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Google Answers with Bold In Search Results Not Queries

See here few examples on How Google able to show “BOLDING” in its knowledge graph answers.

1. Search Query – Highest cricket odi score by a team.

Highest cricket one day match score in the world

 Till now the “highest score in cricket one day matches” is 443 for 9 wickets by Srilanka cricket team in 2006. See the above Google knowledge graph answer snapshot 443 /9 is highlighted by bold by Google.

2. Search Query – IAS officer salary in India.

IAS officer salary in india month salary year earnings benefits

For the search query “IAS officer salary in India” is also displaying BOLD in the Google knowledge graph answer.The monthly salary of IAS offices in India is 90,000 INR.

3. Search Query – School teacher salary in India.

School teacher month salary in india benefits earning sources

For the search query “School teacher salary in India” is showing now the average salary earning for school teacher is below 20,000. But this this not final one and fixed price one. The real salary of school teacher jobs is depends on many factors like local government, schhol students number, location, using technology, educational qualifications, and teaching experience etc.

4. Search Query – What is Rohit Sharma highest score in ODI cricket.

What is highest score by India odi cricket Rohit Sharma

A surprise was shown in the Google knowldege graph for the search query “what is Rohit Sharma highest score in ODI cricket”. Google is failed to show BOLDING for this query what is Rohit Sharma highest score in ODI cricket. See the above snapshot to find how Google knowldge graph answer is failed to display bolding.

Here is benefits and demerits of showing bolding in the Google knowledge graph answers. Find how to optimise your website page with proper website optimisation and seo supportive online content writing with Internet user optimisation tips.


  • Easier to find the answer in search results (SERP) pages
  • No need to scroll down to find best matching results
  • No need to click the top ranked websites in SERP results
  • Easy find the needed information in SERP pages


  • Loss the traffic visits
  • Loss the CTR
  • Loss the online revenue

Internet User Optimisation

Internet User Optimisation Tips for Content Writers and SEO

  1. Produce quality online content regularly
  2. Create Hummingbird supportive content
  3. Craft user FAQ style content 
  4. Analyze the visitor engagement factors
  5. Analyze the online search behaviour
  6. Analyze the online purchase behaviour

Is this Google’s best way to keep Online Googlers from delivering search visitors to your site?

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