO elements are helping in content publishing and website promotion are inbound linking and online engagement. Unique content crafting strategy is SEO-centric and supports the content marketing process: targeted audience research, online writing, keyword optimization, web promotion and ROI measurement.
Successful content promotion programs are result from in-depth audience research, online purchase behaviour, visitor search intent analysis. One who understanding and tracking the search engine functionality for searchers to make match with predefined business goals, the internet marketer managers will achieve greater online success in the current digital media technology and interactive writing with visitor education content writing skills. Prioritize the seo content writing.
Content is a Product
Search results for query – “Google Adsense”
To quote Ian directly, he stated: “Content is a product. Not a tactic. It is the customer’s first purchase.”
From the search result for “Google Adsense”, you can understand that Google is showing a number of webpages in the top position. Keywords and visitor search intent is playing to show relevant information from the indexed websites. In addition to searcher behaviour, domain authority, page authority and page popularity, user trustworthiness are playing crucial role in search engine ranking strategy along with other ranking factors or signals. Another thing you can understand that keywords are still matters in finding relevant web information locally, nationally and internationally.
How to measure to understand the Visitor search intent behaviour
From the above snapshot for “Google Adsense”, you can understand what kind of search words typed by web visitors, how they are receiving the desired information, what are they checking i.e. blogs or websites, videos etc., typing keywords – informative or money generator etc. Measure the user search intent with visitor engagement writing tips and interactive writer ideas.
Determine the different user intents with yours single keyword
  1. The first result is about choosing Google account to use to Adsense.
  2. The second represent the login for Adsense.
  3. The third provides detailed information about Ad channels creation.
  4. The fourth provides updated, new Adsense FAQ information
  5. The fifth is for Adsense application page URL for Indians and their blogs and websites
  6. The below results are from Google associated pages informing about adsense.
All these search results for query “Google Adsense”. Here you will understand how to determine the user search intent behaviour with yours query word entered in search box. Examine all these results; these all result links are fairly relevant to entered word “Google Adsense”. This search results is standard example to determine the online visitor search intent and their behaviour.
The texts of result links are have no any standard keyword density. Proper keyword proximity does also not exist. Even first paragraph is not beginned with keyword. So understand well about keyword optimization. The keyword optimization is not a solution for all seo optimization and content marketing strategies. 
The major search engine “Google is not focusing on keywords but on user experience“. Visitor engagement and customer education writing are the future of SEO analysts and SEO manager roles, internet marketer manager responsibilities, copy writer’s primary job in coming future. Prepare your search engine optimization strategy for good user experience. Get adapt from now!

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