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SEO Content Writers SEO Copywriters


Every keyword research for new websites and well established older sites is beginning with keyword and content optimization. SEO writers are come to light after keyword analysis into primary keywords and secondary key texts. The web writers in search engine optimization process, occurs in bot areas such as 1) on-page optimization and 2) off-page optimization and playing key role in achieving goals with both long-term seo strategy and short-term seo strategy.
Want to become online writer
There are a number of online sources including article sites, pressrelease sites, and business listing sites, social media sites, online writing education sites, web writers sites and online blogs to become talented writers and effective skilled writers depending on your writing pattern. Here is a simple practice to become effective online writer.
If you are a beginner writer and want to improve your writing skills, follow the best article sites or press release sites and find the writing category to see the listed and published copies. Practice rewriting the same concept in your writing style. Before that just read out the published content and determine the most important words in the content like keywords, technical terms, industry terms etc. Also understand the reaching out targeted customers’ requirements.
Generally beginner web content writers in seo are lack of in-depth knowledge in customer requirement analysis and user search intent analysis skills. Even they have no idea on available types of web content and online audiences. This articles is helps them in becoming acquaint in online writing projects. There is a huge difference between SEO content writers and SEO copywriters. They are not same at all angles of online writing.
Search Engine Optimization writing is broad spectrum field. The terms seo content writing and seo copy writing are hugely differs to each other in writing style and paying salaries, professional experience, subject matter knowledge and writing job responsibilities. All seo content writers are not the copywriters like cars are four wheelers but all four wheelers not automobile cars.
SEO Content Writer
  • Develops regular keywords optimized content
  • Best examples are articles and pressreleases, blog postings
  • Less commercial oriented
  • Motivates up to some levels to purchase products
  • Basically improves the industry readers knowledge
  • Helps in quick index of search engines
  • Improves the search rankings of content
  • Use synonyms regularly
  • Use various online writing tools and softwares
  • Less uses Call To Action terms
  • Useful to write regular content
SEO Copywriter
  • Develops the content with transactional keywords (money make words)
  • Best examples are product technical description and visitor pages
  • High commercial oriented
  • Motivates to purchase products or hire services
  • Helps in improving the industry readers knowledge
  • Helpful in quick index of search engines
  • Supports the search rankings of content
  • Use synonyms less
  • Use various online writing tools and softwares
  • Highly uses Call To Action terms
  • Useful in writing about commercial products and services to hire
Common requisites for SEO Content writers and Copywriters
Though there is hugh difference between this content writing and copywriting; there are few common requirements.
Keyword research and analysis
Determining the effective keywords is the one of the primary job role for seo analysis and seo managers. But in small business organization, content or copywriters are themselves to do keyword research to find out the best profit make transactional keywords and ROI achievable efficient keyword phrases on short term as well long term basis.
Required skills for Content writers and SEO Copywriters
To prepare the creative and high quality web content for on-page optimization and off-page optimization, these writers are requires few common skills. They requires basic writing skills, writer tools knowledge, editing, proofreading, basic idea of content based search engine algorithms updates etc.
Targeted Audiences analysis
To find out customers what actually they want is essentially requires audiences analysis. There are a lot of online tools and sources like Google Trends, Google Insights, Google Plus, Quora, Social Media sites, Amazon, eBay, Product Forums etc. to determine online trends and visitor requirement analysis, purchase behaviour analysis through analyzing the online customers needs, problems, existing issues, searching solutions, Questions etc…
Responsibilities of SEO Writers
  • Keyword research to determine educative and revenue making keywords
  • Developing search friendly Meta Title
  • Developing effective Meta Description
  • Writing user intent based Header texts
  • Creating visitor oriented webpage content
  • Crafting visitor engagement online content
  • Crafting educative posting on regular basis
  • Creating interactive social content
Benefits of SEO Online Writers services
  • To get more web traffic from search engines and referral sites
  • To generate business leads and sales, online revenues
  • To crate online brand image on long term basis
  • To reach targeted customers
  • To attract the web visitors and readers
  • To improve the SEO analyst efforts
  • To maximize the SEO ROI profits
  • To get more online visibility
  • To generate quality backlinks
  • To improve the online follow up
Are there any other reasons, to hire best SEO Content writers and Copywriters, just let know all… Share your experience and offering online search engine optimization and associated services… What you think on SEO Writing skills and Online writing services in current web marketing competition era…

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