Internet Marketer Job Description and Project Management Activities


The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analyst main role is to develop and implement the various on-page and off-page optimization activities also other like SEM, SMO, SMM activities to official website and other family sites to optimize for targeted search engines with focused keywords in order to maximize the organic search visibility, natural search traffic, referral web visits, online leads and revenue etc. web goals.
Key Functional Areas of Responsibility – SEO
        I.            Day-to-day management activities
      II.            SEO project management activities

  • Implementing On-Page activities
  • Implementing link building campaigns
  • Website Analysis reports
  • Administering search engine programs
  • Administering the SEO tools
  •  Other required reports

    III.            Store management activities
    IV.            SEM Project Management
      V.            SMO Project Management
    VI.            SMM Project Management
  VII.            Website security management
Day-to-day management activities

  • Testing of homepage links, banners, events links, dates
  • Testing of About homepage container
  •  URLs structure check
  • Testing Search feature
  • Testing of navigational menu bar links
  •  Periodical testing of Spell-check
  • Testing the lead buttons, textual, image links of inner pages
  • Testing the contact forms, lead forms functionality by filling details
  • Identification of errors and coordinating with Graphic team to fixing
  •  Coordinating with dependent teams to implement new updates like new content addition, pages creation

SEO project management activities
1.       Implementing On-Page optimization
Designing, developing and implementing the SEO marketing plan
Keyword research for new sites and existing websites
Keyword analysis and preparation of a report with “Root words” and “Supporting words”
Coordinating in finalizing the primary keywords and secondary keywords
Preparation on-page overview report to optimize the targeted keywords
Implementing SEO on-page elements optimization as per latest algorithm and LSI based (Meta tags, URL structures, Header tags, Internal linking, ALT tags, Content Optimization)
·         Optimizing the landing pages for search engine optimization and marketing
·         Sitemaps creation (XML & HTML) – (for image, video)
·         Website architecture report preparation
·         Designing & implementing the Website redesign strategy without impacting SEO performance
2.       Implementing link building campaigns
·         Article Submission,
·         Press Release submission,
·         Business Directory listings,
·         Niche Directory listings,
·         Classified Ads submission,
·         E-Book Submissions,
·         Image submission,
·         Video submissions,
·         Event sites submission,
·         Profiles websites submission
·         RSS feed generation and submissions in RSS feed directories,
·         Creation and Submission in Google local, Yahoo local, Bing local,
·         Email Marketing,
·         Social Media profile pages optimization etc…
3.       Website Analysis reports
·         SEO Audit  – (On-page elements)
·         Technical SEO Analysis – (Technical elements)
4.       Administering search engine programs for purposes of diagnostic reporting on current projects
·         Google Webmaster central tool (GWT) and Google Analytics (GA) account setup
·         GWT & GA accounts managing & reporting on traffic, leads, keyword performance, online visitor behaviour, crawling and index status, addition of sitemap, updating the sitemap also website health checkup report, conversion analysis, keyword visits reports preparation.
·         Preparation of Google Analytics reports on visitor engagement, landing pages, site speed, visits reports and other.
·         Goal set up and tracking the leads
·         Preparation of Google Webmaster account reports on 404 errors, index issues, sitemaps, robots.txt, and keyword performances and other.
·         Tracking Google Algorithms and determining their impact on website
5.       Administering the SEO tools (AWR tool etc.)
·         Creation of new projects
·         Updating the projects on periodical basis
·         Generating the Keyword ranking reports from Advanced Web Ranking tool
Other required reports preparation
·         Project specifics marketing plan,
·         Competitors’ Analysis,
·         Bounce rate regulation,
·         Page speed management,
·         Website health check – (Broken links) (Spell-check)
·         Backlink analysis,
·         Anchor text analysis,
·         URL restructuring,
·         Website Crawling Verification – (Xenu; Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool)
·         Website index analysis
·         HTML improvement reports – (Page titles, meta description)
·         Navigation Analysis report – (Click depth, categories pages) etc.
·         Internal and external content duplication reports
·         Making status reports and implementation of recommendations
·         Identifying and reporting on SEO KPIs key performance indicators
·         Communication to team and management on project development and achieved SEO results
·         Tracking the Google updates and latest trends in SEO and implementing the new activities
SEM Project Management
·         Comprehensive keyword research and targeted audience analysis
·         Developing adwords campaigns, relevant ads copies with targeted keyword phrases
·         Creating an effective unique landing pages and thank you pages
·         Creating multiple adverts and doing A/B split testing of campaigns across multiple advert groups optimization and bid management
·         Monitoring the AdWords campaign performance & analyze clicks and conversion data, ad expenditures and ROI
·         Research, collect and analyze data, identify visitor purchase trends and insights in order to achieve maximum ROI in SEM campaigns
·         Communication to team and management on SEM project development, timelines, and achieved RO results (for Adwords campaigns)
E-Commerce Store management activities

·         Creation and new pages to add products
·         Exporting the orders on every month in the 1 st week (whenever advised)
·         Evaluating the product pages, traffic, landing page quality, content, design, security,
·         Store site testing whenever suggested for testing the product pages, shipping options, payment options, flow of cart, etc…
·         Updating the product page’s content and site settings (whenever advised)
Website security management
·         Website backup for official site and e-commerce store also other family sites on periodical basis
·         Security audit test on periodical basis
·         Preparing the assessment reports after each security audit test
·         Preparing the reports on implemented activities
·         Researching and preparation of suggested website security reports

Coordinating with secure programming team

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