Digital Marketing Internships and Content Writing Internship Opportunities

Digital Marketing Internships and Content Writing Internships

Are you a self-motivate team player? Looking to join an internship in digital marketing and  internship in content writing…! Want to provide your ideas and marketing methods for client facing business issues? Want to work with company management and clients but without travel just on the computer?

Are you ready to learn latest online internet marketing techniques, web marketing methods, marketing tools usage, marketing research, marketing analysis, project management skills, website management tips, also want to go-getter attitude to improve your career scope; here is internship opportunities in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Internships – What will learn

The Digital Marketing Company is offering Digital Marketing Internships and content writing internships for MBAs, non MBAs, degree students, B Tech students, fresher content writers and those who are seeking career in online writing and web marketing. Want to demonstrate your skills those what you have are enough to join in these Digital Marketing and content writing internships. In return, you’ll learn hands-on training and crash course in digital marketing, content writing etc. areas includes;

  1. Search engine optimization,
  2. Search engine marketing,
  3. Social media marketing,
  4. How to make money online,
  5. Online monetization,
  6. YouTube marketing,
  7. Video marketing,
  8. Video blogging,
  9. Business blogging,
  10. Website optimization,
  11. Blog marketing etc. 

Internship candidates will learn Digital Marketing and Content Writing (Marketing Writing) Skills and Techniques

The interns will learn following digital marketing techniques and content writing in terms of marketing writing.
Skills Development Programs:

  1. Web Analytics
  2. Marketing Analytis
  3. Marketing Research
  4. Marketing Analysis
  5. User Optimization
  6. Website Optimization
  7. SEO Optimization
  8. SEO Marketing
  9. Blogging
  10. Blog Management
  11. Website Management
  12. Online Research techniques
  13. SEO technical audit
  14. Website Analysis
  15. Content Audit
  16. User Relevancy Writing
  17. Visitor Engagement writing
  18. Customer Education Writing
  19. Marketing Writing
  20. Google Analytics
  21. Google Webmaster Tool

    Internship Responsibilities – Interns will learn

    Here is a brief summery on what these digital marketing interns and content writing internship candidates will work and learn following things. The major responsibilities are including,


    1. Provide support to the existing team on Search Engine Optimization (seo) for websites
    2. Provide support to the existing team on Pay Per Click, search engine marketing campaigns
    3. Provide support to the existing team on Web Content Writing and User Relevance Content Writing
    4. Provide support to the existing team on Internet User Optimization and Online Visitor Engagement Practice
    5. Provide support to the existing team on Competitive Analysis and Competitor Analysis along with your ideas and best solutions


    1. Provide recommendations to company management on website projects
    2. Provide recommendations to clients on website projects on online
    3. Provide recommendations to improve website optimization
    4. Provide recommendations to increase business online leads
    5. Provide recommendations to increase customer conversions
    6. Provide recommendations to online brand and web visibility
    7. Provide recommendations to company on website management
    8. Provide recommendations to improve organic traffic and referral visits
    9. Provide recommendations to promote company verticles on social media sites
    10. Provide recommendations to improve online revenue from varios internet sources


    1. Opportunities of understanding on what are and how to meet client goals and objectives
    2. Opportunities of understanding the preparation needed reports and reporting methods
    3. Opportunities of understanding what is website optimization and online marketing
    4. Opportunities of understanding the digiatl marketing industry trends
    5. Opportunities of understanding how digital strategy works
    6. Opportunities of understanding and learning the communication skills
    7. Opportunities of understanding the team play and team move towards clients and company
    8. Opportunities of understanding how digital industry is changing
    9. Opportunities of understanding how to improve the results online
    10. Opportunities of understanding what is social media marketing
    11. Opportunities of understanding the role of Google certifications
    12. Opportunities of understanding the how to share improvement ideas and revenue make ideas
    13. Opportunities of understanding how to create brand online for company, products and offering services
    14. Opportunities of understanding what are content writing criteria and requirements
    15. Opportunities of understanding how to earn money online with your existing and learned skills
    16. Opportunities of understanding managing corporate social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+

    Required Experience for Internships:

    1. Current college student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in any B. SC, B. Com, BBA and MBA in Marketing PGDBM, PGDM, etc. 
    2. Previous years students can be apply for these internships in digital marketing and content writing 
    3. Basic knowledge in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are preferred

    These are Not for You (Interns)

    1. No need to travel to client location
    2. No need to telecalling to generate Business leads
    3. No any kind of restrictions to suggest improvement ideas

    What’s for You (Interns)

    1. Comfortable Work hours
    2. Trainy digital marketing position
    3. Trainy Content writer position
    4. Comfortable Work culture
    5. Skills improvent suggestions
    6. Opportunities to work closely with leadership team and clients
    7. Paid internship opportunity
    8. Certification in digital marketing skills
    9. Certification in Content writing
    10. Permanant job opportunities depending on your improvement
    11. In-depth knowledge of digital marketing domain
    12. Freelance digital marketing job opportunities
    13. Freelance content writing job opportunities

    About Us – Digital Marketing Company

    Digital Marketing Company is a fast-growing, team-oriented digital marketing agency. The Digital Marketing Company is a group of real-time online internet marketing professionals. We offer stipend and digital marketing training for interns those instrested in digital marketing with academic knowledge in B Com, BBA and MBA etc. Other graduate courses like B. Sc, B Tech, M. Tec etc. qualification students those irrespective of academic years, interested are can be get this digital marketing crash course knowledge. The Digital Marketing Company is providing a full-time job opportunity with excellent growth potential as digital marketing executive job and online content writer jobs or freelance content writer etc.

    The Digital Marketing Company is with a strong client network based relationships with clients and small medium corporate companies looking digital marketing strategy for their business and websites. The Digital Marketing Company serve these client needs help in achieving target web goals and business goals online. The Digital Marketing Company is providing organic search engine optimization services, search engine marketing services, content writing services, business blogging services, digital marketing services, Google adsense approval optimization services with an ethical tactics to retain long-term success. The Digital Marketing Company with a strong focus and long-term strategies on client ROI results not just activities to improve the client business and website performance.

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