How to Create Call-only Campaign in PPC, Call-only Ad Advantages and Disadvantages

Latest Google AdWords updates – Call-only Campaign

As you know every time Google will introduces new AdWords updates in Google AdWords platform in order to improve your AdWords campaign performance. Recently, Google AdWords has introduced this new ppc update is call-only campaign for the businesses promotion who want only phone calls with or without website landing page promoting business products or services. Learn here the process of creation of Call-only ad campaign in Google AdWords platform to advertise your phone number and to receive phone call from target customers, ppc visitors.

What is a Call-only Campaign?

Call-only campaign is only for the advertisers whose conversion goal is to increase phone calls for towards business promotion with the Adwords advertising campaign. This campaign mainly focuses on to get as many phone calls from the people who click on ppc ad. 

Bid just for Phone Calls not for Clicks

Currently this type of Call-only Campaign is available in search network only campaigns and can use CPC bidding. You need to pay for each click it means have to pay for each phone call and its pay per click costs is very expensive. These types of ads can only appear on electronic devices those people can make phone calls and are only to improve more business phone calls.

What are Adwords Call-only Campaign requirements?

For this you need to create a separate campaign with ad groups, ads and keywords. When a person clicks on your ad it doesn’t go into your PPC landing page and these ads just generates calls for us. You need to provide a reference URL to Google which contains your phone number.

How to create a call-only campaign?

You need to create a separate call-only campaign as like normal PPC campaign. The following are the steps how to create a call-only campaign:

    • Create a campaign in campaigns tab.
    • Select the network type as search network only and then select call only option at right.
      • Fill the remaining information like your targeted location, language, budget, bidding strategy.
      • Then save your details and continue
      • Create an ad group with relevant name
      • Create an ad, its fields are as shown
        How to create Call only ads

        Verification URL is yours business website URL simply a web page that contains your phone number and this URL should contain the same brand as you mentioned in your ad display URL.

          • Add your targeted keywords and then save the ad group
            After filling this information your ad will looks in mobile device as shown below:

            Character Limit for Call-only Ad

                                                           Character limit for call-only ads
            Character limit for most languages
            Character limit for double width languages
            Your Business Name
            Your contact Phone number
            Description Line 1
            Description Line 2
            Display URL

            Rules to create call-only ad

            The rules for creation of text ad are also applicable to these call-only ads but you need to concern only with adding phone numbers. The numbers which you don’t include are as follows:

            • You don’t use fax numbers, premium numbers (people may pay additional charge to make a call), vanity numbers (which includes some letters in between numbers).
            • The given number must be in active and accurate. And also the given number must be a local number for your targeted country.

            Advantages of call-only ad:

            1. This call-only campaign is useful for the business that has their conversion goal as phone calls. By using this feature you will get more enough phone calls to your business.
            2. Adding phone numbers to your ads are very easy to people to connect with you and to enquire about your business and to get AdWords traffic for your business.
            3. You can also count these phone calls as conversions to your business
            4. You can also share these phone numbers to either your ads in ad groups and also to your whole campaign.
            5. You can kept any number to show only when you take any phone calls from people
            6. If you are providing local services such as plumber, ambulance, education, electricity, hotel dining, travel, tourism etc services including local seo services and organic search engine optimization services…etc… these call only ad are useful.
            7. You will get business with phone calls not only with visitor clicks.

            Disadvantages of call-only ad:

            1. You have to pay for each phone call but AdWords advertising cost will be very expensive.
            2. If user is not intended to call you but they click on your ad it means unintended phone call then your money was wasted for that click.
            3. Your device targeting is very important. It is not advantageous for all mobile devices and it is only for the devices which people can makes call for you.

            Why Google AdWords Call Only Campaign is Good:

            • You will receive phone calls only
            • Best way to measure all of the calls you receive
            • Addition of creative texts like “Speak with Experts”, “Order your Pizza and Coke”
            • Simplified way to connect customers directly
            • Connecting bridge between your sales team and customers

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