Indias Online Marketing Status and Search Marketing Turnover in India

Find the existing Indian online marketing status and search marketing market turnover for last ten years. The web based marketing methods like digital marketing techniques, content writing and marketing etc. are gradually increasing from last decade across the Indian states.
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Online marketing industry size in India is reaching around 1500 crore by end of year 2013. The digital marketing online services market size in India is might be cross a mark of 2,000 crore by the end of year 2014. There are few major search engines are existing in India country and having best market share with their good search user experience.

Internet Usage statistics Worldwide Countries
  • United States America, China countries are leading with largest internet users.
  • India is in third position after USA and dragon country China netizens.
  • Here is a details of online bookings market values and turnover in India.
  • Find the market status of various markets in India.
  • The booking of online reservation railway tickets business is around Rs 5,000 crore.
  • The booking of airline flight tickets is around Rs 12,000 crore.
  • The reserving online movie tickets for latest movies is around 2.700 crore.
  • The booking of online bus tickets is around 1.200 crore and need to improve.
  • The booking of gas cylinder online is still need to improve.
Internet usage details in India
Using electronic and digital gadgets for internet connection
  1. mobile phones
  2. laptops,
  3. desktop,
  4. tabs
  5. smart cell phones
  6. ipads
  7. and other electronic gadgets…
How Indians are using internet connection
It is little hard to say the purpose in single sentence on consumption of internet connection. Every month there is 30% to 35% increase of new internet customers are available with smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Most of them are working professionals, students and business owners, retirement elders and online business executives.
Web connection mainly Indians used for,
  1. To check personal company and office emails
  2. To chat on social network sites
  3. To upload resume, documents and pdf books
  4. To share personal images, educational pictures and to download photos etc.
  5. To share family as well personal videos
  6. To learn new courses through online courses and training for certifications
  7. To watch online movies and entertainment videos
  8. To listen music albums, pop songs and to download desired & latest songs
  9. To advertise business products and services online
  10. To learn new things happening across the globe
  11. To reach qualified and targeted business product & service’s users, customers, consumers and retailers
  12. To do online shopping to buy and sell the items and goods
  13. To do online banking and to transfer money online also to pay bills, taxes
  14. To blogging and online business also to do internet based business
  15. To earn money online with various marketing methods and
  16. To book appointments and formal email interviews
  17. To attend online seminars and webinars, conferences
  18. To collect desired research documents
  19. To send short messages SMS online to friends, family members, customers etc
  20. To send festival as well seasonal, birthday gifts, wishes and greetings
  21. To invest in gold etf online and other saving investment plans and schemes
  22. To find new business plans and expert advice to solve the issues
  23. To do online dating and friendships
  24. To find jobs, product reviews, services reviews, online testimonials
  25. To enquiry for hotel rooms, restaurants to book resorts and guest house, lodge rooms
  26. To book online movie tickets, travel tickets like railway reservation tickets and airline flight tickets for domestic, international flights
  27. To find the update status or information regarding a query
  28. To buy softwares and free downloading the web, mobile and other applications (apps) and
  29. To read informative websites
  30. To apply driving license, business license, passport and loans 

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Best places for 
internet users
  1. Metropolitan cities
  2. Major and state capital cities
  3. District headquarters
  4. and towns with minimum 1 lakh people
  5. villages (very less in number)…
Position in consumption        Number of users          City name
First in India                               about 6 millions              Mumbai
Second place                              about 5.5 millions           Delhi
Third place                                 about 3 millions               Kolkata
Fourth place                               about 2.5 millions           Chennai
Fifth place                                  about 2.2 millions           Bangalore
Sixth place                                 about 2 millions               Hyderabad
Top electronic tools & gadgets having internet in India
To access the internet, many people are using different electronic items. They are,
  • Desktop – at home, cybercafes, offices, shops and banks etc…
  • Mobile phones – Personal handsets, smartphones, office cellphones
  • Laptops – Personal and office based
  • tabs – Personal (mostly) and office based
  • ipad – Personal (mostly) etc…
The current status of web connection and consumption is enormously increasing in India. This emergent increase status is supporting the growth of other web based sectors like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, web business, web advertisement, generation of leads and sales.

In addition to these search optimization and marketing sectors, other industries like web designing, web development programming, web and mobile application, social media marketing, social media optimization and local business generation, firm registrations, apartment renting, financial investments and providing employment to fresher graduates, college students, experienced working professionals.
So it is the best time to improve business trading opportunities across the world with outsourcing works and projects. Grab the opportunity in getting leads and qualified customers online with increase in more web visibility.        

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