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What Affects Your Website Search Engine Ranking?
All search engines are with their own algorithms and policies in order to provide best user experience with quality search results in SERP for visitor queries. To promote the website, you require the two SEO components. Namely they are 1) On-page optimization and 2) Off-page optimization
On-page optimization: This is very very useful in order to make your online content in matching with user oriented keywords and content optimization on site web pages to get organic search ranking.
Off-page optimization: This is very helpful in marketing the website on available online sources with quality inbound links along with referral visits. These quality backlinks are playing a key role in website natural ranking for visitor’s relevant search queries.
How to Improve Your Website On-Page Optimization to Get top SEO results?
After Google Hummingbird content algorithm update in 2013, the web content writing is become more and more creative and unique from online plagiarism. Hummingbird algorithm update is facilitated a new way to concept search and concept ranking in the SERP results with answers to entered questions in search box of search engines.
Keyword research, primary key phrases, secondary keyword selection, content optimization in best suitable places, making the content with more relevance to visitor search terms, internal links architecture, information architecture, maintainancing user friendly site design, sitemap generation and submission etc. are helps the website onsite optimization to achieve long term SEO results in terms of site ranking, online revenue generation, business promotion, leads sales generation etc…
Here is a checklist of website’s on-page optimization. This onsite checklist for your landing pages will help you in optimizing your keyword phrases and content in making relevance to visitor search intent for landing pages of your website.
Checklist for on-page optimizing a web landing page
  • Website age – New or older
  • Home Page – design, content relevancy,
  • Keywords into Page URLs
  • Web page file size – in Kb or Mb
  • Frequency of content updates – Daily or regular
  • Content nature – Dynamic or static
  • Image names and alt tags
  • Content readability
  • Keywords and their synonyms
  • Page title with primary and secondary keywords
  • Description
  • Headlines
  • Sub-headlines
  • Keyword in the beginning word in the 1st paragraph
  • Keyword in anchor text
  • Keyword at Footer area
  • Click through Rate (CTR)
  • Time spent on page
  • Pages per visit
  • Exit pages
  • Bouncerate
  • Visitor demographics
  • Visitor online behaviour
How to Improve Your Website Off-Page Optimization Reputation on online?
Off page optimization is supports your on-page optimization strategy in multiple ways. Mainly you will use this off-site optimization in order to create backlinks to your site and referral traffic generation. But this off-page link building process can generate online revenue and business leads sales generation from various online sources such as article sites, pressrelease sites, directories, local classified sites, social media sites and niche blogs etc…
There are many factors are making your inbound links more quality and creating online trust at search engines. Almost all search engines are considering at the available number of links, quality of created links, and relevance of the incoming link from a submitted website. Acquire relevant links from industry top sites, local business partners, business directories, client sites etc…
Factors making your links to quality backlinks
  • Links from higher Pagerank sites
  • Relevance of inbound domain
  • Keyword phrases in the copy
  • Keywords in link text
  • Links from an authority sites
  • Links from industry sites
  • Links from older aged websites
Here is a checklist of website’s off-page optimization. This offsite checklist for your landing pages will help you in optimizing your keyword phrases and marketing copies in making relevance to visitor search intent for landing pages of your website.
Off-Page link building checklist
  • Targeted traffic
  • User search intent
  • Relevancy of keyword
  • Server IP Address
  • Server Reliability and Uptime
  • Referral sources
  • Referral traffic
  • Unique Content
  • Articles
  • Press Release
  • Online forums 
  • Blogs
  • Directories
  • Bookmarking etc…
Local and Global Search engine optimization
Add business reviews, product ratings, offers, happy customer testimonials on the landing pages of the websites, publishing articles and other possible sources to strengthen your online visibility and business branding. You can add these user opinions in the both onpage and offpage optimization places in order to promote your online presence to turn into business generators on regular basis.
Learn seo techniques with website seo guide tips and search optimization ideas, content writing tips, content marketing, website marketing methods etc. to get knowledge in local search engine optimization and universal search engine optimization to acquire website rank and fruitful SEO ROI results with seo marketing efforts for your websites instead of hiring SEO analysts, SEO marketing managers, link builder with high salaried packages.

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