How to Get Website Ranking for Keywords in Organic Search Results – Best SEO Optimization Tips

The Internet is displaying the billions and millions of webpages on every day when online netizens searches from the search engine search box. But majority of online people are visiting first few pages results for desired information for entered query.

Read this article to get answers for seo faq questions like “How to increase organic search visitors my website?”, “How to get top position in search engine pages” and “my website not achieving higher serp rank?” etc. This posting covers best search engine optimization tips and techniques to help in improving organic search engine visits and getting higher search engine rankings for relevant search queries.

Why web site ranking is important for business and individual sites and blogs?

Web site ranking is a process of achieving top position in search engines with webcontent. This webcontent is generally composed of visitor queries words those entered in search box to find desired information. Larger companies like Microsoft, Infosys, Bank of America, JP Morgan, General Motors,  etc. multi national companies do not require promotion of website on online. 

Really they do not get worry about web customers who are finding their websites. But individual (personal blogs), small medium company websites require a topper web site ranking position for targeted and qualified visitors search query results. There is no alternate practices to website search engine optimization or search marketing or promotion in social sites etc… At present these practices are generating good number of business products and services leads, sales and deals etc.

How to understand Search engine ranking phenomena?

Understanding the method of web site ranking is begins with acquiring knowledge on how a search engine works then how keywords plays key role in achieving best position at search engines and business leads generation. 

How search engines works?

  • The major functions of search engines are crawling, indexing and rankings also providing relevant quality search results etc…
  • Web crawlers are wonders around the world wide web collects the latest articles, postings, documents from websites and blogs. 
  • The collected information texts and optimized phrases are segregated and stored in search engine databases. This is the website indexing process.
  • When online visitor enters a search query, the search engine executed itself in its updated database system and determines all web pages and documents those contains matched keywords for entered queries. 
  • All these information sources are processed to sort out with few unique known and unknown algorithms. These sorted result pages and documents articles etc. are arranged and listed in a position on relevancy based. This is called search engine ranking for websites and blogs. These ranked listings are shown for users search query results. 

How to Get a Better Website Rankings for Keywords in the Search Results?

Every website owner shows interest and plans to get first page in Google search results for their keywords. Normal website content has less chances to gain fruitful SEO results like website keyword ranking, good number of search traffic and referral web traffic, online leads, quality backlinks, regular website index, online brand & brand positioning, website availability to targeted customers audiences, sharing online opinions / reviews and online reputation…etc…

Search engine optimized content is always helpful like a best friend in our hard time.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and other popular search engines are always updating their algorithm to help the online audience visitors to provide best user search experience. Here is best word to attain successful position with higher rank.

The key to natural search ranking success is “website content”. Every website and blog can get topper position with SEO optimized content. Many search engines are looking for high-quality content that benefits the searcher. Search engines are uses a variety of methods to determine which pages are displayed first in the SERP results. Search engine optimized (SEO) content is helps you in improving the search position.

Role of web content in site ranking

Web content is a created rich text media format added on web pages. It can be an article or product or service page information, or a blog post or an infographic or video or image format. Whatever kind of content developed is should meet the requirement of online people and your website objectives.

Understanding online customer needs

Think well about why should web customers need your offering product or services. Another important thing is how your customers are finding those offering product or services online?

Do market research to find the best answer that can give best ideas to promote business over the internet. For example, if you are offering travelling insurance, then your website page content should have relevant content on benefits of travelling insurance and how to 
register insurance before selection of holiday vacation tourism packages. 

In addition to this information, to engage the searching people, you have to add additional details with how to travel to reach a desired destination, local and regional customs and languages spoken, affordable and budget hotel and restaurants, entertainment places like sea beaches, boat shipping, last minute travelling facilities, alternate places to see there or surroundings etc…

Consider your online sales goals

If booking a suitable travel safety insurance is your sales goal, then you have to promote your website at various online sources with web marketing practices. 

Developing good user engagement content helps in visitor attraction and motivates the online traffic to spend more time on website pages in order to find the suitable insurance plans and registering budget insurance packages before or last minute travelling. Having more relevant content about offering business products or services will help you in reach of your qualified customers.  

Website ranking tips for major search engines

How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking 

SEO components like onpage and offpage optimization, technical seo are helps in improving and attaining good and long term search engine ranking. Here is a posting on on-page checklist to acquire top ranking position. This onsite checklist can help you in improving your site ranking on search engine results pages.

The summary of the article with best onpage places helping in getting good position. 

  • Page URL
  • Title
  • Keywords (primary keywords / secondary keywords / helper words)
  • Image ALT tags
  • Content type (dynamic / static / evergreen)
  • Site navigation and architecture
  • Information architecture
  • Quality backlinks pointing to your website

In addition to this on-page optimization, off-page promotion is required to increase the website rankings over the internet.

Promotion strategy

The off-site optimization will help to get your site’s link popularity by developing your internal and inbound links.

Internal link structure building is an onpage SEO practice of  cross linking of all your important webpages within each page through a relevant link text in other words, anchor texts. Don’t forget to include anchor links back to the main pages of the site.

In another term, connection of web pages from one to each other in a well organized hierarchical with the help of text based hyperlinks. Internal links will maximize the PageRank of all your pages within the web site.

Here is another helpful internal link building option is a website sitemap. XML Sitemap is help you in process of search spiders quick index of your site content at faster rate. 

Another method of promotion is submission of website to search engines and various other online sources. These online sources increases the chances of site to rank for the targeted keywords.

The process of building backlinks is should with slow and gradual increase mode. This is to avoid the search engine penalties for over promotional practices.


Sharing your web content through your social media sites accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc. Online people gives the reviews, ratings and other social mentions like likes, tweets, Google +plus, sharings etc. are provide the authority, business recognization, brand awareness etc…

Building links to link back to your web pages content will helps in receiving good number of referal traffic and business leads and sales from social media sites…

Finally quality backlinks and keyword optimization in the page content will increase the website ranking organically for online people search queries. 

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