Interactive Content Writing Tips – Customer Educational Content Writing Ideas


Goals of Interactive content 
  • Educating the visitors and readers
  • Improving the brand awareness
  • Conversion of traffic to leads
  • Promoting for high social visibility
  • Generating the online revenue
  • Bringing the web traffic from online sources
  • Reaching the maximum targeted customers and other readers
Problems in Interactive educational content writing
Below are the few aspects considered as barriers of customer Interactive educational content writing. The barriers are,
1.     Lack of proper resources or staff
2.     Lack of required budget
3.     Lack of up to date technical skills
4.     Lack of creative writing skills
5.     Lack of data of customer needs
6.     Lack of time
7.     Lack of industry or theme knowledge
8.     Lack of patience to spend long hours
Interactive content marketing
1.   Lack of effect of content – Don’t plan to prepare evergreen content with holidays, trendy and out dated information                            
2.     Unavailability of targeted audience – Avoid the ranking for broad phrases for the new websites
3.     Lack of advertisement – Focus on off-page optimization in order to generate referral traffic and leads sales
4.     Lack of update marketing activities and conversion tactics – In addition to regular lead generating activities; do research for new latest marketing and customer conversion tactics.
5.     Lack of User data analysis – User data plays a key role in planning new product launches, measuring content performance ROI, SEO ROI, content creation strategy, conversion activities planning
6.     Lack of update content marketing technologies – Depending up on budget, customers, niche etc… it require to upgrade to latest technologies in marketing the content on online (from articles posting to email marketing, digital marketing etc…)
Difference between Passive writing and Interactive writing
Difference between Passive Writing and Interactive Writing
Impact on User interest
Not generates interest in long term
Generates interest in long term 
Content life span
Works for short time
Works for longer time living content
Content quality lacks the quality
Content quality with high quality
Visitor engagement
Low engagement oriented
Good engagement oriented
Impact on online leads
Less effective in leads generation
High effective in leads generation
Ability to produce income
Generates less revenue
Generates regular revenue
Social life
Less sharable with low readability
Highly sharable with high readability
Reach of customers
Non advertisable
Highly advertisable
Interactive Content Writing Tips – Become User Communication Writer
Compel catchy titles with variation
Use the terms like following when you are curating a posting or article.
  • “top 10 ways”
  • “best way”
  • “10 tips”
  • “How to”
  • “when is”
  • “best strategy”
  • “top list”
These kinds of terms are works in attracting the visitors and readers. Most of these kinds of title are playing in key role in visitor education and solves the customer issues. These type of titles are educates the online traffic and helps in improving the industry knowledge. 
Write short to longer length
  • There is no restriction in words count per post on webpages and blog pages. So take the advantage in developing the user value content that solving his requirements, educative information that awaking his knowledge on product usage or services usage.
  • Prepare a post minimum with 300 words to 2000 words or more for each post. Create your posts with customer oriented.
  • Ensure that you having multiple forms of content such as audio, video, infographics, images, pdf, ebooks etc… in each your articles in order to provide the good user engagement.
  • For frequent postings, short posts will help you in blogging on regular basis. But focus on customer value web content in order to meet his requirements.
Be informative and motivate
Many online people are searching daily to find the fresh and educative, informative online content to improve the knowledge and to solve their problems. They will search various kinds of information in passive voice as well in active voice, interactive voice too…
Almost every industry is changing every day. New technologies, new methods, practices, and tactics are appearing every day irrespective of industry.
But most of the blogs and website pages are with tons of repeated content. This is in every industry. So search engines are introduced the algorithms updates.
Be savvy
  • Search engine algorithms are supporting in eliminating the low value based, duplicated content, and low user engaged sites from search results and index database.
  • So to stay in long term position in search results pages, write educational or informative or motivational or controversial or opinionated or thoughtful content.
  • Track the latest updates of Panda, Venice and Hummingbird etc. content algorithms. Update your writer skills with user needs and industry trend, seasonal, regular practices.
  • Pick out creative writing ideas. Find the new writing styles with creative mind blowing ideas. There are millions and billions of topics to write web and offline content.
  • Improve your writing skills from beginner or entry level writer to advanced or expert writers level or high paid online writer with regular blogging, user data analysis, search query analysis and website index analysis.
  • Your online content is represents your skills, business and grip on industry knowledge. So be an authority with in-depth niche content to improve your online reputation.
Advanced SEO Writing Tips
After certain period in blogging and online writing every blogger and technical content writers are required to advance their writing skills Advanced SEO Writing pattern in Passive Writing and Active Writing modes. 
On online many writer blogs are posting various articles on new approaches of writing to educate the visitors and readers. Customer education writing is require to learn advanced search engine optimization and content development, marketing techniques.
Write consistently
  • Write minimum 3-4 times per a week.
  • Search engines like and gives priority to frequent posting sites.
  • Focus on your targeted keywords and search ranks along with online engagement.
  • The benefit of a frequent posting is generally content crafted with fresh statistics and industry details and in-depth analysis of customer problems.
  • The evergreen content will make your blogs and websites more SEO friendly to get good web visibility.
  • If you are posting articles crafted with dynamic content’ then use your keywords carefully in order to attract the visitors and reader to improve customer conversion      process with SEO on-page optimization and off-page optimization methods.
  • For dynamic information sites, content optimization with primary keywords and secondary helpful keywords are plays a key role in generating online revenue, business leads sales enquiries, customer engagement and website traffic and other benefits from web sources.
  • Whereas if you are planning the static content or evergreen articles in order to post on your site pages, you need focus more on content marketing and website promotion strategies.
Expert SEO Writing Tips

  1. Write for human readers
  2. Use eye catchy and descriptive titles
  3. Use keyword proximity carefully
  4. Write evergreen content for online customers
  5. Link to authority sites and expert people blogs
  6. Write linkable online content to get benefited with search engines
  7. Focus in achieving short term goals as well long term web goals with SEO content writing practices.
  8. Use trends, industry updates, holidays, festivals and other wishing days to reach your targeted customers.
  9. Write content or web copies in passive voice, active voice and in interactive voice depending up on your targeted visitors online requirements.  Learn here SEO Passive Writing – Active Writing Tips to become Online Communication Writer.

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