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Search Engine Optimization Services still nascent in India

SEO Market in India is emerging website marketing industry with a rocket speed. Increase in the Internet technology from 2 G to 3 G services via personal desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tabs, gaming gadgets etc are making the people and business are more online visibility over the internet from home, offices and journey hours, free hours. Learn search engine optimization course to earn money online with your industry knowledge, work experience and yours writing skills. Students, employees, marketers, house moms can learn to earn money additional with blogging skills. Get SEO training to enhance your career and job skills. 

SEO Market Status – India

Indian online advertisement market status
Online advertisement India market status is
785 crore in 2009-10
1,000 crore in 2010-11
Search advertisement market status of India
Search advertisement India market status is
368 of 785 crore in 2009-10
460 of 1,000 crore in 2010-11
Search Engine Optimization – SEO Companies Services

SEO industry is well known as the “behind-the-business-success, silent cousin” of the current digital realm. The rapid increase in mobile phones and electronic gadgets is increasing the personalized search and internet living.
Major multinational companies from life insurance, health insurance, medical, automobile, IT companies, financial business, banking and entertainment, consumer electronic, education institutes are in the race in using search engine optimization services for their website in order to reach qualified customers.
All these companies are focusing long term online marketing strategy to get organic web traffic from search engines for optimized keywords relevant to customer search queries. They are investing around 20% of their annual budget to get benefited with SEO optimization and marketing. Automobile and financial investment companies are in leading position in recruiting a dedicated team for search engine optimization and search engine marketing, digital media marketing. Recently they are moving on social media sites depending on availability of potential customers and customer search behaviour.
For example, the increase in the 3 G high speed internet connection, low internet tariff, the banking websites are receiving increased web traffic on month on month based. Online payments, mobile banking, tablet banking and free hours banking etc. are making the educate people and customers availability and transactions on online. It means SEO services not only for online business websites, they highly required for all websites to reach qualified visitors searching with a lot of relevant search queries. 
Website SEO Services in India

Travel companies and retail online portal, fashion ware websites companies are using this search optimization and marketing services to drive massive search traffic to get online leads and brand exposure. The increase in the online competition and web hosting services with lower prices are widen the brand exposer and more online visibility, customer service with firm’s website. 
The recent technical knowledge, online purchase, business advertisement, mobile phone transactions, educational knowledge and online training etc. are making the webmasters and website owners to focus online in utilizing these internet marketing services. The similarities and variation in marketing tactics, long term revenue generation, return on investment (Marketing ROI) are attracting the many organizations to go online presence. 
Search engine optimization process or seo companies are helping them in enhancing web visibility to attain best position with maximum search exposure among the industry websites. Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing are supporting the organizations to achieve business lead generation, online revenue generation, customer conversion and reach of targeted customers and audiences. Quality seo service from online marketing agencies, are efficiently resulting in company online success path graph.
See here requirement of SEO professional jobs in big and MNC companies
Medium size and small companies are highly recruiting SEO Analysts jobs.
What is SEO?
SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website pages with user search keywords to improve online visibility with regular accessibility of website through crawling and indexing of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.
Is SEO a Science or Art?
SEO is a process basically with science and art.
Science part of SEO – HTML code, information architecture and user experience etc.
Art part of SEO – Online purchase behaviour, customer behaviour
But SEO = Science + Art + Economics
In addition to science and art, the seo is deals with economics. SEO service efforts can be tracked with online KPIs key performance indicators used to measure the ROI return on investment. The KPIs are represents the performance of website promotion activities, benefits of implemented online marketing strategy over the search engines depending on your project budget. The return on investment is calculated based on these KPIs like SERP ranking, website traffic (organic traffic and referral traffic), generated business leads, sales enquiries, and revenue generated.
Why India SEO industry is growing?
From the last decade, Radio advertising, Wall painting, billboards and inbound and outbound tele-calling etc. traditional advertisement sources are resulting gradual down trend in India and in other countries too. The wide spread of internet access from desktops to personal mobile phone is facilitating the growth of online presence. Social media websites are one of major causes of seo industry growth in India.
Marketing is a core function for any Industry whether a small, medium or MNC company websites

  • Increased organic search
  • Increased in usage of search engines
  • Reach of qualified customers locally, nationally and internationally
  • Hugh brand exposure with less budget
  • Traditional marketing downtrend
  • Guaranteed returns on investment with quality SEO services
  • Maximum online visibility with less efforts of SEO resources
  • Growth in local search with electronic gadgets like tabs, mobilephones
  • Trustworthyness of search engine’s Organic SEO listings than visible Ads
  • Availability of free web services from search engines
  • Maximum reach of Geo targeted web search results
Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing
Traditional digital media is well known as “Mass Media Advertisement Channel” in India and reached its heights than other advertisement, marketing channels. The potential growth in maximizing the online visibility through search, social display advertisements reach, the Digital Marketing is widen the growth scope of website marketing, business promotion, customer retention, audience engagement etc. The KPI metrics to measure the marketing and advertisement ROI in traditional media is non scientific and non measurable accurately. 

The traditional marketing advertisement methods requires high budget in order to achieve desired goals for business marketing and products, services advertisement. This is demerit of the traditional marketing media. Due to the success of digital marketing strategy, many small, medium and corporate organizations are shuffling to this advanced marketing tactics and allotting budget for digital marketing online.

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