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What is PPC?

PPC is abbreviated as Pay Per Click, It is an online internet advertising model in which advertisers have to pay money for each time whenever user clicks on their ad.

What is Google AdWords for PPC?

Google AdWords is one of the best online advertising platform for Pay Per Click, in short PPC. In this Google AdWords advertising platform, the advertisers (those want to promote their products or services) will create the relevant advertisements (ads or ad copies). The advertiser creates the ads about their business products, services or online links etc. and these ads will displays in Google search engine results page and other Google products. The advertisers have to manage bid amount for their keywords used to create their advertisements and also have to pay money for each click when a visitor click on these search advertisements.

Why you Choose Best PPC Company Services?

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is an instant online promotion method to increase the paid traffic to your website through the clicks on the placed advertisements on any search engines. Now a day’s online advertising is very powerful to promote your website immediately after launching. By using this web advertising you will get immediate results without waiting for a long time.

The PPC advertising campaigns are one of the best website marketing method online. Everyone can use these PPC firms services to improve the return on investment (ROI) through the web advertising. Want to increase the sales or want reach the potential customer base immediately, use the best search engine marketing company services i.e. any PPC company services in order to achieve your online goals planning for website promotion with PPC campaigns.

The Typical Process of Search Engine Marketing (Google AdWords or PPC)

  • AdWords Account Set up
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Grouping
  • Setup AdWords Campaigns
  • Ad Groups in AdWords
  • Developing Multiple AdCopies
  • Landing pages Split Testing
  • Preparing Budget Plan
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Campaign Management
  • Bid Management
  • Overall Account Performance Report

List of SEM Services provided by PPC Companies:

Best search engine marketing (SEM) companies in India are providing the following PPC services in order to achieve advertisers expected return on investment through the search engine marketing solutions:

  1. AdWords Account setup,
  2. Account review and goal setting,
  3. Keyword research and shortlisting,
  4. Keyword grouping,
  5. Ad copy writing,
  6. Account structure or restructure,
  7. Geo-targeting,
  8. Manual bid management in Google AdWords,
  9. Ads on both search and display network,
  10. Conversion tracking setup,
  11. Landing page optimization recommendations,
  12. Monthly calls and reporting,
  13. Manual phone tracking in Google AdWords,
  14. Competitor analysis,
  15. Remarketing,
  16. PPC strategy development,
  17. Conversion rate measurement,
  18. Tips to get better leads and sales,
  19. Ad campaign setup,
  20. Advertising ROI improvement
  21. Ad extensions,
  22. Campaign optimization,
  23. Profitability analysis,
  24. Monitoring managing the campaign,
  25. Tracking the performance of ads,
  26. Monitoring campaign budgets
  27. Keyword conversion rates,
  28. Split-test of landingpage
  29. Split-test of ad copy
  30. Landing page optimisation
PPC management Firm Services Rates

  • The PPC management packages are varies from one business websites to other depending on the niche / industry.
  • The packages for smaller local business firms are somewhat low.
  • The search engine marketing packages for the corporate business companies are relatively affordable.
  • The sem services packages for e-commerce industry sites are higher than other industries or business.

Advantages of (Google AdWords) PPC services:

  • You will get immediate results while using PPC advertising services and can easily increase traffic to your website.
  • You will have flexibility – At any time you can enable or pause your campaign.
  • You will target the customers locally or globally.
  • You can promote the products or servicess across the web.
  • You can start advertising campaign with smaller amount of money.
  • You will easily manage your budget and bidding of keywords to improve your ROI.
  • You can reach a lot of potential customers with this PPC advertising.
  • You can also added negative keywords freely in order to avoid irrelevant clicks to your ad.

Disadvantages of PPC Services:

  • PPC advertising is very expensive for medium and small business firms.
  • There is no guarantee for customer conversion from each click on your ad.
  • The major disadvantage is keyword bidding i.e. you need to bid high amount for the keywords with higher competition in order to improve your ad position.

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