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Write Content For Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Your content on your website pages should answer to your audiences, customers’ FAQ questions, and should solve their issues. After Google Hummingbird algorithms, besides to keyword phrase search, concept search also enabled. Visitors can get most relevant answers if you are following question and answer type content paragraphs in your site.
This can helps in retaining online visitors and customer conversions, business sales generation, brand promotion etc… Your content calendar can tell you how to develop a best performing web content strategy user search intent based.
Your SEO search engine optimization strategy is a platform for your online marketing process. Your SEO optimization and marketing plan can help you in many ways on online. Best seo plan always deals with what you require on online to promote your website and online business products or services.

How can you get benefited with SEO strategy
  • Builds quality links from relevant sites,
  • Creates valuable customer relationships.
  • Improves your company brand online identity.
  • Generates online business leads and sales.
  • Produces online revenue on regular basis.
  • Provides a path to reach your customers.
Guidelines to best search engine optimization strategy on SEO don’ts
  • Avoid building large number of backlinks from irrelevant theme website
  • Avoid usage of exact match anchor text. Diversify your link keywords
  • Avoid linking to low quality domains and blogs
  • Remove bad neighborhood profile sites links

Why keywords are important still in 2014?
Keywords have been remains the users’ primary inputs to get answers from search engines. And with the below inputs keywords can perform well for a website to get more visits.
Time and Date:       Ex – “SEO Services 2014”
Quality and/or Price:       Ex – “Best SEO Services”, “Cheaper SEO Services Package”
Intent:           Ex – “Buy Affordable SEO Services”, “Find Budget SEO Services”
Location:      Ex – “SEO Services in London”, “Australian SEO Services”
What are new trends in web content or information architecture?
The beauty of the Internet is that any user with access can become a publisher, but they should follow certain guidelines to write search engine friendly website content.
  • Freshness content for established websites (Rewriting the content)
  • Quality content (Unique Content)
  • Content Needs a Voice (Audio & Video), Personality(Images), or Branding(Well Known)
What are new trends in on-page optimization?
  • Content is king
  • Key phrase not Keywords
  • User friendly design matters
  • Mobile compatibility is important
  • Diversifying link text is ongoing
  • Authorship matters
How to improve search engine visibility of a new websites?
Usually for new website it will take at least three weeks to get search engine visibility. Google bots and crawlers index website based on inbound and outbound links and quality of the content. Social media presence is also one of the good weightage factors for a website to get search engine visibility in early days of a website. To get immediate results there is a way through Google AdWords channel.
How to track the user requirements?
First of all we should know our website industry targeted user’s requirements and then we can convert them into customers. 
Below are the possible ways to read the users mind.
  • Keywords search volume
  • Google trends
  • Google suggestions
  • Targeted Industry top sites in SERP (Competitors)
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