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From this article, you can learn:
  • Role of keywords on online
  • Types of Keywords and picking process
  • Required criteria for picking
  • Research guidelines and Do’s & Don’ts
  • Keyword filtration process
  • Formula to calculate commercial value of a keyword.

Keyword filtration process is very important in choosing and finalizing relevant unique keyword phrases to attain natural organic website ranking.

What are keywords?
These are the search queries or texts entered in search box of search engines to find the desired information from various kinds of web sources.
These words are simply what we can type to searching over the web for business products, services, and online answers through the search engine’ search box.
Role of keywords on online
Keywords are playing huge role in achieving SEO ROI return on investment.
These are the capital investment over the internet for your company’s online marketing campaign. The right combination of keywords optimized in your website will improve your organic search engine ranking, drive huge number of unique customers to yours website. Find out here how to pick best performing keywords for your niche website. Choosing the Right Keywords is results in successful SEO and link building campaign.
Keyword picking – Add value to your selection
Method – 1
  • Keyword selection is a crucial part of the business or individual websites during their online marketing.
  • Relevant key phrases are will improve your website visibility, organic search rankings, business leads, sales generation, web traffic etc. These are plays a key role in on-page optimization and as well in off-page optimization in terms of website promotion over the internet. 
  • You can use available free keyword research tools and generator softwares to determine right and efficient key phrases relevant to your business products and services etc…

Keywords types:

  • Primary phrases (in other terms, these are more specific and most relevant to your theme. Eg: Donate your car to charity).
  • Secondary phrases (in other terms, these are category ones and relevant for your theme. Eg: Car donation).
  • Helper texts etc.. (in other terms, these are more broad phrases of your theme. Eg: Donation).

Know here the role of primary phrases and secondary phrases during the keywords analysis and picking the right ones resulting in online success. Find the best suitable places to optimize these key phrases to improve your on-page SEO ranking at various search engines.

Method – 2
  • Another simple way for proper selection of keywords is competitor websites analysis. Most of the website owners are prefers the keyword research with various online tools in order to find our best relevant phrases suitable to website theme or products or services etc…
  • But this is a cost effective and time consuming process. The very very simple way is to pick best performing user search intent based phrases is collection from competitor sites.

Criteria for keywords picking

  • Industry
  • Products or services
  • Brand name
  • Customers demographic
  • Competition
  • Search volume

How many keywords can you optimize for a webpage? Is there any limit?

Truly there is no any official statement from search engines in choosing and optimizing the keywords. But most of the industry experts are practicing 3 to 5 keywords depending on content length, availability of key phrases, etc… You can choose 3 keywords per a web page depending on your business size, availability of customers, targeted customers demographic etc. There is no any kind of limit or restrictions in picking the right words. Consider to include mis-spellings, etc…
Selecting the best performing keywords for a website is not an easy one. A lot of research is needed to do key phrases analysis. Right keyword selection is managing equilibrium between the search volume number for a chosen key phrase and the web competition for that keyword.
What are primary keywords?
What are secondary keywords?
How do you determine best phrases?
Best Keywords for your Business
Role of on-page optimization
Content writing tips
Keyword research guidelines:
Nowadays many SEO analysts and SEO managers are preparing online marketing plan to design an efficient website marketing strategy to get top position with the focused words in SERP results of search engines.
Here are some guidelines to attain long term position of organic search rankings and to beat online competition.
  1. Key phrases analysis is not a single step and one time activity. It needs to refine regularly and update your keyword selection list to pick good one to drive expected traffic, business leads and sales etc.
  2. Test with keywords to find out what keyphrases are drive good number of web traffic to your site and improves the customer conversions in order to generate online leads and sales enquiries.
  3. Diversify your main key phrases LSI synonym words to make more relevant.
  4. Give time to your focused texts to show online results and SEO ROI
  5. Put the chosen keywords into your off-page link-building strategy.
  6. Prefer relevant long tail keywords and use in your web page content.


  1. Avoid choosing single words (broader ones), such as “food” or “design” or “car” or “services”.
  2. Avoid higher competitive keywords, such as “online conference”.
  3. Avoid writing page content for search engine rankings instead of user search intent.
  4. Avoid search volume lacking key phrases from your list and from on website.
  5. Avoid usage of irrelevant keywords on web pages.

Keyword filtration process

There are 2 kinds of Keyword filtration process during keyword research
They are
1) Open-type filtration
2) In depth-type filtration
Open-type filtration: 
  • This is an open type filtration of keyword based on selection.
  • This type of filtration is very simple to collect required keywords. With our eyes and observation we can do the keyword filtration.

We can select keywords based on following factors

  • Match type
  • Location
  • Language wise

In depth-type filtration: 

  • This is an in-depth filtration of keywords after keyphrases research.
  • This type of filtration is complex based to collect required keywords. SEO persons or experts can do this type of keyword filtration. 
  • During in-depth filtration of researched keywords to choose or finalize the best keyphrases based on keyword features for natural organic website ranking.

Best keyword phrases research and analysis

In-Depth type filtration to select keywords based on following factors
  • Supporting keyword
  • Phrase length
  • Search volume
  • Competition
  • CPC value
  • Commercial value ***
  • Keyword Efficiency Index
Formula to calculate the commercial value of a keyword.
  • Commercial value of a keyword is calculated with a formula.
  • Here is formula to calculate or to find Commercial value of a keyword.
  • Keyword Commercial Value = Global search volume*CPC

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