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PPC Ad Position in Google AdWords Advertising


PPC Ad Position in Google AdWords Advertising

PPC is the paid online advertising strategy adapted by small, medium and corporate companies to promote their business products or services locally and globally. They are using the search engines to promote their business products or services (including SaaS) by getting a clickable position in the search engine result pages.

What is PPC?

PPC is acronym for Pay Per Click. The PPC is a strategy widely using by Paid advertising companies.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Vs Pay Per Click

Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing your website for the purpose of getting free traffic from the search engines whereas PPC is a process of getting more visibility from search engines by getting paid traffic as well as free traffic.

SEO is a free process for online website promotion that works successfully on long term basis where as PPC is a paid advertising platform for promotion of business products or services on an intermediate basis or short term oriented too. Example of PPC is Google AdWords.  Read here difference between SEO and PPC.

PPC Advertising is Online Advertisement

PPC advertising method is a form of web advertising which provides the website owners or business advertisers to set up the budget for their online advertisement. The cost of investment in PPC advertising method relies on visitor clicks. Visitor may click on the advertisement whenever a similar ad displays after his search query entry.

Under this PPC advertising platform business advertisers or website owners need to pay per visitor click to the platform providers. In simple words whenever a visitor clicks on displayed ads website owners or business advertisers will be charged.

Ad position plays a key role in getting returns for the investment made. Visitor clicks on displayed or positioned ads which appear at the top in the SERP page.
Determine your Ad Position
Ad position is a place where your ad is displayed to search visitors in the SERP page. It is a dynamic factor that influences your PPC budget. Ad position is calculated every time whenever your ad triggers for user search query that depends on your ad competition of in the auction.ad position is determined with the help of Ad rank formula.
What is Ad Rank formula?
Ad Rank = Quality Score * Max CPC Bid
Quality Score 
  • Quality Score of your keywords is a measurement of relevance between your ads and landing page.
  • It can be improved by ad extensions and other ads formats.
  • Relevant keywords and ads helps you in achieving the top ad position though you pay less than your competitors in auction bidding.
  • Quality score can be improved by checking the ad placement, rechecking the ad copy message, adding negative keywords, improving landing page relevancy, using transactional keywords and doing landing page optimization.

Read more about – A Guide to Quality Score and How Its Impact your PPC Campaign Budget.

Ad Position Places in SERP page

In SERP page,Till February less than 10 ads appeared in SERP page at two places including top and bottom of search results.

From after February’s latest AdWords Shakeup Update

  • 4 ads will appear at the top of search results (SERP).
  • 2 to 3 ads will appear at the bottom of the search results page (SERP).

At maximum 7 ads will be displayed in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Learn Step by Step – How to Start advertising with PPC campaign like a PRO.

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