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Google is an answering machine after its content algorithms update (Hummingbird, Panda, Venice, Austin, and Pegion. Test yourself now!

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See here the Google answering itself instead of navigating to other indexed sites at first position in the search engine results page for entered query – “What is last music album of Michel Jackson”? Get here the answer for late Pop singer Michel Jackson last music album.


Organic search engine optimization (natural seo) isn’t about web techniques and retrieving possible search results. Ethical SEO is all about designing and addition of online content on websites or blogs regular basis in order to provide a great user experience and visitor engagement without any search engine penalty for spam practices.

Search is dynamic one, simply “search” is changing. Popular search engine’s content algorithms such as Hummingbird, Panda and Pegion etc. are focusing now more personal, user search relevant, engaging content as well search results in their search engine results pages for entered search query. Search results algorithms update are continuously promoting the organic search engine optimization websites and blogs for their ethical seo practices and techniques of natural search engine optimization.

Hummingbird content format

Hummingbird content algorithm is explains the online writers to craft user interest based content in order to get proper website optimization and visitor engagement with various content formats.The Hummingbird algorithm friendly content format is listed below.

  1. Personalised content
  2. Interactive content
  3. Conversational content
  4. Question & Answers content

Personalize Content Writing

Example for personalized content:

  • Service advantages suggestion
  • Product level recommendations
  • Individual Recommendations

Example for personalized content: Event information display, sales discount offers,  – To alert the people, To help the people searching for own issues, To advice the people – email marketing, content marketing, blog marketing, social media marketing, podcast marketing, event marketing, video marketing, ecommerce websites, business websites, tips and techniques ideas blogging sites,  etc.

Why to have personalize content strategy – To promote the business, products and services at faster rate, to generate immediate revenue, to reach the target customer base, to get brand image quickly, to increase online conversions

Advantages of personalize content strategy

  • Availability of target customers, 
  • exact match messaging, 
  • availability of call to action terms, 
  • real time workout techniques and tips, 
  • problem solving ideas, 
  • high level of readers or audiences engagement, 
  • track of user browsing activity, 
  • availability of data on customer purchase behavior over the web, mobile and social, local etc.

Content personalization techniques ideas – Tips for personalised content writing

  1. Use location specific keywords
  2. Use interest based keywords
  3. Use behavior based keywords
  4. Use technical quality based keywords
  5. Use exact match call to action keywords

Science and Art behind personalised content writing techniques and ideas

  • Understanding the user search intention
  • Grabbing the user attention with right call to action terms
  • Developing content more relevant to the visitors and audiences, customers
  • Engage the target customers in their language, situation with simple to expert ideas

Interactive Content Writing

This is best suitable content development strategy for many smaller B2B businesses to corporate B2B businesses firms. User or customer can choose what he needs and how to proceed to purchase. Customers and online visitors are prefer the companies or website those listen their facing problems and rising issues.

Customers and online visitors, audiences need helping hand or help guide online. So create a dynamic two-way interaction relationships (communication in terms of listen-advice) between you and your customers. practical content is playing a key role in interactive content development strategy.

Science and Art behind interactive content writing techniques and ideas

  • Customers availability over the social media and mobile phones
  • Encourages the user opinions, comments, social sharing
  • Able to produce for mobile, social, local as well web
  • More customer or audience magnetic
  • Creates a good user experience quickly
  • Answers to your customer’s questions

Advantages of Interactive Content Writing

  • To avoid the disposable content development
  • To not to produce irrelevant online content
  • To educate
  • To aware
  • To entertain
  • To provide user solution
  • To engage the target customers
  • To get more and more user reviews and ratings

Example for Interactive Content writing: forum pages, videos, pictures, blog posts, quizzes, surveys, assessments, e-books, infographics, puzzles based content, reports, white papers and webinars etc.

Tips for Interactive content writing tips:

  1. Re-purpose existing old articles with newer keywords and user search information
  2. Add fresh statistics and user facts information
  3. Provide the practical advice for user or visitor issues

Conversational (dialogue-based) Content Writing

Conversational content writing is simply Write like you talk. Google Hummingbird content based algorithm is examining deeply the each word published on web page or blog articles. And Hummingbird algorithm identify the relevancy of this words with user search queries.

When these published words from your posting are matching with user typed query or sentences in the search box. The better matching one will displayed to user depending on all technical elements such as search engine ranking parameters etc. Generally this second or alternate option to seo optimization and business marketing on online.

Conversational writing tips techniques ideas

  1. Reduce the passive voice writing
  2. Use active voice writing
  3. Limited the each paragraph with 2 to 4 lines of content
  4. Add relevant and expert tips techniques ideas to solve the user problems
  5. Write user require content with What is this? Who is … ?, How to … ?, Where to buy …?
  6. Add symantic keywords in the content
  7. Be authentic and expert in discussing or sharing subject
  8. Use second person language (like “you” or “your”)
  9. Stick to your theme and avoid technical jargon

Example for Conversational writing:

Google’s Knowledge Graph and Google voice are part of the conversational writing. In addition to them, FAQS pages, blog comments, discussion forums, chats, videos, social media postings, tweets, news, feedback, reviews, about us pages etc. are best example for Conversational writing.

  • To address the user problems and to solve them
  • To communicate the customers more efficiently
  • To educate the target visitors as well new traffic
  • To engage the audiences and readers,
  • To build communication with beginner followers
  • To build authority and brand position online

As a content developer, you should focus on user search behavior based content for builded web pages with a different concepts and unique relevant keywords. For example you can optimize your About Us page content more efficiently with your keywords. Track or determine your target customers and online audiences search needs and intentions more efficiently with best keyword research tools.

Find the more relevant keywords of your business as well offering products or services. Map those collected information with your web goals and develop a SEO optimization and marketing plan after the designing your blog or website’s architecture. Craft user content in terms of user language to address your target user needs with your site development strategy. This will help you in creating modern content experiences that generate user engagement, business leads and sales, online customer conversion with smart content writing techniques, tips and ideas.

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