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Here is a tips on How to Create Brand Online for your websites or domains?
Search engine optimization is referred as increasing online availability of a website to meet the goals and objectives. Online marketing is required to create a brand image for our websites or domains and maintenance of the created brand against competitors, search engine penalties etc across the global as well local websites over the internet.
SEO tips to create and to promote brand
Here are few required search engine optimization activities to create and to promote brand over the internet. These activities are explains the ways to create brand image over the internet with your site.
About us page content – Learn how to write About Us page content. It is a one of important factor creating your online reputation. Get here writing tips for Homepage content.
Show your history – (Add text like “since 1888…serving customer satisfaction”), Showing the history can influence the customer’s purchasing behaviour and builds the trust. Even Apple company struggled much in earlier days to create a brand with its products. Best place to show is surroundings of your LOGO and right side to your LOGO area.

Error free webpages– Errors in the website can results in dissatisfaction due to poor maintenance. Coding errors, link errors and other errors are to be avoided.
Verified author ship – enable Google + and add rel=author tag to get verify your authority.
Offer free or trial downloads – Many people show interest to download free trail before to buy antivirus software. Why? Antiviruses are required to make computer free from virus, malware and vulnerabilities. People also know that free trial software is can’t eliminate completely. Though these trial based antivirus software not removes permanently, most people are downloading regularly. This is because of trust and satisfaction towards the products or services. Similar way it can works for your website, offer the people to download ebook, PDFs, Guide etc. 
Example if your website is blogging about saving and investment, then prepare a document on “Gold investment – Know how to earn profits with Gold” and put a link on the website and relevant inner webpages to download. Offer a Call To Action button or text to attract the visitors towards your offerings.
Happy customer’s testimonials – Reviews can influence the people’s purchasing behaviour and helps in brand generation for your products or services. The testimonials from happy customers can influence the new website visitors and acts as supporting tools for generation brand. So put a variety of testimonials about your services and products. 
For example if you are offering SEO services, keep few testimonials like “This SEO company helped me in achieving long term organic search ranking at 1 st place of 1 st search page for my keywords and saved a lot of time and money with best online visibility, also increased 30 % of my product sales.”
Generally customers want to get receive profits for long days with money and time saving activities. The testimonial also highlighted the customer needs. Try to put testimonials of local branded or international branded customer’s reviews to attract the website traffic to create brand over the internet.
Highlight your professional credentials – If you have a qualified technical person and then show your qualification or certifications to attract the visitor’s attention. For example if you are certified in Google Analytics and offering online market research and promotion services, then show Google Analytics Qualified Partner badge (like this you can with Google Adwords Certified Partner) badge and links on the services page.
Highlighting your best and relevant certifications can build trust on your services even visiting your site and enquiring about your products or services.
Respond quickly to customer’s request for support – Nowadays many people are offering online chat, email services (working hours or 24 * 7) etc. before and after purchasing products to clarify customer’s doubts, installation problems and to improve technical knowledge etc. 
Responding in customer needs and helping them in solving generated problem can build the good communication rapport and creates an impression on your company products or services.
Offer money back guarantee – Most of the ecommerce websites and other sites are offering guarantee money back policy for their product or service in case not generating good customer satisfaction even after usage. Some sites are offering cash discount schemes on bulk or revisit sales.  
Show your client or customers list – If you provided your services to well-known companies, show their logos o the homepage as well services page. The list of customers of branded or upcoming branded companies on these pages along with their reviews can influence the page visitors toward creating brand image on your company.
Let assume, you designed the website for Apple company. After putting their logo on your webpages, the visitors or customers of your site and Apple; can request your offering web design services to create corporate or business websites in unique way. Is it fact or not?
More reviews – Collect your reviews from all customers and submit them in Review submission sites to promote your brand online.
Local maps – Adding to Google Local Map and other search engines also helps the visitors to find your offerings. The availability on new online sources can results in visitors focus on your products and services.
Local SEO – Use unique keywords of your offering to reach potential online customers and audience. Using generic words gives much competition over the internet. To filter out this competition, do proper keyword research and select most relevant key phases matching with landing page content. Try to add user search words in your keywords list to get them.
Good user experience– having website is not enough to build good brand. Product or service based anchor texts, relevant offerings on landing page, Call To Action phrases and content of the webpage are helpful for generation of brand image with good user experience.
More referral sites– Get more quality inbound links from relevant sites, blogs, pressreleases, local classified sites and directories, social bookmarking sites, social networking sites and other online sources. Try to submit your site and site links on social media sites on regular basis. Create a new group or Join in relevant groups available on social sites.
Site loading speed – It is SEO technical factor of a website. Keep your website loading speed around 6 seconds to get quick loading. Remove unwanted flash, code, larger images, page size, and unnecessary 301 redirections to avoid high loading speed.
Add Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page – Collect and answer to all customers queries to clarify visitor’s doubts about your company products and services also creates customer friendly environment. A satisfactory customer friendly environment can create brand image.
Create RSS feed – Creates a RSS feed and submit in relevant industry based RSS feed directory sites. Now in the RSS feed directories, many kinds of industry based directories are exists. Find your specific industry based RSS directories to submit your feed URL. The submission in relevant directories can build a new image or popularity in your industry.
User friendly navigation – Site navigation structure and information architecture are can influence the visitors on site or page ad time on page, bounce rate, online behaviour, content performance etc. If these are complex, the users are get impacted to move out from on your site.
Meta description – It is one of the most important parameter. Though many top search engines are not consider to provide the organic search ranking, due to the recent changes in their algorithms, now they are looking to count good user experience of the website. It is because of the good Meta Description can brings visitors click from search results page (SERP). Learn how to write ever green Meta Description.
Informative content in postings – Your content will play a major role in visitor’s engagement. Add both primary (targeted) keywords and supporting keywords along with helpful words while crafting webpage content in a professional manner. There are a lot of tools can helps you in creating user intent based content. Learn more content writing tips here. Focus mainly in solving a raised problem, improving awareness, best ways to achieve website goals and objectives etc.

Bounce rate – larger images, irrelevant content, less traffic, flash design, more code, lack of CTA, improper keywords optimization, lack of offers to users on landing page. Keep your site average bounce rate range 35 to 40 % with user based content that meeting their requirements. Bounce rate is one of the good user experience parameters.
How to Optimize Your Website Copywriting
Know here few writing tips while building content for visitors.
  1. Relevance (should relevant to your targeted market)
  2. Reputation (Informative user based content generates online reputation)
  3. Readability (Should use bolding, italics, headlines, sub headings, bullets, and proper font size)
  4. Reach (should catch the all kinds of online audience and visitors)
Few more tips in building online reputation brand
  • Content update on regular basis
  • Traffic improvement
  • Website rank improvement in search engines result page.
  • Social signal
  • Positive reviews of customers
  • Proper SEO – to make site more relevancy to user search query
  • Catchy headings
  • Linking to trustworthy sites

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