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Read this Go To Digital Marketing article to know about secondary words in SEO internet marketing benefits, selection process, required criteria to choose for web page and content creation to make huge web traffic.  Continue your reading SEO guide to secondary keywords placement explained.

What are Secondary Keywords?

Secondary Keywords are helpful keywords that given second priority after to primary key phrases. These words specific to niche or industry and are playing a crucial role in supporting the main words and helping much in bringing traffic, revenue, sales, business leads etc. Read the ultimate guide to secondary keywords placement.
How to select secondary keywords?

How to make your Secondary Keywords Placement that makes a Million Buck. There’s big money In Secondary Keywords Placement. Learn How to Turn your Secondary Keywords Placement from Zero to Hero.

The following information helps in answering why web pages needed secondary phrases, required criteria for selection, secondary keywords – SEO benefits, role of these words in online internet marketing etc. Why Most Secondary Keywords Placement Fail?

Your Key To Success: Secondary Keywords Placement

Criteria of secondary Keywords to select.
1.It can be used with or without more combinations
2.Should not much targeted as primary words
3.Should help to Primary KW in online marketing
4.Supports your SEO marketing
5.Should be in the common generic form
6.Should boost organic traffic
7.Helps in building backlinks for content
8.Should help in description of content on your products or services
9.Should be used as semantic synonym for primary keywords
10.Should make the page content most relevant to user search
11.It can be used in the less important areas of the site,
12.It can be optimized in mostly on categories and products or services pages
13.Should help in diversifying the anchor texts and backlinks
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Keywords are remaining crucial in the developing high quality web content by using both primary as well secondary keywords. 
One of the typical SEO professionals job is keyword research process and choosing right phrases to select primary keywords and secondary words from the list generated after the research.

There’s Big Money In Secondary Keywords Placement!

Developing the right SEO strategy and achieving SEO goals are depending on this keyword analysis for selection of unique phrases for website or web pages.
Example 1: “How to repair laptop in home” and “laptop repair” 
These two phrases are sharing two wordsrepair laptop in homeandlaptop repair, but these words appearing in different order within the sentence.
Example 2: “Get laptop repair training online” and “tips for laptop repair”
Here, the second phrase “laptop repair” is contained in both phrases. But this word is more specific version to the other. (i.e. laptop repair training online is specific to laptop repair tips).

Tip 1) – Add internal links using primary phrases and secondary phrases

Tip 2) – Target a secondary keyword that gives similar meaning as the primary keyword in the page content, even if the both words are not the same.

Use secondary keywords for local SEO


Targeting a local search result is very typical job.  Many web owners and webmasters are failed in ranking at local. Addition of local city or area or region or state name after the keyword is not just enough to attain good ranking at local place with local SEO activities. Search engines will not prefer even though you add locality names on all your web pages of site. 

Secondary Keywords Placement is Crucial to Your Business. Learn Why!

It is suggested that use both primary keyword phrases and secondary keywords wisely in the content as well on website too. Addition of the secondary phrases is help in making your content relevant with user search intent. Due to this relevancy, many search engines will bring up your page content as search results (SERP) when people are searching for a product or service. This way these secondary texts will generates a good number of traffic online from local areas and worldwide nations when they search. 

A Guide To Secondary Keywords Placement for any Web page

Best places to add secondary keywords on website content
Here are few top locations to add secondary texts:
  • Bold,
  • Italic,
  • Header tags like H2 or H3 tag,
  • Meta Description,
  • Meta Keywords,
  • ALT-tag,
  • Image title
  • Image file name
  • Domain name
  • Repeat up to 2 times in the content to maintain proper keyword appearance and mapping to avoid Google Panda Algorithm update.

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