Pendem Raju Certificate for SearchEngineLand’s SEO Quiz Challenge Q & A

Pendem Raju’s Search Engine Land Certificate for SEO Smarts Quiz Questions and Answers Challenge – Test Your SEO Knowledge

Pendem Raju is digital marketing analyst in Hyderabad, India. Recently in this January, when he was on online, he saw the challenge on Test Your Knowledge Of SEO – Think you’re an SEO guru? Take Stonetemple’s Eric Enge’s SEO quiz by searchengineland’s Eric Enge on January 5, 2016 on website and attended the smarts seo quiz.

About Marketing Blogger Pendem Raju:

Pendem Raju is with more than 5 years of digital marketing job in Hyderabad and working experience on promoting the multiple domain based websites across the all major search engines. Raju work for promoting internationally as well nationally, colallythe corporate business and small business companies websites to reach multi nations target customers. Since December 2010, Raju has been working as real-time digital marketing analyst in Hyderabad in all aspects of digital media marketing for all kinds of industry websites.

Pendem Raju is a Certified Digital Marketing Analyst in Hyderabad. See here his Digital Matketing Certifications. 

Pendem Raju’s Digital Marketing Certificates:

Pendem Raju’s Digital Marketing Certifications:

1. Google Analytics individual qualified.
2. Google Advertising Fundamentals from Google (License 5893796545953792) in March 2015 and valid up to March 2016
3. Google Display Advertising from Google (License 5502093381074944) in March 2015 and valid up to March 2016
4. Professional Internet Marketer from SEO in Practice (License PIM-01579) in September, 2011
5. Google Adwords Professional Certified from Google in March 2015 and valid up to March 2016
6. Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Certificate in Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Course
7. 90% Scored and gained Expert level qualification in SearchEngineLand’s SEO Quiz Question and Answers on January, 2016. Here the certification from Searchengineland Smart SEO Quize results of‘ challenge on Test Your Knowledge Of SEO.

Pendem Raju, Digital Marketing Expert in Hyderabad is Scored 90% in SEO Quiz Challege and acquired SearchEngineLand "Expert" Certificate
Pendem Raju, Digital Marketing Expert in Hyderabad is Scored 90% in SEO Quiz Challenge and acquired SearchEngineLand “Expert” Certificate

Test Your SEO Smarts!

SEO Quiz Challenge Result:

Digital Marketing in Hyderabad India

Expert# (90%) Scored- Pendem Raju

Blogger of Digital Marketing Guide

Impressive! You really know your SEO! 

Digital Marketing expert in Hyderabad Pendem Raju with SearchEngineLand Certificate for SEO Quiz Challege
Pendem Raju – Digital Marketing Expert
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