Google Maps Transit is with Indian Railways Train Timings… Travel Plan with Google Transit feature

Indian Railways now Showing all Train Arraival & Departure timings in Google Maps Transit

Google Maps are one of the techology friend to all internet citizens searching directions, ways to shortcut path to nearest and distance locations. Google on Tuesday announced that Indian railways train schedules and rail arraival departure timings are showing up in Google Maps at Public Transport categories or option in addition to buses, metros, trams, walking directions to the desired destination.

Could I get all Indian Cities Transport Information?

The Google map services providing the bus and metro also walking directions to nearest locations to bus stops, railway platforms, metro stations of Indian top cities includes of Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, Kolkata, also Pune, Chennai cities.

Where to find Indian Railway Trains information in Google Transit?

Google is helping all internet users and Google map users in India to plan and travel your next trip with Google Transit feature of Google map services. All internet and Google map users will access the information on “Google Maps”. To find the all available transport information on Google map, you need to click on “Get Directions” button. Then choose the available “Public Transit” icon that showing car, bus, and walking, cycling (biking), flight options. 

To find the Indian Rail schedules on Google Maps, click on “Bus” icon. You will see 2 highlighted texts (Details and Schedule explorer) in blue coloration. Select the “Schedule explorer” option. Blue coloured popup will highlight and show a option called “Root Options”. Click on this root option to select by ticking the preferred mode of transportation as “Train” in order to see the latest train timings scheduled by Indian railways. This is 6 steps process of getting Indian Railway Trains information on Google maps.

Simple Way to Find to Indian Railway Trains information on Google

To get the Indian railway trains schedule on Google Maps, here is a direct URL of Google Maps Transit to access the train schedule information. ““. Provide the information of your location at “From” and enter your destination at “To” and click on “Get Directions”. Below you will see a feature “Options”. Choose your mode of transport from Bus, Subway, Train, Light rail etc. along with additional options such as “Best route”, “Fewer transfers” and Less walking etc. as you need.

If you are offering any kind of public or private transportation services in your local city and to other cities, you can listing all your information by clicking on “Join Transit Partner Program”, a Google Transit Partner Program help you to get new passengers and riders.

Add your transport agency information and transportation services information on Google Maps.

Advantages of Joining Google Map’s Transit Partner Program

By participating Google Map’s Transit Partner Program, you have many benefits.

  1. Increase the awareness of your transportation services with Google search engine
  2. Help to find best ways to reach target distance and locations
  3. You can link to your website offering public and private transportation services
  4. Improve inter – agency communication with co-service providers
  5. Reduce the transportation and travelling cost and investment with best short-ways
  6. Reach to both desktop searches and mobile users
  7. You can share all your public and private transportation services at free of cost with Google Map services.

Google Maps can Help you Plan a Family Holiday Trip to Every Corner of the Country

Google Transit, a feature in Google Maps, available in all Windows, Android and iOS devices also desktop. The Google Transit feature help in better planning to usage available local, private and public transport trips very efficiently to travel to desired locations. Google worldwide with the help of thousand hundreds of public transit agencies working on display of their schedule information online to all Google Maps users and internet users.

 Are you a frequent traveller or Planning to go on holidays with family members with hasslefree journey or searching for a travelling guide? Google is providing free travel plan service with its Google Maps Transit feature. You can access this Google Maps Transit feature from yours Windows, Android and iOS devices such as smartphones and desktop computers.

Google Maps Transit feature Guides your Travel Trips and Root Direction

When planning a travel trip with Google Transit, select your preferred mode of transport and the time that at what timing you would like to depart or arrive by preferred mode of transport. This helps you spend your time on roads and traffic jams etc. to make hassle free journey with Google Transit available both on web and mobile.

Plan a hasslefree travel trip to your desired location in India or any major Indian cities like Gujarat’s Ahmedabad, Tamilnadu’s Chennai, Karnataka’s Bengaluru, Telangana’s Hyderabad, Maharastra’s Pune, Mumbai cities and West Bengal’s Kolkata, also New Delhi etc.with the help of Indian Railways schedule and update information for 12,000 trains, local bus transportation, metro transportation, cycling, biking and walking directions with Google map services.

Use this Google Map Transit to meet your search engine optimization clients located in your local, regional and other cities. While travelling use this Google Transit feature in order to find best restarant in the city to take your breakfast, lunch or dinner etc. And ask your customers in order to find your search engine optimization agency location through this Google search engine’s Transit feature. To use this feature on windows, android and ios etc. devices, you no need of having internet marketing degrees.

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