No internet services – What happens to you when you are without internet

 No Internet – What you are missing in your life.  TRULY NOTHING…! Simply your dependency on internet services only. Read here a list of your daily activities are missing with no internet connection provider services.

  1. Drastic increase in unemployment and loss of many jobs
  2. All IT software companies are shutted down
  3. Can not find answer for few FAQs on online
  4. Nobady purchase second hand car or mobile on internet
  5. No internet search and display online advertising
  6. No musical apps and download features
  7. No VOIP phone calls and messenger services
  8. No Google and Yahoo, Bind, Yardex, Baidu
  9. No online railway tickets for your train
  10. No online booking of flight tickets
  11. No online verification services
  12. No digital documentation
  13. No social media sites
  14. No online friends and relations
  15. No websites and blogs
  16. No online money earning and internet income
  17. No online shopping and ecommerce sales
  18. No jobs search engines and blogging platforms
  19. No improvement in technology online
  20. No online business lead generation
  21. No online customer conversion
  22. No digital marketing
  23. No web design services
  24. No web app development services
  25. No online security services
  26. No antivirus softwares products and security scanner tools, plugins
  27. No programming languages 
  28. No online education universities, colleges
  29. No online exam and skills assessment programs
  30. No internet trading of money marketing instruments
  31. No online meetings, conferences and webinars
  32. No internet banking transactions and online money exchanges
  33. No plagiarism online and content scraping problems
  34. No online movies watch
  35. No online video games

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