Pendem Raju Digital Marketing Consultant in Hyderabad

Pendem Raju Digital Marketing Speaker in Hyderabad


Pendem Raju as IDoneSEO Event’s Digital Marketing Speaker in Hyderabad

iDone SEO organizing, SEO, AdWords and Analytics Workshop

iDone SEO, with 91 Springboard as a co-working partner and Legit Lines as a media partner came with its next edition of Digital Marketing workshops with a focus on SEO, AdWords, and Analytics. It was on the 11th of March, 2018.

Pendem Raju Digital Marketing Consultant in Hyderabad

iDone SEO has been conducting various events and workshops in the Digital Marketing niche for over 5 years now. The main aim of iDoneSEO is to bring in more and more talented digital marketing experts and Digital Marketing amateurs together.

In this edition, the workshop will be focusing on everything about SEO, AdWords and Google Analytics. The Event proceedings are expected to follow as given below.

iDone SEO program schedule

10 am to 10:30 am: Registrations and an inaugural speech by Chakrapani Anumala to set a pace for the day.

10:30 am to 11:15 am: Raju Pendem, the Digital Marketing Manager of DevRabbit ITSolutions will talk about “How Google Algorithms Rule the Web Now and In The Future”

11:15 am to 12:00 noon: Veerender, the delivery head at OMD Mudra Max, will be talking about “Power of Analytics to Shoot-up ROI with your AdWords Accounts.

12:00 Noon to 12:45 pm: Mohan Reddy, the Digital Marketing Head at Yupp Tv will talk about Data-driven optimization for better results.

Soon after the final session, there will be closing announcements, thanking note and networking with Snacks.

Get Registrations, Sponsorships, and Legit Lines coupon code

Right now the event is open to any kinds of sponsorships and partnerships as the target audiences are of pure Digital Marketing niche. iDoneSEO is a peer to peer Digital Marketing community, working towards bringing in the best of Digital Marketing practices, professionals, students and experts under a single roof. Founded and headed by Chakrapani Anumala, iDoneSEO gets this done through a
wide range of events, workshops, and tutorials.

iDone SEO Events: AdWords, Analytics, and Search Engine Optimization

Chakrapani Anumula – founder of iDone SEO partnered up with Legitlines in order to organize the best SEO event on 11 March 2018, at 91 Springboard, Hyderabad to provide a platform for Digital Marketing niche audience where they can experience a comprehensive and in-depth seminar on Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords, and various other analytic tools.

Digital Marketing Experts and industry best practitioners like Raju Pendem, Veerender, and Mohan Reddy were invited to speak at the event. The experts of this seminar gave insights into the inner workings of IT giant marketing strategies and made the event more successful than one could expect.

Pendem Raju, Digital Marketing Consultant in Hyderabad

Pendem Raju is with his 9 years of hands-on experience in Digital marketing. He worked with Digital Marketing Agencies and Startup, Medium business, Corporate companies. He is a blogger of Latest Technology Updates, Digital Marketing Education, and Money Management Blog etc.

CERTIFICATIONS – Pendem Raju Earned
• Professional Internet Marketer Certification from SEO in Practice (License PIM-01579).
• Google Analytics individual qualified professional Certificate in Google Analytics Academy.
• Google Advertising Fundamentals from Google (License 5893796545953792).
• Google Display Advertising from Google (License 6657278103519232).
• Google AdWords Professional Certified from Google.
• Certified from the Google in Tag Manager Fundamentals Certification.
• Scored 90% and gained “SEO Expert-level” qualification in SearchEngineLand.
• Pursuing a Certificate in DoubleClick Rich Media Fundamentals from Google Digital Marketing Academy.


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How Google Algorithms Rule the Web Now and In The Future

Raju Pendem, inspiring and empathetic public speaker started the first speech of the day, as scheduled, on Google algorithms and the effect of the recent updates on the Digital Marketing world. He has provided several insightful tips and actionable advice on the most effective marketing strategies for both entrepreneurial and corporal projects. He has shared his up to date Digital Marketing knowledge
on the latest techniques and tools rather than the usual ‘what is SEO and how it works.’

Raju Pendem, Digital Marketing Manager and Speaker in Hyderabad

View here the LinkedIn profile of Pendem Raju. The speaker, Raju Pendem well-known person for delivering the expert talk on Search Engine Optimization covered all related topics of SEO which is helpful for all levels of expertise: Novice, Fresher, and marketing professionals. He aimed at providing useful information and best advice to seminar attendees that adds some value and also shared his personal experience on “How SEO work for me?”.

pendem raju digital marketing event speaker in hyderabad
Raju Pendem also cleared following queries of attendees along with Do’s and Don’ts of search engine optimization:

• How to rank higher in the search engines?
• What tools to use to perform a keyword analysis?
• Where to work your best keyword phrases into your Website?
• How to get incoming links to help increase your search engine visibility?
• How to rank higher in local search?
• Why are your competitors ranking higher than you?
• What can you do to increase your search engine visibility?
• How to improve your organic search engine ranking?
• How to drive more qualified leads to your Web site?

Download the Google Algorithms Updates PPT – Learn and become Algo Expert

Power of Analytics to Shoot-up ROI with your AdWords Accounts

The second seminar session started with a simple question on how to use the analytics effectively?

Veerender, Delivery Head of Digital, OMD Mudra Max from his professional experience explained the effective methods to use the analytics which one could use to maximize the productivity and ROI by using various online tools such as AdWords, Keywordspy, SEMrush and Facebook/Google/Amazon Analytics etc.

Veerender often provided ample of examples from his 9 years of professional Digital Marketing experience to share his clear thoughts on the subject to turn it into an easy-to-understand lecture.

Data-Driven Optimization for Better Results

Mohan Reddy, Digital Marketing Manager at YuppTv had an in-depth speech about analytics and how to write better content. The speaker (Mohan Reddy) is well experienced in the streams of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Media Buying, Social Media Marketing, and Online Advertising.

The interactive nature of event speakers made the seminar engaging and dynamic. At the end of the event mementos and gifts were awarded to the speakers to appreciate the knowledge they shared with the audience.

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