Online Writer Job Skills – Technical Writing Career Overview

SEO Technical Writer Job Skills
SEO Technical Writer are web writers are usually professional writers producing end user engaging content or documents to solve technical problems, trouble in usage of products or softwares of online internet marketing and marketing in digital media. Usually they’re highly internet-technology savvy individuals, can create unique copies, blog articles and other content forms of well crafted web materials.

Online Writing Career Overview
Continuing education, online reading to learn new technology, finding out industry updates, joining in advanced programs etc can make improvement of your writing skills to move up with vertical professional growth in the online writing profession with getting high paid job salaries packages.
Career Options of writers is with rocket speed in vertical. Many job provider organizations, government agencies or corporate employers, university colleges etc are clearly mentioned the best career growth opportunities for graduate, under-graduate students, master degree holders, working professional in SEO documents writing, business article writers etc.
Here is a list of technical writer skills required to get paid with higher salaries in any industry they are working.
  1. Technical content composition
  2. Online documentation
  3. Business English grammar and communication
  4. Basic web design and graphic design
  5. Document design
  6. Writing business proposals
  7. Copy editing
  8. Various countries technical writing standards & policies and procedures
  9. Well versed business documents writing
  10. Project management
  11. Visual technical communication
  12. Desktop publishing DTP
  13. Online research
  14. Analysis of client requirements
  15. Proofreading

SEO Content Writing Job Duties in Online Marketing
SEO technical writer is playing a top role in creating SEO education, online marketing courseware, online internet marketing course materials, marketing lab guide, tools software installation documents, troubleshooting guide, how to do SEO for your website etc…
SEO online writer is also responsible to web page content writing, blog articles, pressreleases, ad copies with proposed keywords to make websites pages more visible on online in order to promote the client business products and services at various web sources and to get long term top natural search result pages rankings, generating high revenue, business leads, sales, customer deals, to drive good amount of organic search traffic, referral visitors from the internet especially with SEO optimized content.
Technical writing in SEO is needs the search engine optimization subject knowledge like user keyword research, determining efficient performing primary keywords, secondary keywords, developing adwords ads, compelling unique meta titles and visitor clickable meta descriptions, higher adsense earning revenue with creative link bait postings preparation etc…
Online Writer Job Description
  1. Finding new content ideas and developing Content calendar
  2. Creating web content for the target customers and visitors
  3. Following organization policies for digital business content
  4. Copy editing to make accuracy 100% efficient article
  5. Online research, writing and editing creating unique content
  6. Writing documents based on details given by business client or SME (subject matter experts)
  7. Preparing user value oriented content for social media sites
  8. Developing web content for good readability and easy usage
  9. Writing business promotional articles for pressreleases
  10. Effective proofreading of prepared copy before to online distribution
  11. Well versed subject theme writing, excellent editing and effective proofreading skills (especially US and UK English)
  12. Should craft visitor engaging, business making online content
  13. Multi industry technology knowledge
  14. Multitask and management of multiple projects to meet project deadlines
  15. Good in graphic designing, tools usability
  16. Excellent ion skills and the ability to communicate and interact with corporate client and business owners

Online Writing Tips:
These tips and optimization techniques are gives you a brief idea on how to seo for best return on investment without specifying any onpage optimization checklist and adsense optimization tips etc. These best content writing ideas can helps you in preparing link bait and high performing web postings to answer and to fix users and clients’ search optimization marketing issues.
  1. Best ways to (e.g. Best ways to secure your wordpress websites)
  2. Finding out the best one (e.g. Best location for family vacation)
  3. Top 5 or 10 or 100 (e.g., Top 10 charities to donate your BMW car)
  4. Price bracketed service article (e.g., Best online attorney lawyer service at $ 1000 )
  5. Price bracketed product document (e.g., Smartphone with gold coating at $5000)
  6. How to guide (e.g., How to manage your stress with organic nutrition)
  7. History of (e.g. The History of an Organization in about us or about me web page)
  8. User FAQs or product terminology

Tips to How to Write Content for Users and Web Search Engines
Before preparing user oriented postings for onpage and offpage articles in order to promote your website, keep following tips and ideas in your mind while crafting unique copies.
  1. Write for human readers then search engines
  2. Focus on efficiently performing keywords
  3. Elevate your keyword density with LSI synonyms
  4. Craft link bait postings to build quality links
  5. Treat your keywords to generate regular leads, sales
  6. Cut unnecessary words to make simple understanding                                               

Criteria of Created Content
  1. Able to answer clients and visitors’ questions
  2. Should be user engaging and readable also understandable
  3. Should be educational and knowledge sharable
  4. Ready to use practically to solve the raised issues

Writing for Website and Blog– From where to Start to Where to Finish
Writing technical postings should begin with
  1. Selecting a user solution based theme
  2. Determining relevant keyword analysis
  3. Crafting user FAQ oriented articles
  4. Editing and Proofreading the documents
  5. Distributing at online sources
  6. Tracking and reporting the content performance

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