Credit Card or Paypal Error Message in E-Commerce Store Websites – Failed to authorize: Authorization Failed

All e-commerce websites are providing the secure payment process on their sites through https: version web pages. Some websites are in order to save money, they renting the online payment gateways like 2 checkout, woocommerce sites etc. The online payment is accepting through various kinds of credit cards, travel cards, paypal and alert-pay etc. Most of the time customers are not facing the problems with these online payment gateway system integration from e-commerce websites.

Many ecommerce sites are enables the card payments through proper settings on their wordpress, html 5 sites, joomla sites, etc. for payment channels like etc. payment gateway providers and other payment systems like alert-pay or Paypal etc. The improper settings in websites and few external customer based factors of banking systems, or financial systems are leading to various error messages. For instance, “Failed to authorize: Authorization Failed” payment error message.

Failed to authorize: Authorization Failed payment error message is normally caused by various reasons of credit card or online payment failures. The top possible reasons for “Failed to authorize: Authorization Failed” error messages in ecommerce store sites integration with 2checkout gateway is listed below: –

Find the reasons for online payment failures – Solve your creditcard or paypal payment issue.

What is your approved payment method?

Failed to authorize: Authorization Failed payment error message is generate when your creditcard is not approved by your credit card financial institution such as your bank. If your card is not approved, you can’t make an international purchase with that credit card. All Pre-paid cards and gift cards are not supporting the international transaction purchases as they lack of eligibility as international payment cards.

Tip – Ask your bank to enable the international transactions.

In some cases after the card approval for international transactions, you will get this “Failed to authorize: Authorization Failed” error messages on ecommerce sites due to following reasons.

If your credit card enabled for international transactions- due to the possible following reasons, the online payment error message can generate. The best reasons for failure transactions are, 

  • Inactivation of issued credit card
  • Declined card transaction due to lack of sufficient funds
  • Lack of approval for online purchases
  • Stopping the card payment for any security reasons

For above possible reasons for online payment error message, just you need to contact your credit card financial institution or bank and request to activate the payment option for international transactions.

Mismatching of card holder address and order placing address

This issue generally ignorable. But some credit card companies and online payment companies are strictly following the few guidelines for online transactions for security and other possible reasons. even they are considering the distance between geo-location of ordering IP address and address given when placing the purchase order online.

Tip – Your billing address country of the credit card must match the country or region when placing the order.

Limitations in Purchase transactions 

Many financial organizations, banks are nowadays following various limitations especially for international transactions. For example,

  • Number of online purchase order per day/month
  • Maximum amount to spent per day/month
  • Disable of certain countries where lack of proper online payment systems or security concern

Usage of open proxy sites to placing online purchase order

Nowadays many website owners, web masters and online users are using the proxy sites to mask the original ip address of using computers to gain their desired benefits. The usage of proxy sites can lead to block of online transaction from that desktop or mobile phones purchase orders.

Typing mistakes in transaction billing data 

While typing, many people are with spell errors for card holder name, card number, verification address and CVV code also card expiry date etc, for various reasons like fast typing skills, or webpage loading issues or technical problems like internet browser related issues.

Tip –

  • Retype your credit card number again but without any spaces, and any other characters.
  • Verify and type carefully your card details such as card expiration date, card CVV code, etc.
  • After entering the card details make sure that you entered all correct information including card holder name etc.

Disable of ecommerce transaction 

Here are few possible reasons for your credit card or paypal purchase transactions might be blocked for online transactions. The reasons are like follows:

  • If your recent payment or purchase transaction history with number of declined purchases
  • If you are attempting the card or paypal payment transactions for invalid locations or blocked countries
  • Violation of card or paypal online payment guidelines
  • Interruption of unknown security issue

Tip – Don’t play with payment guidelines and must with anti-virus system in your desktop or mobile phones

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