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Read this article to know How to select right Keywords to Meet Customers Requirements with your Webpage Content?
Before selection of keywords we have to understand one important concept.
What is Search engine optimization (SEO)?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the important components of digital marketing. 
SEO deals with organic search traffic, index and natural ranking in SERP pages.
Millions of people are searching on web for products and services information, entertainment, buy and sale online etc. on every day. Search engines and local directories are the informative tools to find the required information they are searching online.
Every search engine optimization activity is focused to drive search traffic and to reach targeted searches with your blog or website. Here the search term entered by user are plays key role in retrieving related information from various online sources. Even your products, services and business are needed to get searched with the keywords of user typed in search engines.
It is very typical for seo job that determine the searchers keywords using to find information about your products or services on online. Keywords make this job very easier to locate your web presence in the internet.
Why you need keyword optimized content on web pages?
Read here to know How to write web content with key phrases.

  • To write Products and Services Descriptions and content
  • Keep the descriptions are comprehensive and very informative.
Use simple english texts to make easy understanding about your business. Simple english can makes the customers to grasps the benefits of your products and services. Hire Search Engine Optimizers or SEO Analysts to do keyword research to select suitable primary and secondary words.
After choosing right and unique phrases then optimize your pages content. Here try to develop a new content riched with targeted words to make most relevant matching for customer’s searches. Optimize the primary terms and secondary texts at important and appropriate places on the webpage. Here your SEO optimization strategy plays a key role in promoting the site visibility online. Try to develop the user friendly dynamic and customer engaging content to influence the purchasing behavior of users.
Most of the webmasters optimize the targeted words on product and services pages along with homepage only. They will ignore the other important pages like Case Studies, Clients, About Us page etc. Because they think that these webpages will not bring traffic and leads, sales. This is wrong. These pages can build a brand for your domain trust and product or services brand awareness. 
Optimize the every web page of your website to improve organic traffic and online audience in addition to brand awareness and reputation to your company. If you’re developing new pages without proper search engine optimization techniques, you’re losing a good amount of organic visits and opportunity to improve leads, sales and enquiries.
Many businesses are failing to optimization with what terms people are using to find required products and services and to search websites over the internet. Simply the hey guess and list down those phrases. 
Know here Amazing Tips and Tricks to Keyword Research
What happens if you forgot your journey on next day to attend event.  Suddenly you recognized that you not spend your time to book hotel accommodation room. Then you started for searching best hotel to get accommodation in near locality where your event taking place. How you will search. Instead of searching for ‘hotels in London’ or ”Best hotel in London city”, perform your research with ‘last minute hotel in London’ or ‘last minute accommodation in London city’. 
Tip – Use urgent search terms to fulfill your emergency needs.
Your search intention can tell about your needs. Is it urgent need or normal requirement? The urgency allied with those search or typed words indicates the user is more likely to buy than others searchers. Such exact matched searches have a higher percentage of conversion rates. i.e. Users can purchase instantly even on first time visit when they are on your website or business. Examples Indians tend to buy Gold jewelry on Deevali festival day and akshaya truthiya day. Another example is Christmas holiday gold for last-minute shopping and purchasing decision.
To meet your instant needs, use long key phrases instead of regular keywords. For example, ‘travel insurance online” and “last minute travel insurance” are examples of the long tail for ‘travel insurance’.
Let assume a scene. You forgotten your partner’s birthday on next day and but you are at out station. Suddenly you got idea to send a fresh cake. How you will search at that time…
Instead of “birthday cakes”, search with” birthday cake delivery on same day” or “birthday cake delivery in 24 hours” or birthday cake immediate delivery” etc. search texts. You will find most relevant online services to book order for cake delivery. 
Tip – Add local modifiers (local area names) to find exact matching best results in search results page.
At normal time, visitors can search with ‘best’ or “nearest”, ‘elegant, top’.  Because they have much time to invites online customers and audiences. These search words can’t influence the visitor’s purchase behaviour at normal cases.  To influence them, you have to add “best price”, “budget”, ‘cheap’ or ‘discount’ “last minute”, “affordable” to find your service and products.
Tips to Improve Your Long Tail phrases
Use synonyms for your rootwords (generic terms)


biscuit = cookie
Use synonyms, plurals and modifiers.

buy organic fruit
purchase natural fruit
buy organic fruits.
Should have variants:

 shopping vs. shop.
Obtain information on local terminology and use Google’s suggestions for the chosen country.
Travel insurance California
Travel insurance company NewYork
London travel insurance company
Online travel insurance company in Sydney
* Tip – Local terminology and synonyms are able to generate online traffic and conversions.
Modifiers such as size, color, shape or texture are used regularly in search for fashion dress clothing.

* TipQuality modifiers such as best, top, cheap and affordable etc. in used to search for business products or company services. 

Ways to Find Profitable Keyword Ideas for Your Business
Keywords to make profits and return on investment for optimized website to gain best rankings in search engines results and qualified traffic online also revenue with conversions.
Required criteria to select the most efficient keyphrases. Before you select them, consider these traits.

  • They should with revenue generation ability
  • Good number of monthly searches
  • Minimal to high competitiveness
  • Should be relevant to page theme (topic)
  • Contain more than one word
  • Able to provide good traffic number
  • Be targeted (related)
  • Low to medium competition
  • Good conversion rate (transactional)
  • Provide good user engagement
  • Be popular (meaningful and known)
* Tip – Keywords search volume with medium competition always helps the websites to get noticeable results in a period of a few weeks to months
Types of keyword phrases and tips to select

Rootwords or Generic words: – These are 1-word keyword, provide the best amount of traffic, not good to plan to gain organic search ranking for new websites. Nobody searching with single keywords ex: mobiles
Tip – Choose most relevant texts with higher search volumes.
More definite keywords: – These are specific and 2-3 words based, brings balance between the traffic volume and relevance with your website.
TipChoose moderate competition.
Long tail keywords: – 4+ word phrases based. These are very specific phrases with low to high competition and drive good % of overall online traffic, not bring huge web traffic number but best for user’s engagement and to meet user needs.
Tip – choose these to get conversions and sales.
Phrases by organic traffic type

  • Branded – your domain or tag based
  • Non-branded – your products or services
Phrases by type of searched information
  • Information keywords – Used to search for particular information or products.
  • Navigation keywords – Used to search for a company or domain or brand
  • Transactional or purchase or profitable keywords – Used searching to buy a needed product or service
 What helps to find most relevant words in keyword research?

Here are few categories helps us in determining most related words for your sites. You should include these category based keytexts in your finalised phrases for page content optimization for business or products and services. They are,
Exact Match – Plan Transactional or purchase or profitable terms to get good results, because they are moneymakers
Broad Match – Plan Information terms to get better results, because they are very informative
Phrase match – Plan Navigation terms to gain decent results, because they will bring traffic, brand awareness and conversions depending on optimization strategy.
Hoping you got good idea and practical way of research and selection of good phrases to optimize for your website based upon your website objectives, goals and theme.
Right keyword phrases can bring good number of traffic visitors, able to generate online leads, acts as vehicle to reach targeted customers or web audience. Because these are what people want to search or type in search engines.

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