Landing Page Audit – Visitor Page Analysis and SEO Optimization Tips

Landing Page Analysis in Google Analytics

eCommerce websites and online business, services sites are often requires to meet their website goals and targeted ROI through visitors and customer conversion. Web page goals like Registrations, Signing up, Contact form filling and Download, Buying, Enquire etc…

Landing page is the first web page of your website by visitor from search engine sources or referral sources etc. Tracking and monitoring the visitor buying behaviour is the best customer metric to analyze the user search intent on online and can influence the business website success depending on online Internet marketing campaigns and digital marketing campaigns.

Conversion rate of landing page is depends on the optimization of landing page elements like on-page seo factors and technical seo parameters in order to increase the web page visitors and maximizing the conversion of visitors into customers. To achieve online profits and revenue for long term, the landing page analysis and conversion optimization are necessary.

SEO Analysts or SEO managers are required to be acquaint in landing web page analysis to improve the website pages performance with optimized content, call to action terms and with search engine optimization techniques. Because the landing web page is influence the your website conversion rate and earning of online revenue, website visibility, web trust, branding etc.

Benefits of Visitor Landing Page Optimization

By the landing page analysis, you can find many advantages in the website seo optimization for online marketing and promotion of business products and services. Here are benefits of landing web page analysis and optimization.

  1. To maximize the site visitors
  2. To improve the customer conversions
  3. To achieve SEO ROI
  4. To get the online revenue
  5. To receive business leads and sales enquiries
  6. To Improve the web page experience
  7. To provide the visitor engagement
  8. To achieve better search engine visibility
  9. To receive short term and long term web goals
How to Analyze the Visitor Page for Better Conversion Optimization

To analyze your landing business website page for better customer visibility and online conversions, it required to understand a lot of factors affecting your web conversion process and best search engine optimization techniques to overcome existing SEO conversion rate optimization. Here are best factors playing key role in developing effective landing pages to achieve good revenue and to drive improved number of web traffic on regular basis.

Think like Your Customer…

  1. Website design and functionality
  2. Information architecture
  3. User experience
  4. Website goals
  5. Online competition
  6. Process of conversion flow
Best Free and Paid Tools Used to Analyze the Landing Web Pages
  • Google In-Page Analytics –
  • Click Tale –
  • Crazy Egg –
  • SessionCam –
  • ClickTest –
  • UserTesting –
  • Concept Feedback –
  • Balsamiq –
  • Notable –
  • Unbounce –
  • Clickthroo –
Best Process of Landing Website Page Optimization to Get SEO ROI
  • Evaluate your business
  • Evaluate what your offering message
  • Research customers purchase behaviour
  • Do relevant keyword analysis 
  • Develop effective and educative web content
  • Structure the user landing page
  • Interact the visitor with good user experience(s)
  • A/B split testing and ongoing conversion optimization
  • Analyzing end results with analytics tools
Method of Visitor Landing page Analysis

Where Does Landing Page Analysis Begin – Start with visitors data analysis in Google Analytics

For old sites and well established sites, it is required to analysis of available data in Google Analytics tool available in a free and paid versions. Your old website will have a lot of information to analyze the web users and site performance data in Google Analytics tool for created Internet marketing campaign.

This user data is enough to analyze the customer requirements and quality of landing web page in order to improve website conversions and revenues. If you are receiving a larger number of web traffic from search engine sources, Find out how many are contacting or filling the given form to enquiring. if you are receiving low or nil, then the receiving web traffic is not valuable online customers. Mostly they are just audiences or readers…

It means the web page is not engaging the visitors with relevant content and not sending them in right direction in your conversion process. This will generate high bounce rate. There are many landing factors impacting your user engagement and bounce rate also loosing of potential customers…

  • Website design
  • Relevance content
  • Web page SEO headlines
  • Level of conversion cycle
  • Click depth of landing page
  • Call To Action terms buttons
  • Targeted customers availability online
Web page user experience is highly depends on online searcher requirement, user search intent, devices using for search and offering relevant content and other few more factors like site loading speed etc. Effective landing page analysis and optimization seo services are can improve your user page experience with increased search engine traffic and better conversion rate with lower bounce rate, relevant landing page creation with easy accessible by both search engines and web users.

Lead Generation Landing Page Analysis in Google Analytics

You can find “Landing Pages” metric in “Behavior” menu. 

Navigation flow to Landing pages in Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics > Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages
Before analyzing the user pages, check the “Goals” completion to understand the path of present performance of created Goal in Google Analytics.

      Goals completion
——————————   =   Conversion rate
      Total visitors

To understand the revenue generating from created goals, Check the “Goal Value”.

Each effective landing web pages goals metrics are measured in Google Analytics to improve the user experience and landing page optimization with relevant and

educative content, on-pafe optimization and technical seo elements optimization.

The Goal metrics to measure are 1) Goal Conversion rates, 2) Goal Completion and 3) Goal Value…

Landing Page Metrics in Google Analytics


  • Sessions
  • % of New Sessions
  • New users
  • Bounce Rate
  • Pages / Sessions
  • Average Session Duration
Other Metrics:
  • Average Time on Page
  • Average Page Load time
  • Exit Pages
  • % of Exit

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