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Here is a Website SEO Guide’s an important posting of Best SEO Tips on How to Get Better Website Rankings for Keywords in the Search Results.

Every website owner shows interest and plans to get first page in Google search results for their keywords. They will hire SEO analyst or search engine optimizer to optimize their websites and blogs to make search engines and users friendly in order to get site’s goals, objectives and products, services online promotion also business leads, sales enquiries in addition to website online visibility better than competitor sites.

Normal website content has less chances to gain fruitful SEO results like Website ranking for a keyword, Good number of web traffic, Online leads, Quality Backlinks, Regular Index, Online Brand  positioning, website availability for targeted customers audiences, sharing online opinions / reviews and Online Reputation…etc…

Search engine optimized content is always helpful like a best friend in our hard time. There is huge difference between normal page content and search engine as well user friendly content.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and other popular search engines are always updating their algorithm to serve the online audiences and visitors for best user search experience with quality search results.

SEO Tips to find your website in search results with top rank

Keyword selection:

Keywords are your investment at internet. Your SEO results and ROI are depends on it. So choosing right keywords is important.

Keywords are words from your content that Search Engine robot to rank your website content and to arrange your content to similar search words whenever appear online.

Choose high keyword efficiency index phrases to attract visitor traffic. The keyword efficiency index is depends upon factors like relevance to industry, type of competition and user intentions when searching online…etc…

First you should start keyword phrases research and choosing right terms based on required criteria. After selecting the right and unique phrases you have to finalise primary key phrases and selection of helpful terms to optimize website content to attain website’s goals and leads for offering business and services. After picking your specific words for each page of website, you should go for content optimization with those terms.

How to optimize Webpage Content – Learn best ways to Keyword optimisation

Read here to know best ways to content optimization with chose keyphrases. The placement of these phrases helps us in achieving top and long-term Google ranking with your site content.

Proper Keyword Density:
  • To get better rank in search results, plan to use keyword density carefully.
  • Use 1 % to 3 % or 5 % to 8 % of keyword density to avoid further Search engine penalties for website for over optimization with key terms.
Usage of keyword variants:
  • Use matched variants (synonyms) words to attract online visitors I order to get brand awareness, traffic, leads, sales conversion and to improve site online visibility at search engines. 
Keyword Placement:

It is one important factor playing crucial role in website index, ranking, leads, reputation, domain brand…etc…
  • Place your important text within a short distance to get attracted by visitors and customers and to follow keyword proximity (little distance between important texts in content). 
Use keywords (along with variants) in right places to get fruitful SEO results. 

1.      For every 75 to 100 words in the webpage content————- place 1 Keyword
2.      For every 150 to 200 words in the webpage content————- place 2 Keyword
3.      For every 250 to 300 words in the webpage content————- place 2-3 Keywords

 Insert the main target keyword(s) in other very important places for webpage like URL, Page title, meta tags, ALT tag, first paragraph and other important places.

Content development tips:

Search engine’s robots / crawlers / robots are always wonders online to get feed with fresh trendy update content or topics. SEO Content Writing is not at all rewriting the content.

After reading your website content, your visitor and audience or readers have to feel so happy. It is possible in case of trendy and fresh content to internet and search engines with easy understandable level with interaction way in another terms conversational.

Good Title:

You can use some good title forms like following…
  • Top 10 Tips for SEO Content Writing,
  • Best Title for Webpage,
  • 10 Ways to attain Google 1 st Result Page
  • Latest animated designs
  • Beautiful women in entertainment world
  • World greatest incidents
  • Popular Prizes in the world
  • Powerful blogs of females
  • Recent high earning websites in world
Tip – Content title on webpage should be 55 characters for Google search engine and 65 characters for Yahoo & Bing search engines.
  • Place 1 to 2 keywords with character limit for title.
  • Plan to write trendy title within character limits.

Hummingbird friendly SEO Content Writing Tips

Develop webcontent to get understand by search engines as well users at the same time. Your content is playing a key role in managing your online reputation. Search engines are producing various algorithms on regular basis in order to become user friendly. So craft your content for user’s needs.
  • Create your content freshly like frequently asked questions (conversational way) for a topic. 
  • Keywords help in answering a lot of questions or to solve a problem of audience and readers also visitors.
  • Intimate your preference for chosen keywords targeted variant words to search engine with your developed content.
  • Give bolding and italic font styles to important keywords.
  • Use keywords as anchor text for Internal linking to follow anchor text diversification along with universal anchors like read more, get here, and click here, URLs, branded words etc.  
How to develop User oriented Met description not for organic ranking but for more Clicks

Another important tip here is write a user intent (customer search need) based meta description. This description currently has no high priority bus plays a major role in attracting web visitors, traffic clicks to optimized landing pages.
  • Webpage description should be 150 characters for Google search engine and 165 characters for Yahoo & Bing search engines.
  • Write with your primary and secondary keywords with character limit.
  • Plan to write trendy and user need based meta descriptions to get more visits and clicks to the landing pages where you are facilitated relevant content. 
Referral sites:

Improve number of referral sites at online sources like articles sites, pressrelease sites, social network sites, social bookmarking sites, infographics, eboks, pdf documents, blogs, industry relevant (niche) directories, local classifieds and other web sources.

Promoting your business and products, services offerings through these referral sites will helps in generation of traffic, brand awareness, sales, leads, enquiries, quality backlinks and more online visibility over the internet.

Content Presentation:

Audiences are always cleverer to choose desired web content. There are a variety of online visitors. So content writing for user, visitor and audience better experience is tough though having a sound knowledge in a blogging subject.

Take care while writing content with search engine optimization tactics, don’t use jargons, hard technical terms, non-relevant examples, non-ethical phrases etc…

Write and present your webpage content in a interaction way. This brings a huge massive webtraffic and online audience towards website as well fruitful other SEO results like Online leads, Quality Links, regular website Index, Online Brand & Brand positioning, website availability for targeted Customers audience, sharing online opinions / reviews and Online Reputation and Website ranking also Keyword ranking …etc…

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