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Website SEO Guide Blog is strictly PROFESSIONAL SEO BLOG ! Thats it…!

Search engine optimization is a process of website promotion with maximizing the designed website to attain predefined online goals like online visits, online branding, online revenue, reach of targeted customers, business exposure, web advertising, business leads, sales generation etc.

Website seo guide is a full fledged search engine optimization company blog of this internet marketing age. This internet marketing blog is blogging regularly on best seo tips, expert tips in keyword research, online content writing tips, technical writing tips, content marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing, social media tips, online money tips, how to seo, best seo companies, best seo services in local areas  also internet marketing trends etc. many more.

About Internet Marketing Blog – Blogger Pendem Raju

Internet Marketing Blog is a member based team works in a employee friendly work culture in Hyderabad. The founder and developer of this intent marketing blog is Pendem Raju, Google certified Internet marketer in hyderabad, India. With 5 years of his skilled knowledge and experience in online marketing, content marketing, website promotion, website monetization, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, adsense optimization, Pendem Raju qualified in all Google certifications.

Pendem Raju’s Certificates in Internet Marketing

Pendem Raju’s Internet Marketing Certifications:

1. Google Analytics individual qualified.
2. Google Advertising Fundamentals from Google (License 5893796545953792) in March 2014 and valid up to March 2016
3. Google Display Advertising from Google (License 5502093381074944) in March 2014 and valid up to March 2015
4. Professional Internet Marketer from SEO in Practice (License PIM-01579) in September, 2011
5. Google Adwords Professional Certified from Google in March 2014 and valid up to March 2015

Pendem Raju - Google Certified SEM services in Hyderabad India
Google Certified SEM Expert in Hyderabad India
Pendem Raju Professional Internet Marketer Certification from SEO in Practice
Pendem Raju Professional Internet Marketer Certification from SEO in Practice

How to SEO in 2015

The term “Search Engine Optimisation” is becoming evergreen search phrase online and populored in many countries irrespective of languages and search engines. The seo analyst job description is increasing the keyword rankings optimized for the website pages, improving the web visibility thru best SEO strategy 2015.

Organic SEO services in 2015 offered by many search engine optimization companies are generally helps you in achieving top search engine ranking with content optimization and expert keyword research, on-page optimization wtc. ways to get your company or business or website url in the top of search results, through proper “crawling” and “indexing” process depending on webdesign, site navigation factors like information architecture, user navigation structure, pagerank, content update.

Internet Marketing Blog is not an internet marketing company but an online seo optimization marketing blog with effective white-hat Search Engine Optimization and expert website marketing strategies, online practices  those deliver measurable predefined results, seo ROI , and online revenue generation, new seo activities, latest Google algorithms update changes, beginner website management knowledge, and the most effective trending or latest seo in web optimization and online marketing practices in real-time customised combination of SEO services these required for business products, services promotion international local seo practices.

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